Our Candle

Couldn’t think of a better occasion than the festival of lights itself to recall the blissful emotion portrayed in this poem we wrote a year ago. Wishing you all a happy and blessed Diwali !!

Photo by Hakan Erenler on Pexels.com

Here’s our rendezvous with a candle –

It was a normal night.

Well all nights are normal till,

And Everyone with their laptops

Me with a book in my hand

And suddenly something happened 

Actually, nothing a havoc of surprise around.

The lights went out due to a power cut,

It was somewhere 9 ‘o clock?

All of us staring and trying, setting, mushiness into right.

Even though knowing light would come again alright.

So why not wait for it to arrive?

The encumbered batteries about to drain, 

No one paying  here a sight

Not even the clouds and shudders creeping inside,

And agitation growing, dwindling inside.

Hence, a candle somewhere turned out alright. 

 Some time spent in the dark,

With the single candle being lighted and giving light,

The wax gradually melting 

But till the last moment the candle did thrive.

 And we huddled together to the warmth we found. 

The candle stood there alone and we did.

The gloom and the dark, 

The glow both defied, denied.

We took care that it glowed

Brighter than before,

Till everything went alright.

And the light came ,it sure did.

when the lights went out, we hated it

So, instead waiting for the bulb light to pop on,

We lit one right then in its sheer demise.

To have a candle ‘s light in unusual circumstance

one must take it into strangeness,

when the gloom and darkness prance.

And so did we when frightened by a sheer power cut.

And hence the sooted candle, left a grave mark. 


Into the bushes

This poem is penned for the prompt at Skeptic Kaddish where the poets were asked to write a poem following these rules

  • 12 lines of free verse;
  • Must include the adjective “adorable”

The Mulberry Cottage still  stands firm

The gladioli,Lilies and orchids still dance with the wind,

One part of garden looks loftier with tons of leaves some wild begonia, twigs and daisies

 And a silent creature- rests within.

I often wonder would Miss Mackenzie,

Be thinking about her flowers

And the house, her cat Wily and

‘One electric bulb’* would she still ask?

Was she smiling adorably when her body felt,

The ‘grunt’ and the ‘tup’ of that shovel,

And the precious book of wildflowers she gave me

 Would she not give it one more stroll, a caress?

~Kunjal. G

*The poem is inspired by the short story ‘The Prospect of Flowers’ by the eminent author Ruskin Bond.

The Mulberry Cottage is the house of an English spinster Miss Mackenzie. There is nothing extraordinary in her life until she finds a boy plucking flowers in her garden. Together they both come together to study flowers in a book filled with many names of different species. Time flies fast, the boy goes afar and she dies, cold in her bed. I imagined her to be buried within a bed of flowers and the visit of the boy after his vacations…

*One electric bulb I would care to explain. She one time exclaimed to the boy to gift her some electric bulbs for hers always flickered and his father did a business of electric bulbs.


‘ A struggle for recognition’

Its been 14 days? Or 15? since our last post! Hello everyone, welcome back( or rather trying to say welcome back to ourselves after a long time). School has taken advent, pressure and enjoyment are at the highest but we will keep our pace at this blog!

A short note

Life at school has been hectic and it had been difficult to juggle up tons of homework with self study. Detractors, teachers, distractions and pressure: all this had/has to be managed. There are no reasons to feel unhappy, sad or pressurized that is what we both tell ourselves in those extraordinary days. Emotions though need to be managed properly If you are facing something similar, you are probably stuck in processes which need change.’

This post is a continuation of the Not-So-Political Series:

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  10. An Awakening, A Wake up Call
  11. ‘Not-so- Political After all!’
  12. Just a tag?
  13. Seeking Refuge

History is filled with struggles for freedom and democracy, however it is clear that the question isn’t just about attaining mainstream freedom but the main challenge is maintaining the liberal attitude towards the people after becoming an independent nation. While we witness the dynamic Russia-Ukraine war, an impending crisis which is attacking the very right to independence of a country, there are a series of unlooked military takeovers, where democracy has been an idea deep under the sands . The unnoticed  situation in Africa. 

It is a land of varying climatic conditions which led to formation of many tribal groups having diverse cultures. 

But over the years what could be its strength (cultures), became its weakness. 

Soon after its independence Africa has witnessed many military takeovers which continuously uprooted the elected governments. The political situation is often uncertain since the region of West Africa is filled with deep seated unrest due to shifting of many militant groups in its soil. 


