Faith in the wrong way.

” We have faith on bad politics, bad system, better places to stay. Our faith.”

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So , like last year when we all were locked in our homes, apart from the doctors and sanitation workers etc. Do you know which was another name being chanted and worshipped by a large population?

Can you guess?  

It was Amazon. Starting from a 3-year-old cousin brother to a 74-year-old grandma, Each of them knew that the solution to any difficult problem was the amazon wale bhaiya who was like a saint in disguise and delivered goodies to their place. 

I00000 people check amazon every hour.

This one was just to get a laugh. The rest must be serious:  

Each and every person requires a shoulder to lean on. For some its family, for some friends for both of us our classmates and best friend(s)

For a vast majority of the rural people (never the educated) in India that shoulder is the leader of their district be it the Sarpanch, and the local leaders. The shoulders which can guide them into clarity.

The trend despite the depravities of the leaders, has remained steady. But for educated people?

The educated masses are widely influenced by Netflix series and movies and the  “chai pe charcha”( talks at tea) For educated masses, the added booster is that they are after all educated. Too much education. 

Let us substitute ‘they’ to ‘we’

We start attributing all policy makers ( no actually ‘politicians’)  as a part of a greater sin called ‘politics’. But what if politics is more than a sin? What if it is a sin on a surface?

See the source image

Now, people may back themselves up with various series and reports to say politics is indeed a game. A gambit game, true. It is true.

But to the 180-degree level,   Politics is also not a game. It is a necessity.

In a democracy we do elect their representatives,  with one vote one value.We coin a huge chain in which people get elected and serve at different levels when we speak about ‘democracy’ of some sort. This is what is legitimately taught in our civics books. 

But the loophole is that elections serve merely as a medium to select politicians. On our civics books we vote for them based on their policies and initiatives. On reality more than half of us vote on a general ideology, the popularised caste and background and even to a certain degree on some ‘trend’

Politics is a fine necessity during elections. 

And surprisingly it is through politics that we start seeing the utter lies and repeated melody of politicians. 

But voter turnout should not be hindered by politics. It should not be affected in our opinion. In India, the majority of educated masses are turned away because of the ‘   ‘Politics is corrupt. Need not to rub our hands into it’

But who said to rub our hands into it?Ironically, we are apprehensive about ‘politics’ which we need not to commit ourselves to.  The true essence is this.

The true essence of leadership needs to be brought back in our political system and replace the ” party politics ” and “corrupt officers”                  

The shoulder is us. Of our electoral system. Not the politicians. No, not at all.

And we need to put our faith on our electoral system.  Afterall, once elected, it will only be the politicians who will be the policy makers.  ( more curses**)

Rather than cursing the fate of our nation and dreaming of better far off countries to live in, we(educated elite)  can judge, identify and elect better policy makers.  Education is a mass spreading phenomena, finally we will see an increasing turnout of educated people in statistics.

The educated elite are taught the electoral system, they are taught the civics books , and we are the ones who can bring the change, make people have faith in the government and the electoral system. 

 But the change begins within ourselves, when we ourselves have faith in it. Our faith runs our nation. Faith is bleak because we are enforcing it in the wrong direction.

But  even during the  pandemic our nation ran. Better or worse but  it ran. On some ‘faith’

So what are your opinions? We maybe slightly unexperienced in the opinion since we are in class 9th. So, we would love to know what you have got to say!

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