The screen-age

โ€œAmina was looking in the class. It was the lunch break and she darted her eyes around for her friends. They were standing around a table and laughing. She went closer and one exclaimed ‘Hey did you watch Stranger Things?โ€™. Amina shook her head to say no. She had heard of the series, but sheContinue reading “The screen-age”

Just a tag?- reservation

Hey guys we are back with another post of the Not- So-Political Series. Today we will be presenting a post on reservations in India. But before that, this post is a continuation of the Not-So-Political Series: It could be someone or you Experts advices.. Adding Still here to Stay Old crisis in the Neighbourhood WomanContinue reading “Just a tag?- reservation”

Hearing more from UN right now?’

Hello guys we are back after a long time( we know!๐Ÿ˜ƒ) and with a thought to show you all amidst the Russian Ukraine conflict: At the time when the whole world is witnessing a war between two countries( butter-smacked by the media),  we are bound to wonder where did our school textbooks go wrong? WhyContinue reading “Hearing more from UN right now?’”

‘ Family and we’

Hello guys this is Kunjal. I had written this piece before overtaken by certain whims and emotions.! do tell me your opinion about this one . . Every room, I allude now , in my passing thoughts.Some scent and cries never go wornFor first our little heads were raised, and worked on,And our backs wereContinue reading “‘ Family and we’”


What if you have written something near the word limit but which has absolutely nothing to show up? What if the data and achievements showing “big numbers” isn’t really the case? Its all about data. Hence data manipulation is something which prevents us from seeing what is actually the reality behind. For instance you knowContinue reading “‘Adding…’”

‘ The Bench – A SHORT STORY’

An attempt to write something new… an attempt to gather attention… please read this story till the end.. Would love to know everyone ‘s views๐Ÿ˜ƒ.( Anything simple will work the best!๐Ÿ˜… Dont contemplate too much) . . THE BENCH- A SHORT STORY; 1.)    โ€œ Did I ever stop to say I care? When IContinue reading “‘ The Bench – A SHORT STORY’”


Hey everyone. Today I wanted to share a very important note for all of you. These are my thoughts and I dont force upon you.  I want to make a point to all of you today. Read it till the end you may find some similar thought or opposing one. Does it matter?๐Ÿ™‚ .  AfterContinue reading “AN EXCEPTION-THAT’S ALL?”

Why to deal with them~ Problems

Our school recently informed us that from now on they would start taking oral tests , better known as VIVA. For checking whether we truly comprehend things in classes or not. It was our first time giving it and I for one was scared and nervous. How difficult it would be to face a teacherContinue reading “Why to deal with them~ Problems”

Night as I see,

Today I would like to pen down on โ€˜nightโ€™  And Everyone discovers with their own leap.  Night is just spew of black downright  Not the slight blue, or that tincture of green just black to seep. . I gazed at the sky in my gloomy reign. So much so that the stars belied their ownContinue reading “Night as I see,”

Independence as it was ….

โ€œAt the stroke of the midnight hours, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. Not without a cost though……” Mama shuffles a piece of paper into his hand and fondles it in a  frail knot  with her weak and shivering hands.  She closes her eyes and sits back in her chair coughing.Continue reading “Independence as it was ….”

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