It could be someone or you…

Hey everyone! You may have read this post of ours . if not you do read it. So basically to sum it up we had both argued in a previous post of ours that urban voters in India seem to turn away from voting because of the grim politics surrounding everything. But then what is the sense to be aware of really handy if we, (given the chance) are reluctant to put some contribution inside( the ballot box if you insist!). We both are not implying fault in voters. Politics can indeed bad.

And one may argue its not much of a contribution. that it is not creating a revolution and politicians around are still.. well politicians.


All that matters is that we have a choice in this political system. and that we enforce it.


‘This cynic could be someone above at the stairs, beside or just you. The newspaper is the truth!’

‘So what do you think about this?’

Still missing a beat? You can fill out this form which we had created some days ago at your conveniance here

Till then see you all of you. It is a short post but you may well just think about this. We will be coming out with more such illustrations on election behavior!

Au Revoir See you guys soon!

~Illustration and post by DuoDisseminators

30 thoughts on “It could be someone or you…

  1. Politics was never meant to be synonymous with “bad”, but now it is! At least what I see around me. You can just trust no political party, they all seem to have some “motive” behind all their moves. We are slowly moving towards doom, and only a sensible leader (not anyone who I see presently) can save the future of country.
    Just see the level of hypocrisy! You go and give speeches at Cop26, but can’t even stop the use of crackers at your country.

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    1. Yes, the perception has changed. the perception has been affected by the reality we see.
      it is never a motive of ‘trust’. We havve to be prudent enough to judge them solely on the basis of what they have done/ or what they propose. Its shouldn’t be a game of whose words are sweeter.
      which is why educated voters, or urban voters, also need to vote vehemently. But their vote share is less than the vote of the rural people in our country! hence what we wrote! the cynic is the educated voter himself!
      Thank you for reading arnav! Be sure to fill out the form as well.


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  5. You killed it with the cynic line! Simply genius!
    I love the topic you guys write on. Keep them coming.
    I’m grateful to know that there are still people left in our generation who believe in voting. Most Gen-Z kids seem to be apolitical.
    Wish I could meet you guys in real life! I mean, none of my friends give a damn about politics. When the next election comes, I’ll be able to vote snd I’m guessing, you guys too? Wish people come out more and don’t stay mum just because they think their voice makes no difference. Oops sorry for the rant! Kudos on these great posts.

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    1. We will be able to vote after 4 yeeeears!!
      Yeah its like a bit difficult to ask our friends about such topics. they awlways seem to talk about anything other than going into the sphere which may give their brain a stress! they dont want to talk about politics cus it sounds too nerdy.. but they do have unspoken thoughts!

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