‘A reunion called!’

Hello everyone. This is Kunjal. This is my first attempt at a sonnet. Hope you like it. On a long drive to aunt’s sturdy white house On a road our car dances in the mist Grasshoppers bounce and mischief-makers trounce, Green fields melting and attuning adrift. We traverse through a foulish filthy lake Muddy dogsContinue reading “‘A reunion called!’”

‘ It’s Light’

I am very elated to tell you guys that I recently hosted a prompt at Skeptic Kaddish . Do check it out! I received amazing responses from different poets and they took the groovy challenge extremely well! Rules Your poem must be no more than 16 lines; It must include the word ‘groovy’ It’s Light, The doors Continue reading “‘ It’s Light’”

‘Journey or Destination?

Sometimes all we need is reminders. Here is one more~ It isn’t about the destination, But the journey instead Cause the destination is still unknown Even if we think we know it. .  Where are we going?  Step over the stones, Travelers we are on  Paths none goes  . A big labyrinth Different choices, FloweryContinue reading “‘Journey or Destination?”

‘Glory or gory?’

He is successful and desired. Ignored times -skewed in italics, The gleaming face had once perspired, Smile behind a mask of wrinkles . And she is successful and pretty. And she has tons of makeup, Just hanging over- a thinly veil, Over Ringed eyes, ugly red circles. . They look awfully suited in this momentContinue reading “‘Glory or gory?’”

“Our Candle,

Have you ever had a power cut? When it rains? What do you do? What if batteries have drained out? Do you.. It was a normal night. Well all nights are normal till, And Everyone with their laptops Me with a book in my hand And suddenly something happened  Actually, nothing a havoc of surpriseContinue reading ““Our Candle,”


ONE SWEATING DAY,   KUNJAL : I was travelling and I remember, More than I intended to, And what will remain, Perchance longer  than I could intend to. A day of bliss, Finally meeting you after a long ado. Circumstances  led to delays, Yet that day our endeavour truly came to relay, I remembered what IContinue reading “POEM/PROMPT WRITING 2”

Night as I see,

Today I would like to pen down on ‘night’  And Everyone discovers with their own leap.  Night is just spew of black downright  Not the slight blue, or that tincture of green just black to seep. . I gazed at the sky in my gloomy reign. So much so that the stars belied their ownContinue reading “Night as I see,”

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