‘Woman- a citizen and a worker’


  Hey all International Women ‘s day was celebrated yesterday! and celebrated every year on March 8.

While looking up for the past behind this day, we came across a website and found that the International women ‘s day is celebrated for two reasons according to UNGA( cited by Women Watch) one of them primarily being ‘to recognize the fact that securing peace and social progress and the full enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms require the active participation, equality and development of women.’

However there was a time when even celebrating the idea of being a woman, of recognizing woman as a social and a political identity remained grim.


There were other problems in face like transition from Monarchy to Constitutional Monarchy and then a Republic in France, World Wars, and the quench of power. To ask for the rights for a woman, was to merely raise a voice with inflection but which could not deter the status quo of women in the society. That is women being lower than men.


Europe, which boasts today of guaranteeing the most rights of people in its laws, was quite different in the nineteenth century.  This image did not prevail in the nineteenth century perhaps waiting for some realization, protests to change the stillness of no change.


Long working hours, and poor working conditions were problems bemusing themselves in the dark while we saw an advantageous Industrialisation in Europe and America.  Women were betrothed early and expected to run households. In Russia, women were an essential part of the workforce but were paid less than men! Poor working conditions and gender inequality gave the push to women to finally come out in protest!

From France which saw women demanding essential rights denied to them, to garment worker ‘s strike in New York which saw women coming out- women joined a greater narrative. One highlighted their gender of course, but the second intertwined their identity to that with a common person facing struggles.

World War outcomes saw many women taking up the lead. Like in Petrograd, Russia, women came out on the streets and opposed the food shortages caused due to war.

The opposition in Russia was one of the major events behind International Women ‘s day. The opposition to common problems transformed the identity of women and the way we perceive a female ‘s role now!  The world shares an extensive history knitted together by various struggles of common people for better working conditions and better rights.

During the pandemic peak, ASHA workers in our country India played a major role from taking covid tests and ensuring home isolation, to conducting vaccination drives and surveys and holding awareness campaigns. They have been integral in reducing the impact of the first wave of the pandemic. However, the condition of ASHA workers today is deplorable and categorized by irregular pays. A tweak of imagination will unfold the difficulty of facing myths, fears, prejudice, and reluctance by the people in rural areas all in one. This is what ASHA workers do though.

As we celebrate international women ‘s day, we must understand that it not only celebrates a woman and her identity but also takes us into the fights she made for achieving better working conditions and for coming out of problems. One problem beckons our attention now!


Reforming our way.

“Ah mami let me sleep for the last 5 secs!!”, Alia moaned and shook her head as she lifted it upwards. Towards the screen which showed the stained black teams page and the names she had to see everyday.

“ Good morning everyone.” Alia jerked her head upwards. Riya followed suit rubbing her aching head. The bio teacher had arrived. Or opened her laptop, entered the password, logged in on Teams, shook her laptop again (because it will hang), clicked her bio class, and clicked the mic button. To speak “Good Morning”

Biology was the least favourite subject of the class. Teacher could repeat twice or thrice and one could still not get a single thing. A numb feeling of floating in the abyss would cease to do nothing. However, her booming high-pitched syllables (Can~ a~Lic~u~lar you got me students?). wasn’t the reason really there was a pin drop silence. In fact, her tone was almost weary. Almost feverish with old age, and fast with experience and was all the more easily evadable.  It was actually…

Riya looked up at her screen delighted. She quickly typed a reply back. And almost an instant back she received a message. Leo, her best friend, had sent her an important message. A form of satire.  She giggled and typed an emoji back. There she reverted back to the ever old screen, hurriedly finding the page where the teacher was on. She had learnt the tactic.

But no, she was not on some page. She had reverted back to Paint 3D and was drawing a bio diagram. And explaining. What a tactic.

“So, these are called pits as you can see here, which facilitate water transportation. Remember this. This may not be there in your book.”

what won’t be there?

“.. and I can ask you this. You might receive some questions at the end of the class”

A ding. Alia checked her phone. She felt the urge to pick it up again but eventually put it down. Listening ahead, a question formed in her mind. She asked.

“ Um Mam?”


“Can I ask something please?”

“Okay you go ahead”

“Umm you said pits facilitate water transportation in xylem. So, vessels as you have drawn seem to have more no. of pits. Doesn’t it mean there will be more water transportation. Since the holes are more”

“Yes, good observation.” Riya cringed and started typing. 

“- you are correct, Alia. Vessels will do more water transportation. While tracheid will do lesser water transportation”

“Ok mam thank you!” Alia said. A huge smile formed on her face.

