‘ Climate Change and We….,’

When we dream, it is full of nonsense skies, we flying in them. Vast oceans. Green meadows. They are without a meaning. But not anymore…



‘ Rain Rain go away,

Come again another day,

Rain Rain go away,

Little children want to play’

Does this rhyme ring a bell? It is a very popular rhyme that is taught in kindergarten. Suddenly this rhyme comes in mind? In our locality it has been raining very hard for the past few days. Scientists link it to climate change. Rainfall usually occurs when warm air rises up and carries moisture with it. As we go higher up, the temperature starts to decrease due to low density of air. Water vapour form clouds and when clouds become too heavy with droplets, they cry.


Rainfall occurs. However increase in the amount of warm air means it will have more capacity to absorb water vapor. This capacity will only increase with alterations in the sea land surface temperatures. When we say this, it means we are disturbing a very stable pattern established over thousands of years.

According to the 2021 draft release of the IPCC sixth assessment report — 10-year events (that is, rainfall events that have a one in 10 chance of being matched or exceeded in a given year) are now 1.3 times more likely to occur. And when they do occur, they’re nearly 7 percent wetter.

This means what has not happened in decades is happening now. A major bomb cyclone recently hit the USA. Bomb cyclones are categorized with sudden drop in the atmospheric pressure. They are rare. Scientists believe it is due increase in amount of global emissions. Delhi, where we live, is witnessing rain spells like never before.

What is more is that more and more such reports, such incidents are diluting the very imaginative belief that the consequences are afar. Suddenly dreams will get a meaning. We will dream because we do not have something.

Rich countries believe that that will ultimately find a technology that will filter CO2. Developing countries are fighting for their stake to produce more green emissions, as we saw our country, India, in COP26 platform.

But none of the countries are realizing that climate change is one such problem, which may not find the old power blocks leading the platform. Anyone can lead this platform. Rich countries are focusing more on expanding their growth. After the Paris Climate Agreement, 2015 carbon emissions were increasing not decreasing.


Developing countries must realize that climate change provides them a platform to lead the way in fight against it. India, should not only focus on cajoling other countries for more funding, more money but also look at its existing capabilities like the fact that it seeks to protect forest cover under its AgroForestry policy! All of us have the tools today, but there is no steering.

‘Let the small island evoke it voice. It faces the brunt of climate change’

‘ Let we all hear the voices of those affected the most in solving the climate crisis!’

Rain Rain go away. A sun come, if it may.....







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22 thoughts on “‘ Climate Change and We….,’

  1. Indeed…climate change exists a serious threat,yet we aren’t doing a lot to prevent it from changing the course of our lives and the lives of other organisms on this earth.As David Nix said in Tomorrowland, we have chosen to sail towards the iceberg,we don’t prevent that horrid future because today,it demands nothing of us(its a beautiful movie,if you haven’t watched already!)

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