‘The unlived part’

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The day before yesterday was yet another day of my student life, studying, reading, listening to music and other routine activities. But there was a slight difference, a slight absurdness and also a slight meaning in it. A childish musing came to my mind. I remembered my younger self.

 There was one person less in the world.  Actually, there were many people who would have lost their lives the same day but only one with whom I was familiar – that of General Bipin Rawat.

You know I had never thought I would write such a post, and when I asked my friend Kunjal if this was a good idea, she said she didn’t even know him and he was merely a name to her. She asked, “You wanna write for some acknowledgement thing?”

Something , despite her jabs, still gave me all more reason to write this. 

On Independence Day and republic day ceremonies, my dad would ask me ” do you know who that is?” And I’d proudly say ” yes, the chief of defense staff”. The answer which he had told me some time ago and which he always asked for. 

It was not as if we had any personal relation, that I felt some emptiness upon hearing about his death.  It was merely a feeling of losing another Indian.

And it’s important for me to state that there were others who lost their lives, other defense personnel, his wife, the person who piloted the plane.

Right now for me, it’s not about how well I know the person, it is more of losing a citizen.Everyday people lose their lives, everyday some people sit down, look and reflect. And all of a sudden an expression of regret  comes over them.

‘They didn’t do enough.’

All regrets coming in out of a vacuum created on losing the person you love.

What about the person who dies? What about some people who die at the right time but too early? Hand moving ahead for the ledge only for the whole body to be whooshed back down by a heavy force.

Gen Bipin Rawat had envisaged a major change in the Army. He wanted to integrate the army, the air force and the navy. Just like a family bond which will respond better for future security needs. The work will be done by the next CDS officer.

Many people die with unfulfilled passionate dreams. I think all I wanted to say is that it was my realization that we do not live our lives enough, blaming others and trying to bring a change in what they do and how well they do is something , but carrying out the limited hours we have, that’s what we are missing.   

Let’s live more, act less. Let us be unprovoked by interventions and work hard to live. For what we continuously say is  worth living in our lives.

Hopefully some of us reading this post will achieve this.

And I hope one of them is me. ……





~ Written by Khushi

Edited by Kunjal


Hollow for you,

Source: https://slimber.com/img/images2/30/300300/eye-of-the-tornado.jp

See! what I have done.

Pity yell~ow drops did still etch your godly name…

It made it remain, you know fate.

Trust the dead at least.

At least one from doing any more feat.

Now I know I can see

Fate was not in for me.

When two persons draw apart.

One has to fall apart.

Fate dropped its finger at me mischievously.

But I – I am the antagonist of my own reality

 I carried you and  faced it far.

Waves hitting, tornadoes blooming as I look afar.

 It was for some time eventually.

Carving out hollow eventually.

Do such people remain unfixed for a thousand years?

Tis’ good but the effect just wears.

What I see now is don’t know why but thuds true.

To align to remain to stay there  n behind.

Never moved a step from  ‘sorrow’  n inclined.

There was always a  line of chalk,

Thin but it was easy, shouldn’t have taken a back walk.

So,  relinquished slowly numbly..

 But before any time  this final heave.

Know that I had space some more room..

But I remained by a choice not a request.

Hollow till the end.

And- AhHh……….


Inside a tornado unfurling,

Its as still as..


Almost empty

Almost hollow.








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