‘A reunion called!’

Hello everyone. This is Kunjal. This is my first attempt at a sonnet. Hope you like it.

On a long drive to aunt's sturdy white house
On a  road our car dances in the mist
Grasshoppers bounce and  mischief-makers trounce,
Green fields melting and attuning adrift.
We traverse through a foulish filthy lake
Muddy dogs and goats, squirrels swim with gay,
Eyes towards the land, we want to make haste,
Yet moving slowly in the pool of rain,
Little tinkers from school  singing in gay
 Carts, single bikes vans stationed to wait
Train paddles past which turns the blue sky grey
Parting with the hawker, without bargain!
 Dust playing with eyes as reunion takes place,
On a dusty lone lane tears make their way.

It was a reunion after 3 to four years for my dad with his sisters. One sister travelled from Bangalore, the electronic city of India all the way to Itawa in North India. We met at my father ‘s elder sister ‘s white bungalow. The first floor is still occupied by workers though.

The skies were always dry and sand always pressed on faces whenever we moved out of the house. But not that day.. not that day when we reached the place. The day was as cool as it ever could be. I still remember the emotional reunion that took place. And it was then the sun chose to shine on us. In 3 to 4 years, the time spent at her house was the most memorable.

This is written for a prompt at Skeptic Kaddish hosted by Britta Benson.



‘ It’s Light’

I am very elated to tell you guys that I recently hosted a prompt at Skeptic Kaddish . Do check it out! I received amazing responses from different poets and they took the groovy challenge extremely well!

  • Your poem must be no more than 16 lines;
  • It must include the word ‘groovy’

 It's Light,

The doors  held ajar,

Unto the striking dark,

And in and in it traveled,

And burst in more shards.


Shards of gold they were,

Primmest of diamonds they were.

To cover the deadly expanse of dark,

They slackened in ribbons to disembark.


The big or small scrapers,

All looked like little tiny huts above,

Snoring and grumbling in sleep

People awaited its touch-a sly sneak.


Light traversed and it took

A groovy path- into nooks,

I tell you, twas a wonderful element.

Before we moved into the deep trenches of blue.

This was the first time I hosted a prompt! Thank you David for hosting wonderful W3 prompts and allowing poets to challenge themselves!😃


‘Journey or Destination?

Sometimes all we need is reminders. Here is one more~


It isn’t about the destination,

But the journey instead

Cause the destination is still unknown

Even if we think we know it.


 Where are we going? 

Step over the stones,

Travelers we are on 

Paths none goes 


A big labyrinth

Different choices,

Flowery tracks,

Disguising prickles.


With highs and lows,

Carrying friends and foes

Let’s relish this ignorance

Yet life dictated  by its own goals


When  we reach  the end

And the  bridge stops dancing,

And the threatening waves are left behind.

Here it is all.

Our stories of glory.

Shaped in objects.


Life is more about the journey, 

Tis ‘a chance to savor each moment.

Cause the destination is a dead end,

Let’s wish to start a journey instead…

~Written By: Khushi. M


‘Glory or gory?’

He is successful and desired.
Ignored times -skewed  in  italics,
The gleaming face had once perspired,
Smile behind a mask of wrinkles

And she is successful and pretty.
And she has tons of makeup,
Just hanging over- a thinly veil,
Over Ringed eyes, ugly red circles.

They look awfully suited in this moment
Noting and recording their bare performance,
But there were tons of rehearsals and torment.
And - a Long tunnel-before the opening.

Shadows unhook in the dim of night,
The ballerina leaps and crowds sway,
Postures tried, cut out answers.
Glasses clinch, roars of gay.
Fear, beads of sweat, knee quivers,
They stand and raise the glass of the day,
Teeth shearing cloth while writing,
She is dressed in a gown of pearls.

Habits tried, crumple, restart,
He unconsciously checks the time,
 Nights  black and  dreary,
  They give a calm smile.

A child before the mirror,
Reciting the same verse,
A man before the crowd,
Dictating the same verse.

