‘How much will you run away?’

Hey guys ! We are here with a SERIES of a story this time ….. One that explores the different aspects of life and the impact of nature and poetry.

This work is towards combining both poems and story to spread our bigger idea behind it all. Hope you all like it!

‘Come, take a walk under the dark 

As the luminous stars

Form a silhouette stark

The moon illuminated ,

By their shine and flare

Look at them

A dreamy fantasy they share’

“So… Did you like it?”, Leo asked. Tarun just looked down the city utterly confused. Cars went by, mums shouted in the dark.  It was dinner time amongst families.

 He stood perplexed, as both friends looked over the terrace of their block smoking.

“I enjoy stars’ he said after a While. “You didn’t get any of it did you?”

Tarun just shook his head, he understood all this “I see poets. Poetry…  Stars, nights, days,rainbows, everything you write about all of them. What are they called…metaphors… alliteration, allegory and- “?

“ What is the meaning of this poetry?”. Leo started looking at the sky. Hard. The stars were jiggling out of their positions.  He gasped.

“I know Leo I know”,  But I don’t get any of what you write okay?” 

The stars swivelled and wriggled. It seemed against some taunting force which was pinning them back in the iridescent black canvas.

“And I had just been nodding at your poems. Some were good but later iuwhyt became confusing. ” He imitated nodding up and down as if in affirmation.  He continued “And I am a damn engineer. Bring fortune to my life instead. whatever you all write; poetry and all they are just about things..” They came around and stopped. Triumphing at their victory?  Leo looked above. And they suddenly..

..Things Tarun hesitated but continued “yeah things. Some things are bound to be imagery. Shall they be true? We pass both good and bad times as if it’s nothing.” 

Conjured into one beam and thrashed before him. Towards him. the stars reformed themselves out of the beam and collected around him into little pointed shapes as imagination followed. Leo squinted at the yellow and black spots forming around him.

And now I wonder if you have written a poem on a tree. How would that be? A Lonely tree, a lonely person? Do you ever write anything sensible? Just speak it out clearly, why do you bring light and night into our life?”

“ Did you have a bad day at work?”, Leo mustered it out pulling himself out from the inexplicable confusion. For a moment they refused to draw away from his sight. But the lights and everything which encompassed him soon dwelled back into the  normal.

Tarun shook off. “ Just be… rational. Some poems like the one you wrote about humanity and connection. Ah! Don’t be nonsensical.” 

“ Sometimes, nonsensical works better after an overdose of rationalism..” Leo said, peering at him. 

“ I… whatever Tarun scoffed

“Yes, only a small share of people understand what we write.. More precisely what we want to convey. But poems…  poems are mystical They are the” 

Leo folded a paper and sheepishly said his poetry.

‘Deep truths conveyed

In Simple verses, lines.

The art lies in pursuance,

The vast expression  

In concise.

How much running away?

‘Art is inconsequential’

How much it is ‘obscure’?

How much? But nonetheless.

Even a mother knows it well.

Its child shall reveal herself. ‘

“ How much will you run away Tarun”, Leo challenged him. 

Tarun stared at him after listening to his poetry.

“ Then maybe I am too bad in life. Where is the connection, Leo?”

In silence, no one approached each other. They didn’t dare another line. They both stood at the terrace for some time. 

And for the first time, Leo looked at his hands remorsefully and then at his diary. He turned his diary pages waiting. Throwing his cigar down he went off inside and came back later with jingling keys grinning

“ Let us go somewhere”

“ Right now?”

“Not a bike.” Leo ignored his question as if he were being too silly. “ Let us take the car. At least you would be able to enjoy the view of nature . How about the maggi stall near Lansdowne?”

Tarun looked at him stupefied.

“NEAR WHAT? LANSDOWNE? That is TOO FAR A TRIP. but maybe i just need one… We ill take  a bike”

 Leo shrugged and grinned “Sometimes breaks are inevitable”

Maybe they are.


Before the passing of the time, 

Can we take a pause from this regime

Of chaos of work and deadlines dreary,

The unlived life – a reality weary

Will you join now not some time?

Into this new advent.

To live, not simply exist

Perhaps a break is the quench







It was supposdely lengthy. (mean we had opposing views so we literally had to play an e-version of stone paper scissors )

Anyhow don’t hesitate to write your views/reviews in the comments section!😃. You can follow up the series at your conveinance.





27 thoughts on “‘How much will you run away?’

  1. 😯👏Wow! Because of your opposing views I think you are gonna have a way more unique and interesting story!
    Rock paper scissors…Classic!!🤣
    Is this the big post u were talking about?😯👏 Yaayyy! Hoping next chap comes soon😁

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  2. Wow! This was amazing! I loved the way you created the story around such larger than life poetry. I was so into it, this is a masterclass from both of you. I’m glad you both have opposing views and that you know how to figure it out. Remember, it’s always good to have opposing thoughts, that’s what makes you thrive. Will be patiently waiting for the second part. You both have a wonderful day and keep up the good work.

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      1. I think I must be going blind… I read your previous comment, and for some reason did not see the word ‘not’

        Lack of that three letter word, spoiled what I wanted to say… I believe you are MOST efficient…

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