‘ Climate Change and We….,’

When we dream, it is full of nonsense skies, we flying in them. Vast oceans. Green meadows. They are without a meaning. But not anymore…



‘ Rain Rain go away,

Come again another day,

Rain Rain go away,

Little children want to play’

Does this rhyme ring a bell? It is a very popular rhyme that is taught in kindergarten. Suddenly this rhyme comes in mind? In our locality it has been raining very hard for the past few days. Scientists link it to climate change. Rainfall usually occurs when warm air rises up and carries moisture with it. As we go higher up, the temperature starts to decrease due to low density of air. Water vapour form clouds and when clouds become too heavy with droplets, they cry.


Rainfall occurs. However increase in the amount of warm air means it will have more capacity to absorb water vapor. This capacity will only increase with alterations in the sea land surface temperatures. When we say this, it means we are disturbing a very stable pattern established over thousands of years.

According to the 2021 draft release of the IPCC sixth assessment report — 10-year events (that is, rainfall events that have a one in 10 chance of being matched or exceeded in a given year) are now 1.3 times more likely to occur. And when they do occur, they’re nearly 7 percent wetter.

This means what has not happened in decades is happening now. A major bomb cyclone recently hit the USA. Bomb cyclones are categorized with sudden drop in the atmospheric pressure. They are rare. Scientists believe it is due increase in amount of global emissions. Delhi, where we live, is witnessing rain spells like never before.

What is more is that more and more such reports, such incidents are diluting the very imaginative belief that the consequences are afar. Suddenly dreams will get a meaning. We will dream because we do not have something.

Rich countries believe that that will ultimately find a technology that will filter CO2. Developing countries are fighting for their stake to produce more green emissions, as we saw our country, India, in COP26 platform.

But none of the countries are realizing that climate change is one such problem, which may not find the old power blocks leading the platform. Anyone can lead this platform. Rich countries are focusing more on expanding their growth. After the Paris Climate Agreement, 2015 carbon emissions were increasing not decreasing.


Developing countries must realize that climate change provides them a platform to lead the way in fight against it. India, should not only focus on cajoling other countries for more funding, more money but also look at its existing capabilities like the fact that it seeks to protect forest cover under its AgroForestry policy! All of us have the tools today, but there is no steering.

‘Let the small island evoke it voice. It faces the brunt of climate change’

‘ Let we all hear the voices of those affected the most in solving the climate crisis!’

Rain Rain go away. A sun come, if it may.....







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  1. It could be someone or you
  2. Experts advices..
  3. Adding
  4. Still here to Stay
  5. Old crisis in the Neighbourhood

Experts experts advises advisers…!

Out with another continuation of an illustration series. We wrote the first post here.

Politicians oops policy makers making a thread for science by the experts rather than envisionable science for people on the ground. Is it solving the problem? Hmmm.

Here, the three farm bills which had been passed and because of which farm protests had been happening since one year, had been passed without much consultations with the neccesary people themselves!

In sri Lanka, suddenly the whole fertiliser based farming has been shifted to organic farming and farmers are left shocked by this sudden suprise! Organic farming accounts for just 1.5 per cent in the whole world.. We can guess why.

‘ Should the enterprise of anything be the knowledgeable experts only, the world is set to see the unexpected!’

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” Advices or Vices?”

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Whispers which I did hear partial,

But sometimes,  hushes in  the ear, advices  pouring in,

Tied in gentle slews of verses, too experienced, too earful.

That at times it becomes an effort to distinguish the true.


And the effort so strenuous that I give up listening, fearful.

Some advices look well off and hence I rework endlessly for the output.

I try try and make a checklist to look upto,

In my mind, again too fearful to conflict to.


Years from this all, and you would feel me some relieved.

I finally achieved the goal I had made a mind to ‘achieve’,

And still dismayed because  there seems some glitch   years from now,

Some advice  became vices, a haunting part of me now.


I see the people now moving on to give advices to little hoods,

If only I had cared for myself while heeding in my youthful.

Fulfilment is just more than we can be advised of.

