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I am one of the duo disseminators. What pushed me to start a blog, was to first of all make it clear through my write ups, that to accomplish anything, from fighting a serious climate crisis to eradicating wars fueled with anger, and hostility is the need to redefine our fluently said  values, but this time really through our actions. Of course, it is easier said  than done, but being a teenager I sometimes wonder,  Is it our ignorance  to act as we learn or is it the people’s fault, to act the exact opposite of what they must have reiterated thousands of times to us kids? My further interests include listening to music(I can even sing a bit), classical dancing and reading fiction― Kunjal Gupta

I had never realized that there was so much happening in our country, until the day i started reading newspapers. all the crime, the offences and the various problems a country faced shocked me as a teenager. I started writing my views in my own diary, how we all were day by day destroying the goodness inside ourselves and now, because of the support of my family I got the courage to express my views to a wider platform . I hope together we all can bring a new change !

I am a blogger, I love reading quotes and books. Most of my childhood has been spent with diaries and ink pens and obviously listening to music.– Khushi Mahajan

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We write articles on issues from our eyes, dabble a bit poetry and sometimes even go to the extent of writing short stories!


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