She is a bookworm. Riya typed to Leo. She instantly received a reply back. An affirmation, which triggered her to type another message. 

Where does she mug up from? Rote learner. Probably from a bunch of some of the thickest books of all time!

Leo replied back “This is not real learning. She will most probably go to become a doctor. Always mugging up extra things and trying to impress, the bio teacher.” She wanted to reply back. But then it almost felt like she got caught by the teacher. 

“ Ok Riya will tell us, what she observes in the diagram”, The teacher said fearing a pin drop silence again.

“Just a second mam. I am thinking.”

“ What do you observe in the diagram” she asked Leo. No reply. Riya started shuffling her book rapidly. Her mic was on.

“Ok tell me riya what do you understand by the function of Connective tissue.” The teacher asked again.

Ok so there is a paragraph describing the features of connective tissues.

Riya blurted it out. Just like most of the students do.

“Stop stop. I asked you the function of connective tissue. Pretty simple. Such tissues in our body connect. Like blood becomes a medium connecting all organs. Bone for another example”

And you picked up the definition from the book. You didn’t understand or noted a thing that I said”, Her teacher rebuked. In an almost dejected voice.

Riya couldn’t say anything. She fumbled for a reason. Was she rote learning?

Alia stared at the screen. she felt better… after… after all the shaming. 

Alia checked her phone now. She smiled.




I was a lot skeptic to publish this. But when I remembered the times we had activities and history discussion there were complete silences, i was a bit unhappy. There is a notion about Indian schools totally working on rote learning. But well that is changing.( Quite!) Apart from some things, I speak object, and ask during classes as much as possible, to initiate a live discussion. but these days it seems most of the children are just clicking beside their teams window( You know what I mean).

Secondly, those who speak different in classes are regarded as bookworms or something. It is just the way of understanding and expressing things! And I have been bullied and joked that i am a nerd, which however some people say to ignore them is hard to ignore. I hope you guys liked this story. the concept maybe a bit alien. So I had to write this.

A vast bushy tree of mango overhead to pluck from. Shouldn’t we try to pluck out chances to make difference in the prevailing education system? It is not just the teachers….”

Question at the end ” Do you believe reform in both sides? What do you really find faulty?



Test of beliefs.

Imagine someone, some people breaking into your homes. The knocking and greetings dismissed ( wait what?) and  stepping into your home with loaded guns, entering and  opening cupboards and racks for anything gold documents or just anything. They know they will find it. All the documents.  

And if you hadn’t been careful to know or do something , admonishing you with sticks and canes.


Not what we expected right now.

But not that it is not happening today..

Afghanistan – a country in south Asia, our neighbouring country has been overrun by the Taliban. On the day of our 75th Independence Day celebration when our country’s Prime Minister underlined the serious threat of terrorism, later came the news of Taliban, a terrorist organisation, that it had captured Presidential Palace of Afghanistan. It had captured the capital Kabul without resistance.  It has been an utter shock for everyone and the two of us can’t help but mull over it again and again in our thoughts and prayers. 

Kabul has been taken over, and Afghanistan’s name has changed to the Islamic Emirates, with the Taliban even ceremoniously declaring their rule over the state, promising an inclusive open Islamic government. With the Taliban overflowing the country,  emitting threats for security for neighbouring countries as well as world wide nations, foreign ministries of nations will be wrestling and deliberating again over the question – ‘Should the Taliban government be accepted?’  Some fast countries including Russia and China  have already strided one step ahead. International relations are built on ensuring peace, harmony, cooperation and maintaining security as well as addressing concerns in an effective manner. However another aspect, if not less important is providing aid to countries and addressing issues that are important in response to the donor country.  Foreign aid by one government to another can effectively underline its objectives such as combating poverty, health, education as well as terrorism. 

Though it is a partnership between governments and depends upon the nature of undertakings by the two governments it ultimately benefits who?

The people of the place.

Afghanistan was as much our ally than any other. In 1950, a Friendship Treaty was signed between Afghanistan and our country which has continued to expand development projects in Afghanistan including public libraries for people. The hasty troops pullout of The United States has led to the ultimate Taliban takeover,  contradicting the relations it had evolved with  Afghanistan over the past few decades. The previous 20 years  had meant 20 years of fighting for women’s rights. Under The U.S it had been achievable.