Mali, a  tiny country in western region of Africa, became a region of unrest. After 1995, a group known as Tuareg Rebels came to light again in 2012 when they attacked some regions of Mali. They seem intolerable in the region which deserves some peace and lesser deaths. Less people giving up their breath everyday. Less human induced deaths. 

Let’s take you to another story. The story of yet another country facing the same situation – Niger. 

Niger has seen the opportune of democracy in 2021 only when Mohamed Bazoum, a former interior minister was democratically sworn in as the leader of the country. But it is still  difficult to say that there would not be another military takeover or an instability or a bomb for Niger which has for a long time been in a period of darkness. 

The country has witnessed five different constitutions in the past always promising a different kind of system for its people showing that seeping in conflict and instability, it could not discover its tryst with destiny. It still hasn’t. 

People live under constant fear. Schools are closed for children leading to high illiteracy levels which can turn them towards extremist views. The lives of people are at the side-lines. 

After having a bird’s eye view it is evident that despite the citizens of this region preferring democracy over terrorism, they are so exhausted with instability that they’re willing to give in to military leaders. As a result a large no. of people have robustly supported military takeovers and joined militant groups for benefits. 

Countries like France, U.S have been engaged in Africa to eliminate these terrorist groups. But have they as big powers been successful really? The answer is no. 

France has been engaged in Mali for a long time. When military takeovers have been successful, such countries have outrightly threatened to remove support. When the wave would be good, they can, thus again join in their efforts to eliminate terrorist groups. There is no space to see the lives of people as they are. 

They have underscored the problems, the ethnic diversities, unemployment, lack of respect of civil rights institutions and reduced role of people in the very same countries. They are pressing the idea for establishment of democracy, or else they threaten to withdraw their support.  They press the demand for a democracy in countries where the military is gaining all power. They press for stability and peace while investing more in military and arms rather than civil institutions. So, what is freedom you ask?


And ultimately climate change worst of all. West Africa is facing increased food and water scarcity. Temperatures are soaring high and regions are turning into deserts.  Africa is a confluence of a variety of tribal cultures but also  has become one of  climate change, military takeovers, militancy.  

So don’t you think the problem is with the argument itself? The goal of ending terrorists by killing and uprooting its every means is unachievable. If Africa ‘s civil institutions are not given a chance, if they are not taught the right way, the country will plunge again and again As Noam Chomsky an American critic  points ” everyone is worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s really an easy way: Stop participating in it.”. Military is never a solution. It will only scare more, and cause more worms to come out of their holes.


‘ It’s Light’

I am very elated to tell you guys that I recently hosted a prompt at Skeptic Kaddish . Do check it out! I received amazing responses from different poets and they took the groovy challenge extremely well!

  • Your poem must be no more than 16 lines;
  • It must include the word ‘groovy’

 It's Light,

The doors  held ajar,

Unto the striking dark,

And in and in it traveled,

And burst in more shards.


Shards of gold they were,

Primmest of diamonds they were.

To cover the deadly expanse of dark,

They slackened in ribbons to disembark.


The big or small scrapers,

All looked like little tiny huts above,

Snoring and grumbling in sleep

People awaited its touch-a sly sneak.


Light traversed and it took

A groovy path- into nooks,

I tell you, twas a wonderful element.

Before we moved into the deep trenches of blue.

This was the first time I hosted a prompt! Thank you David for hosting wonderful W3 prompts and allowing poets to challenge themselves!😃


‘Seeking Refuge.’

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

A country doesn’t merely comprise its native citizens, it consists also of those seeking protection.

Each day.


Every day.

Today we will be talking about refugees. Not the economic playback right now, not the ongoing war, not on religion. Them. They are the center of basically everything. While many “consider” war and big policy announcements on their table the influx of refugees and migrants, who again become a controversial topic for countries, sees little action.

A refugee, according to the UN, is ‘someone who is forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war or violence.’ A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion and abandonment in a country, a civil war (like one extending in Syria and manifesting itself Sri Lanka right now), or they may be forced to take this path when they are not accepted by their own country. For instance, the people who came from Bangladesh to India after the 1971 war or the Bloody Syrian Civil War.

High protests against corruption, high unemployment propelled protests against the government that were brutally suppressed by the President Bashar al-Assad. This in no time plunged the country in a state of total chaos, and members of willing rebel groups as well as unwilling civilians died. The United Nations has verified that at least 350,209 civilians and combatants were killed between March 2011 and March 2021 and that number is unclear.

This seems like a perfect tale of an arrogant leader who swept the country and labelled its people as terrorists and made the ground ripe enough for several rebel groups to crawl and  integrate and form their call.

