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A break, you say?

Hey guys,This is our final day of vacation, and looking back at the last month it was filled with ups and downs. In my case I’ve seen a slight change in the behaviour of my friends and myself as well, maybe because we were given free time , a break from the normal schedule to explore ourselves and think of our…

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‘ It’s Light’

I am very elated to tell you guys that I recently hosted a prompt at Skeptic Kaddish . Do check it out! I received amazing responses from different poets and they took the groovy challenge extremely well! Rules Your poem must be no more than 16 lines; It must include the word ‘groovy’ It’s Light, The doors  held ajar, Unto the striking dark,…

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His first rain, From a little scrawny window, Droplets pattering and dew forming, His first thought is a big spit or too much sweat. His second rain, Through open gates And-he-could- crawl- cross-fall Above those big bouncy raindrops, Stripped in straps he looks- At The kids dancing, He feels his heart sighing and shunning The remorse- and skipping with the drops…

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‘Seeking Refuge.’

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. A country doesn’t merely comprise its native citizens, it consists also of those seeking protection. Each day. . Every day. Today we will be talking about refugees. Not the economic playback right now, not the ongoing war, not on religion. Them. They are the…

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‘To be Old’

Through withered lips-the urge to yell, My ears hearing ‘its death knell’ Darkness beckoning into the sunless cell, Removing my glasses to clean them well… Written for prompt hosted by murisopsis Write a poem with a ‘monorhyme’ as either the first word in each line or as the last word in each line (this means: ‘a single common rhyme’ in every line); Poems should be no less than four lines…

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The Good Ol’ Days

This is a short collab with Veera- a poem that came out on its own after long mulling about the Good Old days when we spent a great time to play! I remember four years ago, When studies were irrelevant, When going out and sweating And playing was important. Cricket in the morning, Swimming at twilight, Football in the evening And…

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Written for Sadje ‘s prompt. A poem by Khushi_M In search for a home, Found solace in mind, Oblivious to how this would be lost, In a very short time . . Like  invasion of countries The mind attacked By others taunts,comments  By worthless spats  . No missiles, no bombs Their words did it all, To shatter the mind, To break…

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Just a tag?- reservation

Hey guys we are back with another post of the Not- So-Political Series. Today we will be presenting a post on reservations in India. But before that, this post is a continuation of the Not-So-Political Series: It could be someone or you Experts advices.. Adding Still here to Stay Old crisis in the Neighbourhood Woman a citizen and worker Hearing more…

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Hey everyone this is Kunjal. I bring to you all an etheree which is a form of poem. This poem follows syllable count of 1,2,3… to 10 as the verses go on. This has been penned in response to a prompt hosted by David. Please check it out here. The prompt word was ‘fragment’. Hope  Comes forth In the hum Ing…

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‘Not- so-Political After all!’

We have gone a long way with this blog and have written a lot of posts for the Not-so- Political Series. From excruciating topics like data, policy decisions and worker ‘s rights to voter’s behavior, climate change and elections we have tried our hand at various topics. The knowledge obtained while working for these posts was fresher than the dramas that…

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Words And Impact’

To always live by our motto.

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