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Hey everyone. This time we bring to you a poem that we wrote amidst conversing. In an easier way poem with a person. Just have a companion who shares with you the knack for poetry ( or wants to write poetry), and bring about a conversation in poetry. the conversation can be in depth on life, love, friendship or basically anything. We two found it is a great way to practise and and get in line with ‘poetic language’. Our first attempt wasn’t easy. Check this out.

Kunjal: Life,my life is smattered into colours of red and hue,

Red is not inspiring, hue of prolonging darkness,

I don’t know what to do. 

Khushi :At least in life u have colours by your side,

My life is dull and gray

Better a prolonging darkness 

Than the melancholy at the bay

Kunjal It seems you ‘re confused,

Riddled by emotions, you can’t seem to etch,

What you feel in parchments of white,

The truth, is still crushed inside,

You are not letting it out pure and right.

Pity, at least I know I am falling,

I know I aint trying,

I know I am falling, without calling. 

Khushi: Confusion is but a fleeting dream 

I have started to fall in love with chaos 

At least I know it will pay ear to my screams

When the world is trying to ignore me 

As I see dreams of breaking free in doss

Kunjal: Your misery is nowhere near mine then,

I shall bid you a good bye,

I am searching for the lovely souls,

Who are just slipping down the slope

It’s a good slip though,

I don’t have to try and cry 

To people who can’t listen to me,

To people who won’t

But at least i hope to find,


Khushi: Goodbye is a strong word isn’t it?

How easy it is for people to part 

When you say you wanna find likeminds

You ignore that each one of us is worlds apart 

What is life? What are likeminds?

There is no likeness in Mankind,

There’s only disturbance and difference 

Kunjal: What i mean by likeminds,

Is people who have been labelled,

By the same “chaos”

You have fallen in love with it.

Khushi: Ah! The chaos 

Yes People have been labelled I agree

But what you forget to see

Is that every person has a different chaos 

There’s A different storm in each cup of tea.

Kunjal: I shall tell you one more pick aint i?

 You are interpreting it all wrong,

That is what people of the dreamland do,

Guard them from their own wrong.

Khushi: No interpretation is wrong my friend

Its a symbol of the difference

That every person has their own thoughts ,

Every person his own way of existence

Kunjal: I hope i dont hurt you by saying this,

However you are already getting hurt and pinched.

It is not the thoughts we see, the actions we do

Then tell your own people to do what they think.

Khushi: Don’t worry I dont get hurt anymore

The world has done this to me 

Made me learn to be strong 

As they silence all my roars

I agree what you say is right

And let’s not talk about the conflicts

All it does is start a fight 

Kunjal: The world,hah what a joke.

It has taught me differently, sorry to say.

Taught me that those who slip away,

Aint have a chance to find their way.

So, I am doing as they say.

Khushi: oh well my friend I am a rebel,

I don;t run or slip away

Its just now being inviolable has become my song

Kunjal: Dear, you aren’t not a chance,

Slipping away.

It is me who is and I aint to stop it.

You just found love for your misery,

And I just found hate.

It is simple isn’t it?

Hah you can never win, 

And I ain’t eager to continue.

This world can’t listen the feeble argument of the weak,

Here it is you.

You must be confused by the names. Check out who we are here

So, how do you feel about this exercise. would be happy to know below. Ours was not a perfect attempt. But it was enjoyable and fun along with learning. So find a companion and do poetry writing with them. A convo for a start?



‘Volunteering- by choice’

 “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?”

– Khushi.M and Kunjal.G

Both of us wanted to write about something else, find some other intriguing topic, or at least we tried to. In our country India, with the clicks of the second wave staring right at us, making itself evident every day, we could not depict our ignorance as we write. We write about some people, who deserve appreciation, however little or unreachable to them!

So, let us first reflect reality. Which is very important, because we cannot delusion into an exciting panorama of words. During the second wave, with more and more people losing their lives, and whole families being affected, there is hesitation to go near the body or carry the last rites of the person. Some are aggrieved by the high transport costs that ambulances are charging, looting away their money. Many are angry at the breakdown of the system, and the skyrocketing money they need to pay, to not lose someone. Turmoil is big, the situation is definitely severe, and yes, there is much more learning to be taken from this whole pandemic.

Certain people, despite being affected in a similar magnitude or worse, are emerging to undertake actions and helping families, to their capacity. If you take a look at the no. of recovered patients, they are an outcome of unhidden efforts however frail and failed, made by certain people to provide for instance to help the person get himself a hospital bed, or just arrange an oxygen cylinder, cremate body of persons, or simply provide meals.

But sometimes, the volunteers are not able to do so. The simple text message of a kin informing them about the demise, even though supplemented by a small ‘thank you’ must produce unbearable anguish. It was a wonder to both of us, how could they not cry all the time. Maybe, they just knew what their job was and what they had committed themselves to… They are the ones who do not seek credit. These are our volunteers. Volunteering by choice.

When we all are just completely indoors the only way to connect with people is via phones and social media.

“There is so much information, but so little information that holds value”, said a social media influencer. It is true that there have been hundreds of numbers and links shared on WhatsApp and Instagram groups. But how many are valid? 

Imagine trying numbers one by one associated with help but finding them ‘Busy’ or just useless. Nonetheless, the volunteers in social media are working to trace reliable information and contact patients who contacted them. Yes, they may not have taken the Hippocratic Oath, but they are ready to serve the people at odd hours even!

The same social media which earlier was considered as an affliction has also helped save lives to some extent via SOS calls, teleconsultation, and moderation to connect patients with medical supplies.

Apart from the ‘ online warriors ‘ several people are emerging engaging in last rite activities of the dead patients. Each of our religions and faiths have their own set of rituals, invoking a sensory belief that the person, who has died, should be cremated keeping in mind the beliefs and culture. But the lethal wave in our country has brought all people to the common ground, the situation is restraining them to perform even the last rites of the person. 

“”We are doing it for… mankind, for humanity. That’s all”

While such phrases hardly shake up any reality of sorts, hearing them from people, who are actually confronting a humanitarian crisis, they get a greater meaning. 

These people are attending the distressful calls of people and with the same hand, are forced to decline too. What can be the worst? 

But all the more, the realisation that it brought to both of us, was that people were stepping for each other, overarching all lines, be it through cheerful acts like adoptions or maybe as sad sounding as cremations and burials.

There is a group of Hindu, Muslim and Christian volunteers called ‘Mercy Angels’ in Bangalore, Karnataka who are providing support to poor families to help them transport bodies for cremations. They themselves prepare graves and perform last prayers according to the religious custom. People from different religious lines are teaming up to work across religious lines. 

And somehow, from reading about volunteers and Adoption NGOs and families, respite from this realisation, we could not shake away this thought, even if it lasts for only sometime.

Different volunteering groups are emerging sometimes, tapping into the skills of the members. Most of all, one does not need to accord to some ‘check- list’ to be a volunteer. The only requirement will be that you actually want to do what you are doing. And sometimes it amounts to just a little effort! Our senior members, are organising sweet musical and bhajan sessions, bringing jolly and gay. Even children are using the crocodile tears technique to keep our fidgeting parents under control. For them of course!!

Overall, people are stepping up when now they cannot possibly rely on the elected folks. These are our silent workers– our volunteers and doctors. They do not complain, they just do it. As for whom? They would say for Humanity.


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