But this war saw a major creation of refugees. According to the UN there are a total 6.6 million refugees worldwide right now.

According to the UN, 5.6 million refugees are hosted by countries near Syria. Lebanon alone hosts 1.5 million refugees from Syria more than it can do. Too much inflow of refugees and lack of clarity of policy has plunged Lebanon as well in a state of total confusion.

As a responsibility to humanity, not just one country alone but all countries share the responsibility of accepting refugees and making them a part of their own country. Stranded from their homes, refugees  face challenges like Young girls being forced into prostitution, men being brutally punished and refugees facing discrimination even at international borders. In other words too many roadblocks.

‘We cannot despair of humanity since we ourselves our human beings’

Nations need to retain their humanity and see these people as assets.  These people can be armed with skills that we may not be aware of and can prove potentially good for economies. Agendas of hatred, confusion and too much false information on social media has blurred the lines between what is our duty and what is not. 

The diverse language set brought by refugees can make them good international sales marketers or maybe a highly linguistic tour guide next door. They can also be a value addition to corporations which contribute to the care and hospitality of asylum seekers and refugees and hence may need a proficient staff in languages. Also they are not a threat for the natives living in the country, they are looking out for other sorts of jobs.

Hence, it’s clear that social media, deep penetration of false fake news, and lack of policies in some countries  prevents us from fulfilling our duty as a community.  Hosting refugees is not a controversial topic among voters. When driven to rise they won’t back down.


As a German citizen said ‘ I thought it was really great that we Germans achieved when our Chancellor stated- that people can come here and that made me feel proud’ during the 2015 refugee crisis.

Even during the Russia- Ukraine war right now, countries which never accepted refugees like Hungary are accepting people in huge no.s. Refugee is not a dream but a reality. If their country stops feeling like home, should the world stop too?


Or should it not?....

What do you guys think about it? But first guess who has given the quote ‘We cannot despair of humanity since we ourselves our human beings’ A very famous person we all admire. Known for his/her mind.

This post is a continuation of the Not-So-Political Series:

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Photography Contest~

Hey guys, Khushi this side. Photography is an amazing art but slightly underrated, and when we came across this photography contest hosted by Rebekah, we couldn’t wait to take part.

I chose to mix words with pictures in the lockdown and the habit still continues.

so here’s more about the contest :


  1. Choose one photo that you took in 2022 that makes you think of spring! (animals, nature, flowers, etc.)
  2. Make sure the photo is appropriate. Any photos that I don’t think align with this, I won’t include in the final judging and post
  3. Write a blog post including the photo you chose, and the rules, as well as a link to this original post
  4. Tag it ‘beckysphotographycontest’ so I can see all of your posts
  5. Comment on the original post when you’ve published your blog post, so I can see it
  6. The deadline is May 20th
  7. The photos will be judged and I’ll announce the winners on May 31st
  8. All of the photos that were entered will be included in the post, along with links to everyone’s blogs who have participated

and here’s my entry :

My entry

The flower doesn’t dream of the bee,

It blooms and the bee comes.


‘An Awakening, A Wake up Call’

We spend years ( and still doing) of our schooling to understand how the election system works, how the whole country is involved in elections, especially the lower sections of society. Despite having governments at the local level (*gram panchayats) the condition of rural healthcare is still not better. To quote a paragraph from White Tiger: 

“There were three black goats sitting on the steps to the large, faded white building; the stench of goat feces wafted out from the open door. The glass in most of the windows was broken; a cat was staring out at us from one cracked window. A sign on the gate said: LOHIA UNIVERSAL FREE HOSPITAL PROUDLY INAUGURATED BY THE GREAT SOCIALIST A HOLY PROOF THAT HE KEEPS HIS PROMISES Kishan and I carried our father in, stamping on the goat turds which had spread like a constellation of black stars on the ground. There was no doctor in the hospital. The ward boy, after we bribed him ten rupees, said that a doctor might come in the evening. The doors to the hospital’s rooms were wide open; the beds had metal springs sticking out of them, and the cat began snarling at us the moment we stepped into the room…..  “


 Why do we go through such turmoil? There surely must be some vital answer. A large survey  amongst some voters shows that voters actually think of better healthcare for themselves and their families while casting their votes. But political parties seem to be focusing all their energy on free jobs, ideology mobilization during the elections. Health is the least talked about subject during elections in India. India has increased its budget for health by a mere 0.23 percent for 2022-23 than 2021-22 . The grand Economic survey 2020-21 on the other hand, had strongly recommended an increase in public spending on healthcare services from 1 per cent to 2.5-3 percent of GDP .Even  the blatant fallout of health systems was enough to budge an increase in budget for health. 


