There comes a day in everyone’s life when you want to just share your feelings with someone , just vent out to someone who doesn’t judge you and for that you need a shoulder to lean on, a person who listens to you, and a mind kinda-sorta similar to you which in common terms is known as a ‘friend’

I have very contradicting views on this word ‘ friend ’ as to who is considered a friend and who is not but I am really really happy to say Kunjal that you proved to me what those simple terms mean. 

You’re getting older today and I just gotta say how nice of a person you are. 

Happy Birthday you goofy person who is sooooooooo polar opposite to me that I often wonder how we get along together, but look how 4 ( almost 5 ) years of knowing you have turned out ???? We are now able to call ourselves ‘two friends sharing their views on one blog’  and believe me that’s so awesome to read.

Talking to you is the greatest thing one can want when feeling miserable, your witty remarks ??? That’s beyond expressing in words…. 

You’ve been an amazing friend Kunjal, a companion and an awesome partner in writing.

And i know you wanted me to gift you a painting but since we wont be able to meet today, 

Here’s another gift for you 😉

yeeeesssss I made it

I think you can recognize yourself , cant you??

Enjoy your day Kunjal, read all the books you can in the world, fulfill every single dream of yours, and always be by my side !

Happiest birthday once again !!!!! 

Oh no wait 


-with love ( or whatever )


‘Old crisis in the neighbourhood’

The old crisis in our neighbourhood. Afghanistan..

Schools have been banned for girls. And the Afghans have not recovered from the previous drought situation.

Wheat remains the staple diet of all afghan citizens. But drought like conditions and for profit all people since long time, start cultivating opium, a drug.

There is no basic healthcare services for afghan citizens.

And amidst all such hard conditions, the think box which arises is

‘Should I sell my babies?’

It is very important for all the countries to ensure access to basic healthcare services in Afghanistan. When the takeover had just happened, our posts were filled with surprise. But now, given the prolonging condition, we urge the countries to step up and prevent another humanitarian disaster.


Weakest parts of the world like Syria, Sub Saharan Africa or Afghanistan cannot be ignored, while ushering an era of development.

‘The world is likely to remain unequal between have’s and have ‘nots.’


  1. It could be someone or you
  2. Experts advices..
  3. Adding
  4. Still here to Stay

Results_ December-vibes-poetry-contest

Hey guysss.We had hosted the @DecemberVibePoetryContest. The results are awaited. Here are the rules of the Contest:

  •  Design a post of your own and link back to the original post to notify the creator. Unnotified posts will not be judged.
  • Paste the rules of this contest on your post if you have a blog. If not, contact us at with your entry!
  • Tag this post as December- Vibes- Poetry
  • Last date of submission is 10 January.
  • Word limit ranges to 200 words.
  • Add the logo of this post that is:

The theme of this contest was to create poetry underlining what December means to you. We hadn’t necessitated something compulsory on the creativity of the participant. Which means everyone were open to write what they felt/wanted to.

All were also told to make illustrations that resonates with their poem. Most of the entries did a skilful job. But in some entries there was just the poem not the illustrations.

Regardless, we are here with the results, but first we’d like to present to you the entries we received to appreciate everyone effort.












11) Pam, Nope not pam:



14) Forgers of Fantasy


Now for the results. Everyone did a very great job but there has got to be winners in a contest 😀. Also we won’t be able to feature all winning entries here, as it was not feasible. but do check out the links.

So ………. let’s just move on to the results already

Now the special mention for poems goes to Candy and Pam

Here are their entries:

  1. Candy ‘s entry:

2) Pam ‘s entry:

Pheww !!! Time for the main awards ( drumroll please )





The 3rd prize goes to





. The Forgers of Fantasy. For an amazing poem ‘The Young tree stands’. A new idea, that stands out!

Two bloggers had the same score and both of them wrote great poems.

So the 2nd prize was shared by





. Akshita and Betty. Check out their poems ‘The Frozen Heart’ and ‘It still feels like December’. Great job done! Here are your certificates:

Finally the 1st prize goes to……..













Maria@IlluminationsCreations who wrote this beautiful poem to capture the vibes of December. Her poem gives a realistic, dark yet mesmerizing portrayal of December. It ends on to give a light, all of us are desperate to feel.

 Her entry:

Tis' the taste of winters
Sweet but bitter
Crisp air around,
Snowflakes gently kissed the ground
I gaze up starring at the sky
No wonder why -
People say it's beautiful
Though no beauty lies.

Where hope is stormed inside
everyone's heart
For a new and a,
better start.

And for me, but for none
It's still an-
intense feeling of lonesome...