I can’t believe the whole world abandoned Afghanistan… Our relatives are gonna get killed”

Today it is the responsibility of all the nations who had affirmed in the past, friendly ties with Afghanistan and its people to really come up to their good means they had meant.  There are horrible pictures from Afghanistan being forwarded on every social platform. People are running frantically, are subdued, or are shut in their homes. Thousands of people can be seen thronging the Kabul Airport and climbing the evacuation aircrafts parked on the taxiway.  The frenzied spirit of the people to evade the Taliban regime just to escape the cruelty in their lives is clearly evident as they dangle off evacuation flights meant for diplomats and Embassy people.

 However it is an even tougher battle for the women.  Not a battle, an end of the matter consequence to be correct. The UNSC affirms that the Taliban says it will ensure the rights of women in the country. We know what that really means.  The rights  would be assured/deleted under the Sharia Islamic law. Under their interpretation women have to drop out of universities and give up their lives they had earlier worked for. Pictures of women without hijab have been vandalised, and they  will have to cover their body and not be allowed to step out of the house. Most likely women will not have any doable representation in the government.  Women won’t have any life, because they won’t have any choice..

“It’s a tragedy and it was completely avoidable…”, Immigration activists.

The fight is and has always been against religious radicalisation and Islamic terrorism, not Muslims. Leaving them to rejoice the future of Afghanistan will be  the worst open mistake we will make in the face of terror. We must ensure an escape for Afghans as well, and open up borders and accept Afghan refugees looking for shelter. Evacuation flights must be sent for the people who wish to escape in capacity. Humanitarian aid must be revamped.  It can still be different from the 1996 time. That is if the world chooses to support the afghans. Actively.

“Biden must protect Afghans amid Humanitarian crisis- Malala….

When I die wrap me in my country ‘s flag.”, an Afghan woman.

“As Afghans take responsibility for their future, the world must stand with them in solidarity and support-  Prime Minister Modi, in 2015”  

Humanity is at its true test.


If you really care about the situation in Afghanistan don’t hesitate to contribute to the protest in your own way, be it through writeups, (like us), joining protests, speaking in social media, art illustration, singing, or basically anything. ✌. We are not the policy makers but support like such brings solidarity. Thank you.

The U-Turn

The government had previously asked the individual states to buy vaccines from domestic manufacturers or import the shots themselves to inoculate their adults aged below 45 from May 1 onward. Many states floated global tenders to import vaccines but to no avail. Policy was actually seen as a way by the center to subjugate the claim that they had granted states their demand. As undulatingly absurd it was to bring such a forced thought in the formulation of an important vaccine policy that can either make or break when India is going through a second wave, with millions of people dying, and with shortages of vaccines on hue, it was absurd to bring in more than 60 million people into the vaccine discourse as well. The vaccines sponsored by the Centre were meant for the bracket of 45 age group, the healthcare and frontline workers. The states or citizens themselves would pay for the vaccination for another 600 million people. Now, the Centre could well off easily put forth orders to the few companies producing vaccines. This thus would prove harmful for states, who made efforts to procure vaccines, to the SII and Bharat Biotech, which had already started operating around the Central Government ‘s orders. Though, a constructive and consistent unfaltering criticism has saved India from drowning completely into shambles. The government announced a change in the old vaccine policy….

This is a similar start for many of the articles. Especially those formulated by critics of the government. When writing this, all was put what has been solely found faulty in the government functioning. Keen on dissemination of problems? Well, we have a couple of those running around laboriously. So, no.

The surge of the second wave was somewhat a result of caveats of all the pillars of importance- judiciary, media, government, opposition. Therefore, during the pandemic, all these institutions must build a transparent contact, and vitalize coordinated ideas, to control the pandemic situation. Constructive criticism must not be mandated as blames, neither blaming be mandated as full criticism. Especially now as the new vaccine policy comes up, as a welcome move, both opposition and central government, the politicians who have an overarching following must not spread unscientific incentives as a cure.

Viral videos offering cow urine, or cow dung smearing on the body are the causes of spreading of the unscience. Religious or some other reason but because of so many people and netas endorsing this idea in their tweets, addresses, this has become an indeed considerable approach for people. These are unscientific ideas that have not been proven anywhere.

Masking up, social distancing, good hygiene is the only scientifically backed incentives. We should not fall for this foe, in the hour of a pandemic which has shown us all what is true and what is untrue. What bleak initiatives could not do, a ghosting pandemic did. But figures show that ultimately the politicians are the major reliable source of information for a large number of people till date, not scientific units!