And hence I think again  will advices become haunting vices some time from now?  

If only we can ask the question now…



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See the source image
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   ‘Have a great day! Didn’t you check these sweets out? They are freshly baked rich oil! Oh, madam you are a beauty. This colour will suit you the best’

 Shopkeepers bestowed the passers-by with plethora of compliments, disappointment flayed when they got to knew that people just came in to check out. “What Madam! You wasted our time”, the shopkeeper would scoff. The MANOJ SAREES shop was tucked between two other SAREE shops, and a perfect round of competition was full on.  A light shri Ram bhajan could be heard from the shop. It was anything but hidden in the night, lit by strips of different colours of tiny LED lights, the difference due to the switching colours from red, yellow, blue and white and a big yellow bulb shined above the threshold, thronged over by people in and out. The look was perhaps synonymous to Diwali that day. The fluttering lights symbolising the switches and chiaroscuro from dark to white and the immortality of another light, one which is always there, hidden away from us, right at the centre.

The shop looked majestic.

 A red Toyota car came and stopped near the market, and polished shoes, emerged out as the door opened.  In the streams of purple and blue the gentleman entered the shop in a heavy brown coat. He carried a languid grin on the face sweetened by a slight petite dimple on the other cheek.  Uncertainty flayed in his eyes as he moved towards what was supposedly a women’s saree shop.  Maybe for many such unsure commuters, shopkeepers are always on the cue, ready to remove their confusion with their profound knowledge, because the very next moment the shopkeeper and with his nurtured round belly grinned and beckoned the gentleman in. 

‘Tyohaar hain tyohaar. Yaha pe aapko badiya saree mil jaygee! Suna hain bagal waali shop mein toh ghatiya kapde ki saari bechi jaa rahi hain. loot maccha rakhi hain. (Today is the festival. You will get really good sarees here! I have heard that in the other shop beside it, bad cloth is being sold. The people are being looted away.’ The shopkeeper crunched his face and said.

He continued ‘ I have just heard and informed you. And you didn’t tell me what is your wife’s favourite colour?’

The man finally answered ‘No I am not married. It is for um  a neighbour.’

“A neighbour?’

‘Yes, she is old and can’t visit these shops on her own. The man remembered and continued ‘But she loves to dress up’

‘Arey, so why didn’t you tell me before’. 

You didn’t allow me to say, thought the gentleman, Ramesh.

‘She would love sarees then. Appreciate it better than anyone. In our time women wore only sarees, not what we have today. Graced men’ he nodded and shook his head .

‘See you must tell her about this shop. And about what I had told you before you know…’ Sure, she would love some ramble. He shuffled behind for what seemed like 10 minutes ‘Ah! This one. Red orange texture. Having a nice border. Jute silk saree. Take it. She must be having a matching red blouse’

Left with no other choice Ramesh chose the colour and stood up with the shopkeeper towards the cash counter.  ‘Old women like to dress up young.’ The shopkeeper said as Ramesh was leaving.


After his purchase, Ramesh hurriedly walked out in the night and in a similar fashion into his car, and drove off. ‘Diwali is today, and I must surprise her’ Ramesh thought while driving. The night encompassed thin layers of blue and black dominated over by a blaze orange. Suddenly, you could see the red Toyota parked near the iron wrought gate.  A strip of lights was haphazardly placed over the gate. Ramesh approached the door, in a bit of wonder and looking down sheepishly rang the doorbell. 

Black chappals came visible,  below black coloured pants a brown shirt, and a perched oval face bearing a grim serious expression for a wise old man. After some time though, Ramesh realised the serious expression was because of something else entirely.

Ramesh asked excitedly ‘How is she, Ba? I have bought her a nice dress to wear too! she will be so happy!!’

Yes she will be. Certainly.

Ramesh waited for the man to say something. Beckon him in. He felt sheepish that day. After so many long unmet days.

‘so, what are we doing standing here. Let us go inside!’ Ramesh squeaked a tone.

