Night as I see,

Today I would like to pen down on ‘night’  And Everyone discovers with their own leap.  Night is just spew of black downright  Not the slight blue, or that tincture of green just black to seep. . I gazed at the sky in my gloomy reign. So much so that the stars belied their ownContinue reading “Night as I see,”

Poem/prompt writing

Hey everyone. This time we bring to you a poem that we wrote amidst conversing. In an easier way poem with a person. Just have a companion who shares with you the knack for poetry ( or wants to write poetry), and bring about a conversation in poetry. the conversation can be in depth onContinue reading “Poem/prompt writing”


A rumbling in the bush, I think I saw a shadow Creeping closer was it an ambush? But no it was a meadow. A land full of greenery, Flowers and birds flirting away, An idyllic scene it was- the rules of pessimism  broken away. It takes all my worries, my sorrow, my despair away. AndContinue reading “The DOOR”

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