 The existence and need of the government sector has been assured because of its service to the general public, often free of cost, but the problem arises when it comes to the quality of the services being received by the people. Basic healthcare coverage in villages is quite low.  The countless government schemes to increase healthcare insurance coverage in the missing middle or increase teleconsultation run on deaf ears as these are, for people, policies formulated in words. Some of us aren’t even aware about these policies are we? There was never political will in paper leaking  government offices and still not there today. How will they be implemented? Again, the question rings..

An improved government school in capital city.


The most populated, drought hit floods hit country in the 1960s was surprisingly China of today. With urban-trained doctors refusing to settle in rural areas, the Chinese government recruited and trained a million barefoot doctors and sent them to the countryside, where they administered vaccines, and taught villagers basic hygiene.This helped when many people were getting affected  by the disease schistosomiasis. Such mobilization with the will to reform changed the life of many in rural areas. One barefoot doctor even grew up to become a Chinese minister.

The need of the hour is not just policies but complementing them – their implementation.We have succeeded in the art of formulating policies in 75 years of independence and the eloquence now, is needed in implementation.

 Though barefoot doctors are a thing of the past, political parties wishing to create revolutions can surely learn the characteristic importance of movements and mobilization and political will in solving wide issues to make an imprint in people’s lives. We sure need to mull over some innovations and solutions about increasing the workforce in rural India, encouraging future doctors to serve in primary centers, improving infrastructure, but what we need the most is the art of attraction towards what the policies we formulate.

And that is where political parties and governments need to start from the start.

*For other readers gram panchayats and gram sabhas are village governing institutions in villages.The gram sabha is the elected body of voters which elects the gram panchayat members.


What is the state of healthcare services around you? Do let us know below!

A continuation of our not- so-political series:

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  9. Could you please wait one more second?

‘Could you please wait one more second?

‘ Yes could you?’ asked the frightful man to the judge.

‘This spot is quite uncomfortable’

The prosecutor, Draco Phillius * retorted a tone  ‘ And why wouldn’t you be uncomfortable?’ With the black coat swinging and his golden golden wig almost falling Draco swiveled around to face the judge.

‘ So Sam Wenneth, on the night of 16th of October, you were found to be trespassing in the orchard of Williams Penagofler. Did you or did you not steal an apple?’

‘ I did not steal an apple! Yeah, I nicked one out. As a matter of fact, it was evening and Williams Penagofler is no longer alive! Many people visit it!’

Draco Phillius showed his golden teeth and started to pursue in a dramatic way, a long yellow page. ‘ Err as a matter of fact, under Draco ‘s law’. He stumbled and corrected himself ‘ Athens law.   It was dark enough to be called nighttime! And you are there to represent your charge!’

‘The punishment for robbery’ Draco stopped to enunciate ‘under the well known rule of law is DEATH! The judge stood up suddenly and mumbled an ‘ Order Order’ and went away yawning. The man is pushed and taken away by the guards. He is stupefied because the charge is minor and the punishment is harsh.

Does this ring a bell?In the city of Athens, Draco, a man with an unbelievable twisted mind wrote laws that protected the well established nobility and attacked the poor people with severe punishments like Death. Today we use the term ‘draconian’ to describe many laws that generally infringe upon the human rights of individuals,and they leave the doors open to arbitrary interpretation and prosecution. The vague wording of a law also has an adverse impact on framing of the charge against the accused.

We have many laws such as PTA( Prevention of Terrorism Act) in Sri Lanka, Sedition law, UAPA law, Public Safety Act in India, the recently passed Hong Kong National Security Law in China and their usage has been indeed worrying as statistics show.

The basic rights of people such as the right to have fair representation before a court, the right to be produced before a court, the right to free trial etc are being viciously attacked.

These exceptions are often made for terrorists or ‘disturbing’ elements in the society, but at the same time generously empower the government to designate anyone as disturbing or terrorist.

We all know that security laws are essential in ensuring public law and order. However, an essential feature of a developed society are protests, people, and democracy. Draconian features seeking to empower governments to a very large extent over ‘public order and good’ may turn obsolete and not in line with the society which we all seek to dream about.

QOTD: USA is such am amazing country! After reading this, what according to you really makes it wonderful? freedom or prison?

This is a continuation of our illustration series:

  1. It could be someone or you
  2. Experts advices..
  3. Adding
  4. Still here to Stay
  5. Old crisis in the Neighbourhood
  6. Woman a citizen and worker
  7. Hearing more from the UN right now?
  8. Climate change

Hearing more from UN right now?’

