It could be someone or you…

Hey everyone! You may have read this post of ours . if not you do read it. So basically to sum it up we had both argued in a previous post of ours that urban voters in India seem to turn away from voting because of the grim politics surrounding everything. But then what is the sense to be aware of really handy if we, (given the chance) are reluctant to put some contribution inside( the ballot box if you insist!). We both are not implying fault in voters. Politics can indeed bad.

And one may argue its not much of a contribution. that it is not creating a revolution and politicians around are still.. well politicians.


All that matters is that we have a choice in this political system. and that we enforce it.


‘This cynic could be someone above at the stairs, beside or just you. The newspaper is the truth!’

‘So what do you think about this?’

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Till then see you all of you. It is a short post but you may well just think about this. We will be coming out with more such illustrations on election behavior!

Au Revoir See you guys soon!

~Illustration and post by DuoDisseminators