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‘Eyeing through the lens’

Yes we’ll walk with a walk that is measured and slow, And we’ll go where the chalk-white arrows go, For the children, they mark, and the children, they know The place where the sidewalk ends. ~Where the Sidewalk ends Past few months seem like a kaleidoscope               There have been great times, many events and fun              But felt distant from self, as…

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‘An elephant can’t walk alone..’

‘ ‘An elephant can’t walk alone. It has to walk with its herd’   I look out as the melody of the day starts.  Plethora of people will come and truly many will touch me but end up pricking me. They will try to harm my soul, the only part of me retired from the rest of the world.  Yet I…

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‘How is life going?’

Generally, we tend to go over those posts that talk about life.. how life is.. how life has been. One may feel like the person is penning an obituary for his/her blog. (Obviously not us ) We are going through what will be some major exams, based on a pattern in which our brothers passed their grade 10th( Which means extra…

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‘It sure did cry,’

Hello this is Khushi. Today I am penning a poem describing how free soul feels crippled when it is constrained. How it feels the force of being shut down… Amidst the dread of night, Seeing their constrained plight It sure did cry – freedom Hands forced to comply, Tears falling down as it cried Amidst the dead of night Compelled to…

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‘A reunion called!’

Hello everyone. This is Kunjal. This is my first attempt at a sonnet. Hope you like it. On a long drive to aunt’s sturdy white house On a road our car dances in the mist Grasshoppers bounce and mischief-makers trounce, Green fields melting and attuning adrift. We traverse through a foulish filthy lake Muddy dogs and goats, squirrels swim with gay,…

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Hey guys Khushi here. A short poem penned by me, on what does being on battlefield truly mean for a soldier. . . I could hear the firing guns, I could hear the tanks approaching, As my comrades screamed in pain I could see the army encroaching, I may be wrong But I think I saw a hint of uneasiness in…

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The screen-age

“Amina was looking in the class. It was the lunch break and she darted her eyes around for her friends. They were standing around a table and laughing. She went closer and one exclaimed ‘Hey did you watch Stranger Things?’. Amina shook her head to say no. She had heard of the series, but she did not want to watch it.…

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Into the bushes

This poem is penned for the prompt at Skeptic Kaddish where the poets were asked to write a poem following these rules 12 lines of free verse; Must include the adjective “adorable” The Mulberry Cottage still  stands firm The gladioli,Lilies and orchids still dance with the wind, One part of garden looks loftier with tons of leaves some wild begonia, twigs and…

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‘ A struggle for recognition’

Its been 14 days? Or 15? since our last post! Hello everyone, welcome back( or rather trying to say welcome back to ourselves after a long time). School has taken advent, pressure and enjoyment are at the highest but we will keep our pace at this blog! A short note Life at school has been hectic and it had been difficult…

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Words And Impact’

To always live by our motto.

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