‘Woman- a citizen and a worker’

       Hey all International Women ‘s day was celebrated yesterday! and celebrated every year on March 8. While looking up for the past behind this day, we came across a website and found that the International women ‘s day is celebrated for two reasons according to UNGA( cited by Women Watch) one of themContinue reading “‘Woman- a citizen and a worker’”

Reforming our way.

“Ah mami let me sleep for the last 5 secs!!”, Alia moaned and shook her head as she lifted it upwards. Towards the screen which showed the stained black teams page and the names she had to see everyday. “ Good morning everyone.” Alia jerked her head upwards. Riya followed suit rubbing her aching head.Continue reading “Reforming our way.”

Test of beliefs.

Imagine someone, some people breaking into your homes. The knocking and greetings dismissed ( wait what?) and  stepping into your home with loaded guns, entering and  opening cupboards and racks for anything gold documents or just anything. They know they will find it. All the documents.   And if you hadn’t been careful to know orContinue reading “Test of beliefs.”

The U-Turn

The government had previously asked the individual states to buy vaccines from domestic manufacturers or import the shots themselves to inoculate their adults aged below 45 from May 1 onward. Many states floated global tenders to import vaccines but to no avail. Policy was actually seen as a way by the center to subjugate theContinue reading “The U-Turn”

Accelaration/ Retardation

– Khushi.M and Kunjal.G We got a circular today . I opened it hoping that it would be of some event or something but alas! It turned out to be our datesheet for the mid-term exams !  Later that day when I opened my science book to study for the same, I started to smileContinue reading “Accelaration/ Retardation”

‘Volunteering- by choice’

 “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?” Both of us wanted to write about something else, find some other intriguing topic, or at least we tried to. In our country India, with the clicks of the second wave staring right at us, making itself evident every day, we could not depict our ignorance asContinue reading “‘Volunteering- by choice’”

Towards Making The Common People Unique

Dear politicians and candidates, I am a 70-year-old voter. As my hair turns white, and wrinkles begin to form on my face – I have started to realise that each wrinkle means a different perspective of this prospering nation. My wife died 10 years ago. She was a politician. When she was on deathbed herContinue reading “Towards Making The Common People Unique”

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