‘Still Here to stay…’

DISCLAIMER: This post is not to spread hate, contempt, miscalculations, or simply faults. It is writtent to spread the mere truth. And hope we all enjoy that! This illustration post is a continuation of the illustration series: It could be someone or you Experts advices.. Adding Again we have to see the same cycle. HardlyContinue reading “‘Still Here to stay…’”


‘why do some people stay, even if you have moved ahead to the corner?’ . Sometimes I frown, all days I smile. And meet everyone’s gleaming eyes. But these stay, I avert one mile  Those Alarming two glinting eyes.   They stare for long, untamed, unmoved. Oh! Just turn away, wear and unhook! Like liceContinue reading “‘Happenstance,”

‘December-Vibes-Poetry Contest’

Hey all we have come back but this time with a contest to host. Lots of people were doing posts based on christmas and we thought we could do a contest as well. Part of inspiration were some bloggers like betty  But mind you, its more than just christmas which means- All of you mustContinue reading “‘December-Vibes-Poetry Contest’”

It could be someone or you…

Hey everyone! You may have read this post of ours . if not you do read it. So basically to sum it up we had both argued in a previous post of ours that urban voters in India seem to turn away from voting because of the grim politics surrounding everything. But then what isContinue reading “It could be someone or you…”

‘ The Bench – A SHORT STORY’

An attempt to write something new… an attempt to gather attention… please read this story till the end.. Would love to know everyone ‘s views😃.( Anything simple will work the best!😅 Dont contemplate too much) . . THE BENCH- A SHORT STORY; 1.)    “ Did I ever stop to say I care? When IContinue reading “‘ The Bench – A SHORT STORY’”

‘Voting~ a short story’

Hey everyone this is Kunjal here!! Now you must be wondering looking at the illustration above, what is the post upto? State elections in India are around the corner.( Even if they aren’t, preparations are on full bloom. It feels they are.) Uhem so let us begin. I have often been attracted by the manifestationContinue reading “‘Voting~ a short story’”

The single story challenge

RULES Thank the person who nominated you. We were nominated by two people. Filarance and Jan. They have amazing blogs. Filarance post really cool riddles and poems and Jan writes really good poems with self designed pics! Do check out their blogs! Write 5 single line stories that fall under any of these genres (youContinue reading “The single story challenge”

‘How much will you run away?’

Hey guys ! We are here with a SERIES of a story this time ….. One that explores the different aspects of life and the impact of nature and poetry. This work is towards combining both poems and story to spread our bigger idea behind it all. Hope you all like it! ‘Come, take aContinue reading “‘How much will you run away?’”

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