Hello guys we are back after a long time( we know!😃) and with a thought to show you all amidst the Russian Ukraine conflict:

At the time when the whole world is witnessing a war between two countries( butter-smacked by the media),  we are bound to wonder where did our school textbooks go wrong? Why is it that the power of global institutions is comparatively lesser in real life than that expressed in big words. U Thant, a former secretary general of United Nations, took the effort to ‘intervene’ between Moscow and Washington during a Cuban Missile Crisis. Where is Mr Secretary General during a raging war now?


After the end of WW2, hope was nowhere to be found. The lost lives, and destroyed livelihoods all sought a better tomorrow which was very perfectly promised by the United Nations. 


But that sense of security was short lived, as seen in more than one circumstance where the various subsets of the UN failed in providing an actual result. 

We are all aware of the importance of UN- any heritage site being recognized by UNESCO or any resolution passed by for instance, UNHRC – but an institution that has to promote global peace and equality has certain loopholes in abiding by it as well. Like the veto power.


The major shortcoming of the UN, has been the veto power of Five singular countries ( China, France, USA, Russia, United Kingdom) that influence any decision that is taken. This means that these countries can veto any resolution against themselves and their friends! This is what Russia is doing now, and USA does all the time to protect Israel. They don’t have to offer reasons as well! No side is kind and good, people!

Along with this there is a visible lack in the UN to effectively adapt towards any conflict.

Consider this. Before the Ukraine invasion, when alerts were high and bitter rebuttals increased, no UN official was observed in either Russia, Ukraine or USA. Another sight is that the UN security council seems to be slipping on and off because Russia is effectively vetoing any resolution tabled against it.


Self- designed

The UN needs to reconsider the meaning of peace( which comes with terms and conditions) , strengthen mediation, and become a skilled peace diplomat forging no sides! It needs to have its own troops so as to add more emphasis in what it says.

We are hearing tons of critical statements from the UN right now regarding the current conflict.

But moral support and dialogues are only worth until some point of time after which the power of a discussion forum begins to degrade.

‘ During a life wrenching crisis, we all need more than a ‘its alright’ best friend don’t we?’


Dear UN and all countries with interests at stake. We need an action now! What do ya guys think?






This is a continuation of our illustration series:

  1. It could be someone or you
  2. Experts advices..
  3. Adding
  4. Still here to Stay
  5. Old crisis in the Neighbourhood
  6. Woman a citizen and worker

Our first collab post is out too! check it out here! Tell us what do you think about the Russia Ukraine conflict and your day today!😃

~ DuoDisseminators

‘ Family and we’

7 Unexpected Benefits of Eating Together as a Family, According to Science  | Parents

But young and old again met again,
On Meals per night- embroiling us safer.

Hello guys this is Kunjal. I had written this piece before overtaken by certain whims and emotions.! do tell me your opinion about this one



Every room, I allude now , in my passing thoughts.
Some scent and cries never go worn
For first our little heads were raised, and worked on,
And our backs were held high on low grounds.
Each frail shoulder we held from being torn.
But sometimes, the knot did go wrong.

To learn, We love, We learnt to detach.
Preparation for every summer.
Every summer, when we bade to each other.
Summers – when we pursued our life matters.
But young and old again met again,
On Meals per night- making us safer.

Surpassed the summers- the winter.
Cold dry heavy thick winds
Dark unamusing, confrontational splinters.
‘Claims’ and hands clamping loudly , a wince.
Sometimes the knot did go wrong.
Though the listeners remained the same- no choice ever.

we fought, we toiled again
We reworked.
Many times against challenges.
Sometimes within us.
We were a part of a family.
Simply, we were chained for better or worse.

A galaxy holds both light and dark matter,
This is true, but in
Every struggle we had felt our loss more than an awaiting ‘better’
Because it always came as a surprise.
A quite sudden twist – an unwelcome knot.
A wrenching pain in the back,
A thrust, a pull , waging wars.. Shrill cries..
And (Nd) more adjectives are coming.
Is this repeating again, now?



Written By: Kunjal Gupta

Duo Disseminators

We are put to test again and again. Let ‘s see if we pass this one’

IMAGE CREDITS: https://www.parents.com/recipes/tips/unexpected-benefits-of-eating-together-as-a-family-according-to-science/

Oh and by the way guys the Duo Disseminators wishes our Indian readers a very Happy Republic Day! To know more about one of the many struggles to independence read one of our posts here.