The old man finally his neat demeanour giving up, teared up. Seeing Ramesh ‘s confusion, he pushed his head under his collar and tried to clean his tears. But failed. ‘She is unwell. ‘He loudly spoke in a throaty voice and started sobbing.

Ramesh couldn’t believe it. ‘She must have a bit of fev- ‘

‘SHE HAD A HEART ATTACK LAST WEEK’ the old man cleared. Sensing Ramesh ‘s shock he added ‘And… she is alive, but it feels as if she has lost her will to live. Lost herself. She doesn’t talk much. To me. She has changed entirely.’

‘That is why I called you. Before leaving, you had been close to her. Very much. This is an old man ‘s last attempt. I want to see her recover into her old self. Even if people expect old people to have lost energy already. So, you would stay here?’

The old man again asked ‘You would stay here, right?’ He thought the kid was shocked, and sad to hear the sudden news.

‘Hah!’ Ramesh said. An affirmation?

Ramesh walked in with an unusual attire on his face. There were no decorations, nothing. He put the jute bag on the mahogany table in the centre of the room.

And then started backing away slowly. From the room. He made his way and the old man confused asked ‘Aren’t you going to meet her? aren’t you gonna do what you always do. Talk to her.’

Ramesh, his beady eyes distraught again iterated a ‘Hah!’ just started backing away and when finally, he could feel the entrance behind himself turned and started walking out.

The old man finally understood what it was! He  waited for him to move towards his car to come back only  with his luggage. Of course.

 He didn’t though. He didn’t turn. He went towards the car but didn’t move towards the rear. He moved towards the front wheel, and didn’t look back as he started searching his pockets sitting inside.

 ‘WHERE ARE YOU GOING YOUNG MAN?’, the old man called. Confused.

Ramesh looked around. The old man did have a very loud voice..

Sensing people, he turned and approached the old man . And hugged him. And spoke loud enough as well ‘Have a nice day dear uncle! And take care Aunty!’ uncle replaced Ba..He thrusted the the Ganesha gift card into his hands and walked away. Swinging a melody Ramesh started the engine.  And the car roared and in no time went away. The old man looked at his occupied hands

‘I have many of these’.

And the gift prolonged into darkness as the door of the house creaked and closed.

” Some things become too old for us.”



The Training..

Illustrated By Khushi. M and Kunjal.G

I will feel afraid, yes, stepping into the new, knowing that they won’t be there to caress my head all the time if I stumble and grapple to stand uptight, as I take the step. But deep down I realise that I need to detach to learn and live. It will be a testimony. That is the hardest part, and well that is the absolute training...


Oh! That time had arrived, 

When my frame was not so little like a child

To fit snugly into the closure of the warmth,

And be the one safe and unharmed.

Fear though precepted in the blue eyes.

Which widened like an innocent child

Thus, closed my eyes beavered,

With your final glimpse, I took my momentum

And pushed myself into the unknown blue.

Unconscious of what I will end up

I was drowning, and I remembered

The last time you hugged me

 Some  moments ago.

I shrieked the words badly,

To be in your warmth again,

I grieved harshly to be,in this cold.

I couldn’t though continue the feat,

For dangerous water had filled up my mouth

 So, I closed it to control and breathe,

Just as you had told me,

And from that moment it became clear

That the training had begun.

And I couldn’t retrace my path

To the first time I took the plunge..

~Written by Kunjal Gupta.


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“The New Normal”

Sunshine. The red-yellow rays falling down. Coming from a distant source, and yet getting scattered all around. By tiny immiscible dust particles, roaming in the air. It was all science. The colours of some life became tyrant in its light. Myriad heads closed together of women, men, children alike as they lifted hefty materials up onto their shoulders, as if God had given them unusual strength to fill their bellies in this strange world. Foreheads dripping with sweat as runners and joggers, completed their last round, and took a harsh long breath. Sweat etched near the brows, as engineer mom and dads, worked their way to draft important emails, prepare for meetings assisted by uncomfortable hard chairs. Sunshine filled our lives with its usual warmth, and the glinting piercing rays kept us up for the rest of the day.

