‘Old crisis in the neighbourhood’

The old crisis in our neighbourhood. Afghanistan..

Schools have been banned for girls. And the Afghans have not recovered from the previous drought situation.

Wheat remains the staple diet of all afghan citizens. But drought like conditions and for profit all people since long time, start cultivating opium, a drug.

There is no basic healthcare services for afghan citizens.

And amidst all such hard conditions, the think box which arises is

‘Should I sell my babies?’

It is very important for all the countries to ensure access to basic healthcare services in Afghanistan. When the takeover had just happened, our posts were filled with surprise. But now, given the prolonging condition, we urge the countries to step up and prevent another humanitarian disaster.


Weakest parts of the world like Syria, Sub Saharan Africa or Afghanistan cannot be ignored, while ushering an era of development.

‘The world is likely to remain unequal between have’s and have ‘nots.’


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Published by Duo Disseminators

Two teenagers who could enthrall you with their deep thoughts,stories,opinions about greater problems that teens are meant to stay away from:) Do take a peek in. and stay if you are ready for a ride..🎢

22 thoughts on “‘Old crisis in the neighbourhood’

  1. I follow the BBC news, and I couldn’t muster enough courage to watch the full videos on Afghanistan. The situation is getting worse by the day. horrific. What are even human rights and dignity nowadays!?

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