‘Still Here to stay…’

DISCLAIMER: This post is not to spread hate, contempt, miscalculations, or simply faults. It is writtent to spread the mere truth. And hope we all enjoy that!

This illustration post is a continuation of the illustration series:

  1. It could be someone or you
  2. Experts advices..
  3. Adding
Illustrated by Khushi M.

Again we have to see the same cycle.

Hardly have the deaths been mourned, the patients recovered.

There is another form of the virus beginning to strike,

Even before kissing the ground, again we are strangled up,

The infected numbers now again spike.


534 covid deaths, 91000 new cases as of January Five.

Britain, in our memory, the old Empire, also recording a spike,

Burning travel restrictions, old boring strictures taking up flight.

Always the poor Africa, haven’t we changed ways till our last fight? 


You are never to blame! despite precautions many times resounded,

Politicians, like growling toddlers, distributing gifts relentlessly rallying.

The youngsters living their rebellious youth roam maskfree unbounded,

Every dismissal of covid norms a cause of a well might be tally.


, Cooperate more, silence talks, don’t exemplify petty “disasters”

“The more Omicron spreads, the more it transmits and the more it replicates, well you know the answer.

Send more medical aid, launch programs, because regions like Africa are more unvaccinated.

Vaccinate more, hence less mutations, and let ‘s reduce the grasp of this pandemic.

The tunnel will sure end. Mask up everyone stay safe, some tasks have to do be ardently done by us because no doubt;

‘The only normal is the present moment.

And at this moment we must be here to act’


20 thoughts on “‘Still Here to stay…’

  1. I so so wish that your poem reaches out THERE. Spread the word, or your poem will be just another post, lost forever in the, ‘reader feed’.
    I just hate these politicians and there stupid rallies. Not even a SINGLE person wears mask in them. And yeah, their stupid gifts…
    Just outside my society, when I go out on the street, people are flocking about those street food vendors as if they are distributing vaccines 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

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