I gently rub my eyes. It is the piercing voice of the alarm next to my ears. My mum shouting. It is Monday 6:15 a.m. Mum is in the kitchen now brewing tea. I look at her from my door slightly left ajar. I then sweep my eyes towards the long slidable glass for the Sun. It was my natural alarm. The hot scorching rays would come in contact with skin to spread its warmth gradually throughout the dry body, working to make it moist, until one could do no more but blink their eyes open to yet another day. Yet the weather was unusually cold. A harsh cool breeze and winds and a dry grey sky adorned the apartments in the background. 

I would have fancied waiting, sitting on my bed, making a grave analysis of the greyness of the sky. But classes started at 7:20.

 I hastily got myself up, brushed my teeth back and forth and went on to take a bath ‘Time is up’, I thought and got up.


My classes finished at 1p.m. I leave the room and lie down in the bed with a huge sigh ” Ah! The classes are over ” and to my surprise I see my mom do that as well “Ah! A break for 30 minutes’‘. My brother follows the same suit with an ” Ah! No more classes” and my dad who could pass for a deeply dedicated employee too came in with an ” Ah! Lunch break” It was so surprising for me, a year back it was just me who used to lie down and relax when my brother was in day care and mom and dad in the office. But today each one of us had a tiring day it seemed. We all started talking; and to my surprise my brother was the first one to speak “These online classes. I am really concerned about not getting spectacles. And will not you all be shocked to hear this from me!!” he said “we just stare at the screen for 5 hours and the teacher just rambles on and on. I do not enjoy it even a bit “. 

My mum who would have reprimanded my brother for speaking about his teacher like that today really spoke out her misery too “And I son, am more than ever tired doing zoom calls, typing emails, attending to my dear boss!’

I shared the same feeling. I can still feel the gloomy cold voice of her, one teacher, speaking out what she knows and getting what she wants. Subservient yeses. And then All of us started laughing together. Because each one of us had a sad remark to share and a huge discontent to blabber about. We enjoyed those stories together and towards the end my dad said ” It’s true yes, no one likes Virtual meetings… He looked at me and my brother and said amused ‘and schools on your laptops, but don’t you feel that this is the only way we can move forward, the only practical way? And virtual meetings are not entirely boring. At times, even without realising our distaste towards online classes, during funny incidents we share innocent laughs with others”.

I remember today, all of us lauding our Maths teacher with emojis of hearts and smileys present on Teams. He had proved a textbook method wrong. The screen was covered in little red hearts and laughing emojis.

‘I for one am happy because this shift to a new normal also made me realise that I wasn’t giving enough time to my family”. Dad continued ‘I missed all those silly complaints of Adi and beautiful opinions of Maya. But this year we did things that earlier seemed impossible. And you know what was that? Simple. We laughed together, cooked together. These are the simple pleasures whose absence from the earlier “normal” we couldn’t realise’.

The whole country is under such a big pandemic, it is necessary that we use whatever we have to try and adapt with new things. Adi, you have an interest in reading about wildlife, don’t you? So, you might know that the most long-lived species of animals is not the one that is the strongest, it is the one that is the most adaptable. 

So, try finding Happiness in every situation. These online classes and meetings? Will may as well be here for some time’. We need to be adaptable and not live each day mourning over this existence’ He laughed and concluded.

It is Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. and I am attending my online classes and for once I am feeling light because I decided to crack jokes with my friends and even my teacher said that he is not happy with these online classes and making PPTs. The sun today did crack up a little in the sky, and disappeared, but still giving a sign that light is not completely far away.


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‘Volunteering- by choice’

 “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?”

– Khushi.M and Kunjal.G

Both of us wanted to write about something else, find some other intriguing topic, or at least we tried to. In our country India, with the clicks of the second wave staring right at us, making itself evident every day, we could not depict our ignorance as we write. We write about some people, who deserve appreciation, however little or unreachable to them!

