‘Seeking Refuge.’

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. A country doesn’t merely comprise its native citizens, it consists also of those seeking protection. Each day. . Every day. Today we will be talking about refugees. Not the economic playback right now, not the ongoing war, notContinue reading “‘Seeking Refuge.’”

‘Could you please wait one more second?

‘ Yes could you?’ asked the frightful man to the judge. ‘This spot is quite uncomfortable’ The prosecutor, Draco Phillius * retorted a tone  ‘ And why wouldn’t you be uncomfortable?’ With the black coat swinging and his golden golden wig almost falling Draco swiveled around to face the judge. ‘ So Sam Wenneth, onContinue reading “‘Could you please wait one more second?”

‘ Memories~ a short story’

Hey there this is me kunjal๐Ÿ˜ƒ. We both have been tad busy with 10th grade. A new chapter that is Offline class has been so far, both exciting ( not gonna lie!) as well as tiring. This is my first attempt in writing a sci- fiction story๐Ÿ˜ƒ. It is titled Memories. . They can beContinue reading “‘ Memories~ a short story’”

‘Running- a short story’

   hey this is kunjal. Another attempt to write. Not sure if it’s good. But would love to chat with you in the comments.๐Ÿ™‚   . . . . ‘Running’ There once lived a princess in a beautiful palace. The palace towered over the entire town and its red domes teared through the sky reflecting light everywhere butContinue reading “‘Running- a short story’”

‘Who are you?~~’

Who are you?  Is your name which truly defines you? Your looks are sufficient to determine character. Is it your profession that speaks for yourself?  Dresses and curves are the true factors.  . Is it a lifestyle representing  all pigments of your nature? Your marks in tests  say who you truly are. Are Different religionsContinue reading “‘Who are you?~~’”

Personality types

Hello guys Khushi this side. So it’s been almost a year since we’ve been blogging and thanks to you guys we could witness a diverse audience… This led me to discover a completely different topic of the personality types… and its not just knowing their names but more about the perception of people on theContinue reading “Personality types”

‘ Climate Change and We….,’

When we dream, it is full of nonsense skies, we flying in them. Vast oceans. Green meadows. They are without a meaning. But not anymore… . . ‘ Rain Rain go away, Come again another day, Rain Rain go away, Little children want to play’ Does this rhyme ring a bell? It is a veryContinue reading “‘ Climate Change and We….,’”

‘Still Here to stay…’

DISCLAIMER: This post is not to spread hate, contempt, miscalculations, or simply faults. It is writtent to spread the mere truth. And hope we all enjoy that! This illustration post is a continuation of the illustration series: It could be someone or you Experts advices.. Adding Again we have to see the same cycle. HardlyContinue reading “‘Still Here to stay…’”

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