Moments being sewed together,
 Celebrations and cries of joy,
Cut out hands being put together
To this day of glory and shine.

As you can clearly see, the alterations are between the past and the present. It is a chiaroscuro of past and present! We would leave the meaning upto you!

‘ So what do you guys think about this post!’

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Sketched by Khushi.M

Hello guys this is Khushi, one of the Duo Disseminators. Along with writing content that is usually aimed politically, you will also find us writing poems, short stories.

So, I am writing this poem as a reflection my own view towards life, what I believe is what carries me forward to see more of life. Hope you like it.


How long will materiality define emotions? 

Where to go if loved ones mislead our way?

Is it too hard to believe that you can live?

In Solitude, on your own terms, with nothing to dismay? 


My attachment isn’t always to this present,

Neither people, nor pets, 

What makes me want to live is an, 

Unseen, unheard, invisible debt 


A want to experience 

The contendednes of publishing a book

The feel of playing piano in spotlight

The vibe of a Renaissance look 


To spill the paints on a white canvas

To dance on road like a maniac,

To drive a car with sad music on

To become a philosophical brainiac 


These desires out of question instill a want to see them in reality,

Two different worlds coexisting together,

The world of dreams where everything becomes real ,

The world of reality where hope rises and bring them closer.



Pennned by – Khushi.M ( DuoDisseminators)

Hollow for you,

Source: https://slimber.com/img/images2/30/300300/eye-of-the-tornado.jp

See! what I have done.

Pity yell~ow drops did still etch your godly name…

It made it remain, you know fate.

Trust the dead at least.

At least one from doing any more feat.

Now I know I can see

Fate was not in for me.

When two persons draw apart.

One has to fall apart.

Fate dropped its finger at me mischievously.

But I – I am the antagonist of my own reality

 I carried you and  faced it far.

Waves hitting, tornadoes blooming as I look afar.

 It was for some time eventually.

Carving out hollow eventually.

Do such people remain unfixed for a thousand years?

Tis’ good but the effect just wears.

What I see now is don’t know why but thuds true.

To align to remain to stay there  n behind.

Never moved a step from  ‘sorrow’  n inclined.

There was always a  line of chalk,

Thin but it was easy, shouldn’t have taken a back walk.

So,  relinquished slowly numbly..

 But before any time  this final heave.

Know that I had space some more room..

But I remained by a choice not a request.

Hollow till the end.

And- AhHh……….


Inside a tornado unfurling,

Its as still as..


Almost empty

Almost hollow.








Heyy everyone. Happy October! we couldn’t post because we were working on something for this blog! And secondly thank you everyone for following our blog. We have got 50+ followers 😃😃 Thank you everyone for supporting us!! and dropping nice comments😃 Some people were, Riya, AB Bhaiya, Naomi, Jan SumaReddy , Your writeups as well as your comments both were and continue to be inspiring!! And to the many people whom we connected via their blogs( which are many people!😃) Thank you everyone( truly!!)

~ DuoDisseminators

“Our Candle,

Have you ever had a power cut? When it rains? What do you do? What if batteries have drained out? Do you..

It was a normal night.

Well all nights are normal till,

And Everyone with their laptops

Me with a book in my hand

And suddenly something happened 

Actually, nothing a havoc of surprise around.

The lights went out due to a power cut,

It was somewhere 9 ‘o clock?

All of us staring and trying, setting, mushiness into right.

Even though knowing light would come again alright.

So why not wait for it to arrive?

The encumbered batteries about to drain, 

No one paying  here a sight

Not even the clouds and shudders creeping inside,

And agitation growing, dwindling inside.

Hence, a candle somewhere turned out alright. 

 Some time spent in the dark,

With the single candle being lighted and giving light,

The wax gradually melting 

But till the last moment the candle did thrive.

 And we huddled together to the warmth we found. 

The candle stood there alone and we did.

The gloom and the dark, 

The glow both defied, denied.

We took care that it glowed

Brighter than before,

Till everything went alright.

And the light came ,it sure did.

when the lights went out, we hated it

So, instead waiting for the bulb light to pop on,

We lit one right then in its sheer demise.