So, let us first reflect reality. Which is very important, because we cannot delusion into an exciting panorama of words. During the second wave, with more and more people losing their lives, and whole families being affected, there is hesitation to go near the body or carry the last rites of the person. Some are aggrieved by the high transport costs that ambulances are charging, looting away their money. Many are angry at the breakdown of the system, and the skyrocketing money they need to pay, to not lose someone. Turmoil is big, the situation is definitely severe, and yes, there is much more learning to be taken from this whole pandemic.

Certain people, despite being affected in a similar magnitude or worse, are emerging to undertake actions and helping families, to their capacity. If you take a look at the no. of recovered patients, they are an outcome of unhidden efforts however frail and failed, made by certain people to provide for instance to help the person get himself a hospital bed, or just arrange an oxygen cylinder, cremate body of persons, or simply provide meals.

But sometimes, the volunteers are not able to do so. The simple text message of a kin informing them about the demise, even though supplemented by a small ‘thank you’ must produce unbearable anguish. It was a wonder to both of us, how could they not cry all the time. Maybe, they just knew what their job was and what they had committed themselves to… They are the ones who do not seek credit. These are our volunteers. Volunteering by choice.

When we all are just completely indoors the only way to connect with people is via phones and social media.

“There is so much information, but so little information that holds value”, said a social media influencer. It is true that there have been hundreds of numbers and links shared on WhatsApp and Instagram groups. But how many are valid? 

Imagine trying numbers one by one associated with help but finding them ‘Busy’ or just useless. Nonetheless, the volunteers in social media are working to trace reliable information and contact patients who contacted them. Yes, they may not have taken the Hippocratic Oath, but they are ready to serve the people at odd hours even!

The same social media which earlier was considered as an affliction has also helped save lives to some extent via SOS calls, teleconsultation, and moderation to connect patients with medical supplies.

Apart from the ‘ online warriors ‘ several people are emerging engaging in last rite activities of the dead patients. Each of our religions and faiths have their own set of rituals, invoking a sensory belief that the person, who has died, should be cremated keeping in mind the beliefs and culture. But the lethal wave in our country has brought all people to the common ground, the situation is restraining them to perform even the last rites of the person. 

“”We are doing it for… mankind, for humanity. That’s all”

While such phrases hardly shake up any reality of sorts, hearing them from people, who are actually confronting a humanitarian crisis, they get a greater meaning. 

These people are attending the distressful calls of people and with the same hand, are forced to decline too. What can be the worst? 

But all the more, the realisation that it brought to both of us, was that people were stepping for each other, overarching all lines, be it through cheerful acts like adoptions or maybe as sad sounding as cremations and burials.

There is a group of Hindu, Muslim and Christian volunteers called ‘Mercy Angels’ in Bangalore, Karnataka who are providing support to poor families to help them transport bodies for cremations. They themselves prepare graves and perform last prayers according to the religious custom. People from different religious lines are teaming up to work across religious lines. 

And somehow, from reading about volunteers and Adoption NGOs and families, respite from this realisation, we could not shake away this thought, even if it lasts for only sometime.

Different volunteering groups are emerging sometimes, tapping into the skills of the members. Most of all, one does not need to accord to some ‘check- list’ to be a volunteer. The only requirement will be that you actually want to do what you are doing. And sometimes it amounts to just a little effort! Our senior members, are organising sweet musical and bhajan sessions, bringing jolly and gay. Even children are using the crocodile tears technique to keep our fidgeting parents under control. For them of course!!

Overall, people are stepping up when now they cannot possibly rely on the elected folks. These are our silent workers– our volunteers and doctors. They do not complain, they just do it. As for whom? They would say for Humanity.


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Today the world, does not demand the bookworms, and the ‘know-it-alls but rather, people who are practical in their ways, creative in approach and at least know how to work with different minded people.”

“Khushi come here” 

We had decided to meet at a bookshop

“Why did you call me? the dark burgundy coloured book is calling me!”

“Oh! You mean, the Mortal Instruments series” 

“Anyways, look what I found in this bookshelf”

“OH, any thrillers? ……. wait this is a maths guide”.