Snug knitted sweaters and scarfs
People breathing out sighs
genially rubbing their palms
Bonfires and starry nights
Cup of hot chocolate
Keeps you in a pleasant state
Or Cakes and sweets and
Christmas treats...

To hold on tight; this December
Is not always the way it used to be

Ending of the year
Oh, how time flies you see!

Maybe this December
Would also end all my worse fears
Maybe this winter
Would incarcerate all my
Fathomless tears.
And open up the door
That emantes a bright
And golden light
To begin,
a better year.

Here is you certificate:

There is one more person who we want to give a special mention. This one is for her illustration. Congratulations Brooke:

Her illustration:

Here is your certificate:

Thank you everyone for participating in this contest! Truly it means a lot, as this was the first contest that we had hosted! we got a lot of entries! And your pieces were very good, this judgement is for the fun of hosting a contest!

Thank you again.! Hope you guys enjoyed participation.


Sketched by Khushi.M

Hello guys this is Khushi, one of the Duo Disseminators. Along with writing content that is usually aimed politically, you will also find us writing poems, short stories.

So, I am writing this poem as a reflection my own view towards life, what I believe is what carries me forward to see more of life. Hope you like it.


How long will materiality define emotions? 

Where to go if loved ones mislead our way?

Is it too hard to believe that you can live?

In Solitude, on your own terms, with nothing to dismay? 


My attachment isn’t always to this present,

Neither people, nor pets, 

What makes me want to live is an, 

Unseen, unheard, invisible debt 


A want to experience 

The contendednes of publishing a book

The feel of playing piano in spotlight

The vibe of a Renaissance look 


To spill the paints on a white canvas

To dance on road like a maniac,

To drive a car with sad music on

To become a philosophical brainiac 


These desires out of question instill a want to see them in reality,

Two different worlds coexisting together,

The world of dreams where everything becomes real ,

The world of reality where hope rises and bring them closer.



Pennned by – Khushi.M ( DuoDisseminators)

‘Still Here to stay…’

DISCLAIMER: This post is not to spread hate, contempt, miscalculations, or simply faults. It is writtent to spread the mere truth. And hope we all enjoy that!

This illustration post is a continuation of the illustration series:

  1. It could be someone or you
  2. Experts advices..
  3. Adding
Illustrated by Khushi M.

Again we have to see the same cycle.

Hardly have the deaths been mourned, the patients recovered.

There is another form of the virus beginning to strike,

Even before kissing the ground, again we are strangled up,

The infected numbers now again spike.


534 covid deaths, 91000 new cases as of January Five.

Britain, in our memory, the old Empire, also recording a spike,

Burning travel restrictions, old boring strictures taking up flight.

Always the poor Africa, haven’t we changed ways till our last fight? 


You are never to blame! despite precautions many times resounded,

Politicians, like growling toddlers, distributing gifts relentlessly rallying.

The youngsters living their rebellious youth roam maskfree unbounded,

Every dismissal of covid norms a cause of a well might be tally.


, Cooperate more, silence talks, don’t exemplify petty “disasters”

“The more Omicron spreads, the more it transmits and the more it replicates, well you know the answer.

Send more medical aid, launch programs, because regions like Africa are more unvaccinated.

Vaccinate more, hence less mutations, and let ‘s reduce the grasp of this pandemic.

The tunnel will sure end. Mask up everyone stay safe, some tasks have to do be ardently done by us because no doubt;

‘The only normal is the present moment.

And at this moment we must be here to act’



‘why do some people stay, even if you have moved ahead to the corner?’


See the source image
image from:
Sometimes I frown, all days I smile.
And meet everyone’s gleaming eyes.
But these stay, I avert one mile 
Those Alarming two glinting eyes.
They stare for long, untamed, unmoved.
Oh! Just turn away, wear and unhook!
Like lice I feel them plucking insides,
Those Alarming two glinting eyes.
I stop this mow, try a new field.
Unhook from prance, look in those eyes.
They don’t stop, excitement rebounds.
Those Alarming two glinting eyes.
This stare today of all days
Unlike careless gazes of people, minding their own.
Those searching eyes,
Certainly a new look for me, they grind my insides.

~Kunjal Gupta

Hey this is Kunjal!

This is a Kyrielle( the first three paras) which is a French form of poem. Each line of the poem consists of eight syllables. There is repetition or refrain of one line throughout the quatrains ( stanza with four lines). A rhyme scheme like aabB will work in a Kyrielle.

Would you like to participate?

We have organised the December Poetry Contest. A poetry piece delineating the end of year, or what december means to you, everything is in your hands of creativity! To know more about the Contest click here.