‘Who are you?~~’

Who are you? 

Is your name which truly defines you?

Your looks are sufficient to determine character.

Is it your profession that speaks for yourself? 

Dresses and curves are the true factors. 


Is it a lifestyle representing  all pigments of your nature?

Your marks in tests  say who you truly are.

Are Different religions a symbol of your belief?

Your language is a demonstrator of scars.


While we all try to make sense of others

And judge and see what others do

Is it  important to start our journey into ourselves?

In this world only, who are you?

Written By: Khushi M

Hello guys how are your lives treating each one of you. so this poem is full of these ‘?’ marks. But the questions may be rhetorical too๐Ÿ˜‰. Tell us what you think of this poem.

Andd an added question among our teenage readers ( just one last question!)

are anyone of you having exams? Boards, exams, periodics, assessments, whatever you call it, anyone?

See you all in our next post


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22 thoughts on “‘Who are you?~~’

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