“Yeah, and you are practically flouting in mathematics and this is how I can help”

“You never asked why I can’t concentrate on Maths!”

“OK, what is the reason?”

“Well, I try my best. But sometimes, I just cannot understand, and keep up with the flow. Although I clarify my doubts, I am not able to perform again. And…”


“I don’t know if it sounds stupid, but do you think the trial-and-error method in maths, may actually help out in life?” 

“Well, what we are learning now is for the ease of calculations, for competitive exams, but more than that, it improves your efficiency towards solving any life problem. It initiates analytical thinking”.  

“Definitely, you are correct, but I don’t get the encouragement to study maths. They say, ‘maths is fun’ but here, I cannot see any fun in those pages adorned with heavy formulas. In short I see maths as formulas and heavy books, not a subject with fun”. 

“In short I see maths as heavy formulas and books” We both then wondered if others too felt this ? 

It is said that learning is supposed to be fun.

Here we see though that many of us see the subjects within boundaries set to examinations. Why was it? And most importantly, a duration, which covers half of the childhood should be different and more valuable shouldn’t it?

Now, we both started questioning the very word education. What does it mean today?

Throughout history the purpose of education has been shifting according to the needs of the society. From instructing youth in religious doctrine, to preparing them to live in a democracy, from assimilating immigrants to prepare workers for industrialisation.

But now, when the educators are preparing the youth for their future; confusion is – what exactly is the goal?

Whichever piece we both read, to find an answer, the aversion towards rote learning was clear if not the definition of right learning.

Rote learning is the study of concepts and facts constrained to the books and this determines the degree of our understanding during assessments. Therefore, the authenticity of our understanding is still questionable, for we may, as well, merely memorise the texts and ways to get the ‘perfect’ answer.

Yes, a considerable amount of liberalisation is taking place as time passes. In fact, it would be desultory to reason that schools today lack vigour and colour, because they no longer remain those   old-fashioned brick walled schools of the 80’s that can be mistaken for a detention centre today!

Till date, though the teaching is done by reading texts, and just explaining those texts. There is no harm in this, but it does not generate the needed attention or enthusiasm amongst the recipients of knowledge: students.

And oh! Here is a very relatable example. Now, now most people do not like history. Oh! The feeling it generates: a mere revival of some events that happened, a time before.

However, history lovers may round up and argue, “It is the past which has shaped the present, and often due to our negligence towards the past, we may repeat the same mistakes, or as it is said, “the past will repeat itself”.

The problem hereby, lies in the lack of connection to the present. We need a space for a reliable connection to a reality. To begin with, let us think of partition. The teacher can invite students towards discussion and debate the consequences of the partition today. “What is the current stance of the country?” And what are the politicians doing?” “What should be done?” children would counter all these questions. Worth adding, it will be easier for the teacher to weave up interconnectedness between chapters. Gradually the divide between the chapters and burden will diminish or will it not…?

We all know  method of assessment adopted today, so there comes no need to elaborate. It is said children are the innovative builders of tomorrow, and the future of our world, but if we do not adopt the right ways to raise them, to educate them today, to give birth to innovation that “bright future” is unbecoming.

– Illustrated by Khushi.M and Kunjal.G

Competency-based questions can be a viable alternative to theory based. Some policies like NEP of India even seek to deliver the same. Real world problems, and even as severe as a climate crisis should be debated at intervals to let our minds wander. The kind of progress which should be awarded should also be communication, goodness, talent, and leadership skills, only then genuinely will a student shine. Students should laud and support a teacher ‘s efforts at the same time. 

Old school beliefs that a person who knows everything in his textbooks is gifted, have been proved wrong by many. Because today the world, does not demand the bookworms, and the ‘know-it-all’s but rather, people who are practical in their ways, creative in approach and at least know how to work with different minded people, which they would encounter with every now and then.

So, let us open the lid of our pens and apply the trial-and-error method from Mathematics! Endeavor to create the purported goals, through failed but continuous attempts -a reality.

Simultaneously, thus, both of us  decoded a use of trial-and-error method of maths in life!