In the urban areas, we have seen an enthusiastic response towards vaccines. Vaccine slots would be booked quite early, so there is a spirit of amicable competition among the people to get themselves vaccinated. Not so in villages. A resident said that there is no dearth of vaccines here, but people are scared that they will fall sick and lose their daily earnings. Some villagers deem themselves healthy and fit against the virus. Is this a calloused attempt to show their contempt against vaccines? With a span of years, in the rural areas, many unscientific beliefs such as the fact that cow dung can help them fight against COVID have developed, often due to factors including religious sensitivities etc. In the past and recent present netas (leaders) dissuade the voting masses in line with their wrong beliefs, without taking efforts to change them, for their electoral purposes. Such has provided strength, to ignorance, that we can see a perception amongst the many villagers who believe that their immune system is very strong, and the virus cannot cause any harm to them. Also, as the vaccination campaigns took up pace and the government introduced ambitious steps towards inoculation, there was not a natural enthusiasm amongst the villagers, as citizens, to reap bountiful benefits of government schemes. Instead, as we can see now, there is a common question wondered by all villagers

– Illustrated by Khushi.M and Kunjal.G

                                           ‘Will COVID vaccines kill or make me impotent?’

How do we answer such a simple yet perplexing question for us? We need to understand that these people in villages are not challenging the medical science, or the quality, sufficient evidence regarding vaccines. There is an underlying fear, one which took years to conceptualise. There are a lot to think they might die after taking the jab or a lot thinking that inferior quality vaccines are being sent in villages while good quality vaccines are being given among urban masses. There is a long period that led to the conceptualisation for this kind of mistrust towards the government. 

Therefore, public institutions need to be transparent with these people. We cannot force them to get a jab and poof! but can localise examples from their own villages to look up to. Local authorities in Bihar have been offering villagers home appliances such as fridges and fans and even gold coins as incentives to boost the vaccination turnout. And what better if communities can step up. In Meghalaya religious figures have started spreading awareness on the same and people will follow them

Addressing vaccine hesitancy in rural areas, would also require the government and health officials to be patient with them and understand their fears. Also, an analysation of the responses can tell that awareness programmes must be engaging not ceremonial! The villages and their people must feel important, and that their views matter, away from the perception that these communities are easily exploitable. We must at last, ensure honesty with them, because as we can see no one fancies lies and manipulations. We must truly treat them as citizens of India whose views matter in policy building. 

And last question to all our dear politicians. Why not do robust nationalism on vaccination as well? Is it too much to hope now again?

W – Will (No one forces you to get vaccinated you must step out according to your own will. But think of the pandemic. Keeping mind that at a time when no one is sure of when the pandemic will end every person who gets vaccinated helps us move closer to the normal life)

I – Instant (On their own the vaccines will not shorten the pandemic; they will affect only once communities receive them. Immediate inoculation = Faster recovery) 

N – no delays (Some people are still waiting for more people to get vaccinated but they forget that waiting too long to be vaccinated allows the sneaky virus to continue hello-ing in the community. The Delta guy remember!!?)

Coring the WIN agenda to not just elections or to one ideology but sparing some time for vaccination may actually save your dear time managing statistics and the no. of deaths. It will actually help to get a quicker shorter smoother victory. A normalisation of hopes, elections. And most importantly it will save




~ DuoDisseminators

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Accelaration/ Retardation

– Khushi.M and Kunjal.G

We got a circular today . I opened it hoping that it would be of some event or something but alas! It turned out to be our datesheet for the mid-term exams ! 

Later that day when I opened my science book to study for the same, I started to smile . My mom entered the room and looked here and there perhaps in an attempt to find the thing that could make a person like me smile.

So I picked up the article  lying near my bed with the headline 

“ COVID – 19 the evaluation of all “ 

I think my mom didn’t get the reason even then because she looked at me with a confused expression. 

You see, since my past 9 years in school I have never been a big fan of assessments (none of us is) but this time there was an undisguised  proof that there are so many tests throughout life.

This year every person- be it politicians, decision makers, parents, and even labourers have  given a test. It gives a sense of relief that students are not alone in giving examinations because now I know that we are being graded at every stage of our life. 

The difference is  in school we are graded only by teachers but in life there is never a limitation on who has the permission to judge us. Each of us are being scored every second, every minute everywhere. In fact when any of you read this, you will even form an opinion on what has been written.

This year, some countries barely passed it to procure  control over the spread, and there was an early celebration. 

We can very well blame the authorities but we can’t hide the every person who didn’t follow the instructions or the protocols like the back benchers in the class who usually disturb the peace and quiet and who take disregard of  the teacher’s each and every statement. 

