Hollow for you,

Source: https://slimber.com/img/images2/30/300300/eye-of-the-tornado.jp

See! what I have done.

Pity yell~ow drops did still etch your godly name…

It made it remain, you know fate.

Trust the dead at least.

At least one from doing any more feat.

Now I know I can see

Fate was not in for me.

When two persons draw apart.

One has to fall apart.

Fate dropped its finger at me mischievously.

But I – I am the antagonist of my own reality

 I carried you and  faced it far.

Waves hitting, tornadoes blooming as I look afar.

 It was for some time eventually.

Carving out hollow eventually.

Do such people remain unfixed for a thousand years?

Tis’ good but the effect just wears.

What I see now is don’t know why but thuds true.

To align to remain to stay there  n behind.

Never moved a step from  ‘sorrow’  n inclined.

There was always a  line of chalk,

Thin but it was easy, shouldn’t have taken a back walk.

So,  relinquished slowly numbly..

 But before any time  this final heave.

Know that I had space some more room..

But I remained by a choice not a request.

Hollow till the end.

And- AhHh……….


Inside a tornado unfurling,

Its as still as..


Almost empty

Almost hollow.








Heyy everyone. Happy October! we couldn’t post because we were working on something for this blog! And secondly thank you everyone for following our blog. We have got 50+ followers 😃😃 Thank you everyone for supporting us!! and dropping nice comments😃 Some people were, Riya, AB Bhaiya, Naomi, Jan SumaReddy , Your writeups as well as your comments both were and continue to be inspiring!! And to the many people whom we connected via their blogs( which are many people!😃) Thank you everyone( truly!!)

~ DuoDisseminators

22 thoughts on “Hollow for you,

  1. I really liked this piece! It had a hint of darkness and desperation which you carried on really well throughout the piece. Great work!
    Thanks for mentioning my name here! You both are doing a great job and it’s so nice to see your blog flourish. Congratulations on your achievement! I hope you continue with the success, here and in your lives as well. You both have a wonderful day ❤

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