To have a candle ‘s light in unusual circumstance

one must take it into strangeness,

when the gloom and darkness prance.

And so did we when frightened by a sheer power cut.

And hence the sooted candle, left a grave mark. 

“It is Human tendency to try while being chased by dread. Of course no one knows how will it go. But he will not wait.. Not yet.. “


Hope you all like this piece. Check out our previous post ‘Reforming our way’ here




 KUNJAL : I was travelling and I remember,

More than I intended to,

And what will remain,

Perchance longer  than I could intend to.

A day of bliss,

Finally meeting you after a long ado.

Circumstances  led to delays,

Yet that day our endeavour truly came to relay,

I remembered what I had lost,

Or I did rather say we lost.

And I cringed my face when I lost~as we played.

It got a bit okayish, not bad.

When, Parting to meet somewhere again.

Getting into the vehicle waiting,

And greeting my scorched dad.

After our long day.

A melodious voice started in the air,

I lost my rational rhythm as it played.

 Staring through the transparent door,

I looked at the glittering cars as they went away.

And the children, people, with no cars.

All returning after a long day.

There we turned a circle and reached the market,

And I listened to the harsh cries of shopkeepers,

Or bar gainers as they shifted and wriggled.

And I felt no longing.

For a better place to stay.

I felt comfort in all this supposed discomfort.

And I know I will miss even these people wringing disordered.

It was a lovely day, if I wanted to see it in some way.

All this happened,

After the very long day…



It was a long day, yes I agree.

Why even 8 hours seemed  much weighing, is a mystery

As excited I was to meet you after months

I laughed at our silly fights, few but million.

You left as the night neared

After a day of merrymaking and hilarity

After our conversations of books, dancing on the mashup

 And  fantasies

I was soon dragged back to sore reality

I went for an unaccustomed walk downstairs 

To see people walking with their phones

No one had time to pay.

Most adults busy, hurrying on toes

And i wondered, maybe i do that too much

That  when we grow up

Who would we call our friends, our foes? 

Later that night I wondered  from now on

What do all these fun filled moments turn into ? 

But i had no clue

Just before i was about to dose of 

That pillow caught my eye.

As it always does,

To feel my smiles, to feel my cries

Maybe that’s what would happen to all of us

All the laughs, love and hate we sail across together

And years from now as we grow up

Like torn pillows our friendship would weather.

But maybe, maybe we can prevent it

That will be a good thought to end my rambling!

It was a fine day, if I wanted to see it in some way.

All this happened,

After the very long day…



    You are concerned about us future chaps, that is my concern now.

           Because friendship buddy is all about now.

           And even if we part, which I prefer in dismission.

          Let us say we parted on good enough conditions!


KHUSHI:  It seems the long day,

         Did Carry us too far away!😀         

Too far away indeed.

     What do you think about this super long poem?( Since you know we really got carried away!)

     Do tell us in the comment section now!

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Night as I see,

Image source: http://mediad.publicbroadcasting.net/p/michigan/files/styles/medium/public/201207/floridacitydark.jpg

Today I would like to pen down on ‘night’

 And Everyone discovers with their own leap.

 Night is just spew of black downright

 Not the slight blue, or that tincture of green just black to seep.


I gazed at the sky in my gloomy reign.

So much so that the stars belied their own self beauty.

And remained hiding in blackness until I succumbed as well… clean.

Very Pretty..( petty)


 I Despaired over the past few weeks

 I Despaired  the known people walking with a glance to my state.

Not knowing I needed someone yet reluctant to turn a help for me.

So much so was my depravity ‘s weight.

And then..no  now I am alright, you see.

At those moments it felt impossible to take another leap.

But Something did upturn my belief (something or someone always does)

And there is a point to this, whatever that may have been.


Now, I look at the sky from this caress and comfort.

At the same murkiness, which had earlier left me to my discomfort.

I can only reason the moisture laden clouds for shading the twinkles..

Looking at the nightly sky with a resounding purpose…

Written by: Kunjal.G