Also As always there are plenty of people who judge who condemn but only a handful of us who actually step forward. 

And this time, there is a need of the people to follow instructions. Opposite from the perception of an upthrust desire of unruly opposition to them.

We need those who do give their raw needed opinions and make the public duly  aware of the caveats , who criticize , but those who especially step forward to control the spread of the pandemic as well. Be it in their own ways and beliefs.

Why am I emphasising on the word ‘NEED’? We are in a bit of shortage

Back to my exams, we have the chapter motion in our syllabus, where we learnt about acceleration and retardation. 

Acceleration is the change in velocity according to time right?

And retardation is nothing but acceleration with a negative sign. 

Apparently life is indeed an application of what we learn in school.

Because it turns out that in reality also there are two types of people who bring changes in situations ( velocity )  according to time .

Type 1 : Those who are involved in quickening the process of improvement and change (acceleration) 

Type 2 : Those who are involved in delaying or slowing the process of improvement   In other words people with a negative sign ( retardation ) 

I am not classifying you as type one or type two. That is for your take, and only on you.

But again Acceleration? Or Retardation

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock ………….  Time is up. Chapter revised.

-Khushi. M



‘Volunteering- by choice’

 “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?”

– Khushi.M and Kunjal.G

Both of us wanted to write about something else, find some other intriguing topic, or at least we tried to. In our country India, with the clicks of the second wave staring right at us, making itself evident every day, we could not depict our ignorance as we write. We write about some people, who deserve appreciation, however little or unreachable to them!

So, let us first reflect reality. Which is very important, because we cannot delusion into an exciting panorama of words. During the second wave, with more and more people losing their lives, and whole families being affected, there is hesitation to go near the body or carry the last rites of the person. Some are aggrieved by the high transport costs that ambulances are charging, looting away their money. Many are angry at the breakdown of the system, and the skyrocketing money they need to pay, to not lose someone. Turmoil is big, the situation is definitely severe, and yes, there is much more learning to be taken from this whole pandemic.

Certain people, despite being affected in a similar magnitude or worse, are emerging to undertake actions and helping families, to their capacity. If you take a look at the no. of recovered patients, they are an outcome of unhidden efforts however frail and failed, made by certain people to provide for instance to help the person get himself a hospital bed, or just arrange an oxygen cylinder, cremate body of persons, or simply provide meals.

But sometimes, the volunteers are not able to do so. The simple text message of a kin informing them about the demise, even though supplemented by a small ‘thank you’ must produce unbearable anguish. It was a wonder to both of us, how could they not cry all the time. Maybe, they just knew what their job was and what they had committed themselves to… They are the ones who do not seek credit. These are our volunteers. Volunteering by choice.

When we all are just completely indoors the only way to connect with people is via phones and social media.

“There is so much information, but so little information that holds value”, said a social media influencer. It is true that there have been hundreds of numbers and links shared on WhatsApp and Instagram groups. But how many are valid? 

Imagine trying numbers one by one associated with help but finding them ‘Busy’ or just useless. Nonetheless, the volunteers in social media are working to trace reliable information and contact patients who contacted them. Yes, they may not have taken the Hippocratic Oath, but they are ready to serve the people at odd hours even!

The same social media which earlier was considered as an affliction has also helped save lives to some extent via SOS calls, teleconsultation, and moderation to connect patients with medical supplies.

Apart from the ‘ online warriors ‘ several people are emerging engaging in last rite activities of the dead patients. Each of our religions and faiths have their own set of rituals, invoking a sensory belief that the person, who has died, should be cremated keeping in mind the beliefs and culture. But the lethal wave in our country has brought all people to the common ground, the situation is restraining them to perform even the last rites of the person. 

“”We are doing it for… mankind, for humanity. That’s all”

While such phrases hardly shake up any reality of sorts, hearing them from people, who are actually confronting a humanitarian crisis, they get a greater meaning. 

These people are attending the distressful calls of people and with the same hand, are forced to decline too. What can be the worst? 

But all the more, the realisation that it brought to both of us, was that people were stepping for each other, overarching all lines, be it through cheerful acts like adoptions or maybe as sad sounding as cremations and burials.

There is a group of Hindu, Muslim and Christian volunteers called ‘Mercy Angels’ in Bangalore, Karnataka who are providing support to poor families to help them transport bodies for cremations. They themselves prepare graves and perform last prayers according to the religious custom. People from different religious lines are teaming up to work across religious lines. 

