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So yesterday, after having our dinner, we decided to go out for a drive around 9:30-10ish . We were on the highway when we saw this man on a bike. The man had a balloon twisted animal hung at his back. And that balloon animal was the only colourful thing there was in the dark of night, above the brown jacket,…

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‘Lonesome Or Remembrance?’

To all those who lost… expectations… hope…. people…. Sometime when truth, Stretched out too far. Where it was not needed, It should have stayed afar. Afar. Sometime when plan, Had been laid. Worked was about to for real, But in there crashed, the forlorn affairs. Affairs. Sometime when what was expected, Encumbered to be tucked, and get lost. And thus distanced…

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Hey everyone. Today I wanted to share a very important note for all of you. These are my thoughts and I dont force upon you.  I want to make a point to all of you today. Read it till the end you may find some similar thought or opposing one. Does it matter?🙂 .  After I had studied for my exam,…

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“Our Candle,

Have you ever had a power cut? When it rains? What do you do? What if batteries have drained out? Do you.. It was a normal night. Well all nights are normal till, And Everyone with their laptops Me with a book in my hand And suddenly something happened  Actually, nothing a havoc of surprise around. The lights went out due…

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Reforming our way.

“Ah mami let me sleep for the last 5 secs!!”, Alia moaned and shook her head as she lifted it upwards. Towards the screen which showed the stained black teams page and the names she had to see everyday. “ Good morning everyone.” Alia jerked her head upwards. Riya followed suit rubbing her aching head. The bio teacher had arrived. Or…

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ONE SWEATING DAY,   KUNJAL : I was travelling and I remember, More than I intended to, And what will remain, Perchance longer  than I could intend to. A day of bliss, Finally meeting you after a long ado. Circumstances  led to delays, Yet that day our endeavour truly came to relay, I remembered what I had lost, Or I did rather…

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” Advices or Vices?”

Whispers which I did hear partial, But sometimes,  hushes in  the ear, advices  pouring in, Tied in gentle slews of verses, too experienced, too earful. That at times it becomes an effort to distinguish the true. . And the effort so strenuous that I give up listening, fearful. Some advices look well off and hence I rework endlessly for the output.…

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Why to deal with them~ Problems

Our school recently informed us that from now on they would start taking oral tests , better known as VIVA. For checking whether we truly comprehend things in classes or not. It was our first time giving it and I for one was scared and nervous. How difficult it would be to face a teacher one on one but obviously I…

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Test of beliefs.

Imagine someone, some people breaking into your homes. The knocking and greetings dismissed ( wait what?) and  stepping into your home with loaded guns, entering and  opening cupboards and racks for anything gold documents or just anything. They know they will find it. All the documents.   And if you hadn’t been careful to know or do something , admonishing you with…

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Words And Impact’


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