Glistening Eyes

(Exhales in knowledge..

Feisty eyes in search of something

Staring into the distant land. 

In a hope to find few unknown things

Some oddity, uniqueness,courage and-

Melancholic for it couldn’t find

Those rarities nearby

Took lots of effort to leave behind 

That lovely lust, and typical styles

Those eyes still fish their way sometimes, 

Though not visible tis’ desires pushed inside.

Perhaps still yearning to be realized

Those feisty two glistening eyes.

And silently asking to be alive..

This is a poem penned for What do you See? hosted by Sadje.. This poem puts one out of many realizations during times of contemplations.. Most often than not, in attempts of fitting in, we change our outlook towards something, and suppress our yearnings deep within, for a variety of reasons. But the pair of glistening eyes,  asking for recognition and approval, still exist inside…. Exist inside us all.