And somehow, from reading about volunteers and Adoption NGOs and families, respite from this realisation, we could not shake away this thought, even if it lasts for only sometime.

Different volunteering groups are emerging sometimes, tapping into the skills of the members. Most of all, one does not need to accord to some ‘check- list’ to be a volunteer. The only requirement will be that you actually want to do what you are doing. And sometimes it amounts to just a little effort! Our senior members, are organising sweet musical and bhajan sessions, bringing jolly and gay. Even children are using the crocodile tears technique to keep our fidgeting parents under control. For them of course!!

Overall, people are stepping up when now they cannot possibly rely on the elected folks. These are our silent workers– our volunteers and doctors. They do not complain, they just do it. As for whom? They would say for Humanity.


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Towards Making The Common People Unique

Dear politicians and candidates,

I am a 70-year-old voter. As my hair turns white, and wrinkles begin to form on my face – I have started to realise that each wrinkle means a different perspective of this prospering nation. My wife died 10 years ago. She was a politician. When she was on deathbed her last words put a responsibility on my shoulders to ensure that her position would not be misused after she died. She had witnessed her near and dear politician colleagues falling into the trap of corruption, but she always emphasized that there were many aspiring and progressive politicians as well. She often complained “not all politicians are the same”. She was very disturbed by the wrong image formed in the people’s minds, and the trust that the citizens keep losing in their leaders. I ask you 10 years later, has anything changed? Have you changed? 

It is true that  playing a game of words, you sway voters and the common people with your sheer empty promises, and when you get elected to the seat you may or may not efficiently work to look up to all of them.

The future of the whole country lies in your hands. You all are our leaders, symbols of hope, listeners of the impoverished, and helping hands to the traumatised.

The public anticipates that you will do the quality of work, which may not have been done there through years.

You influence and light up the hopes of many of your supporters. 

However, our hope has now wilted: today ‘s scenario delineates how the good gets easily overpowered by the corrupt and evil. Although the world has seen arrogant, unscrupulous politicians there have also been great visionaries like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama who despite travelling a common political journey with political misfits, had a common struggle to find a prominent position, to voice their ideas. Yes, they struggled but they preserved their faithfulness to their aspirations to some extent and succeeded in making a change they had envisioned.

Politics is thus, not about forgetting the golden aspirations you once had before entering politics, moulding yourself to a changing set of circumstances, and then ultimately taking “convenient” routes of corruption, hypocrisy thereafter.

Politics is a medium to initiate change. I wonder whether politicians and officers took their posts to bring a change or to be changed? Back then when I turned 18, I was so excited to give a vote in the elections. But now as the years pass by, I have seen that elections no longer produce the same appeal among our hearts, no longer mean a sense of pride and responsibility that this time we would make a better choice. Some have even lost hope that any politician, be it of the ruling or the opposition will listen to us, once got elected. “All politicians are the same” people say.

“They play politics, we just have to vote for a bit better one”, a shared feeling among many voters.

“So, do people of this generation need to feel more confident in their representatives?”

This is a question that perchance only you can answer best We have seen more than once the discontent of people and even the frustration of leaders. Having had a companion of the same profession, I now realised why this happens – our lack of acceptance towards dissent.

But, being a representative is not just about enforcing your aspirations, is it?

It is like having vowed yourself in a wedlock to a job, where you will have to get used to dissent, protests, defamation against you. But  when you, politicians  will actually  connect to people like a listener, and understand their uncertainties, no sooner people’s fear will soon diminish, and trust will refinish. 

The nation necessitates a leader who talks on substantive issues. Who talks about ‘their’ issues? Not ‘world class issues’, but the most important ones that affect them severely like gender inequality, poverty and many more.

So, even if the leaders address masses of people, standing on a higher stage  and overlook the people in height, they should not  overlook the uncertainties. Rather they should listen to the people in any possible way; be it dissent or acceptance. After all in independent India and all democracies around the globe, an individual is called to be the most important person of the country, right?

Now, there is an urgency , to switch to the idea of ‘by the people for the people and with the people’, be it an easy or hard walk. It is not late. The aam janta (common people) has always been dealt with as ‘common’, why not make them feel unique by taking note of what they seek?

We do not ask you to be fluent, we do not require you beautifully dressed, we just desire a charismatic, self-regulated, confident representative.

In the coming elections and thereafter too,  I can just hope that the politicians and leaders become a compass for the drooped  hopes and desires of the aam janta!

                                                                                    ~ An optimistic voter