‘Voting~ a short story’

Hey everyone this is Kunjal here!! Now you must be wondering looking at the illustration above, what is the post upto? State elections in India are around the corner.( Even if they aren’t, preparations are on full bloom. It feels they are.) Uhem so let us begin. I have often been attracted by the manifestationContinue reading “‘Voting~ a short story’”

” Not fair!..”

‘Sahab, do you also want a bun?’, the old lady asked. Leo looked at his chai cup and affirmed ‘ yes that will be good’.  ‘Our maggi will  be ready in 5 mins or so’, Leo said as he sat down beside Tarun who was going through his phone. Leo turned his seat to theContinue reading “” Not fair!..””

‘What if no one gets it?’

Part 1 Part 2: They steered themselves upward to the hidden location which Leo was excited to show Tarun. Lansdowne was all about steering and pushing up to reveal pretty panoramic views. And there as they stepped on the cliff, whiffs of air started blowing around their heads.  The air waves became loftier and heavierContinue reading “‘What if no one gets it?’”

The single story challenge

RULES Thank the person who nominated you. We were nominated by two people. Filarance and Jan. They have amazing blogs. Filarance post really cool riddles and poems and Jan writes really good poems with self designed pics! Do check out their blogs! Write 5 single line stories that fall under any of these genres (youContinue reading “The single story challenge”

‘How much will you run away?’

Hey guys ! We are here with a SERIES of a story this time ….. One that explores the different aspects of life and the impact of nature and poetry. This work is towards combining both poems and story to spread our bigger idea behind it all. Hope you all like it! ‘Come, take aContinue reading “‘How much will you run away?’”


hello everyone! we both love reading books and today we will be doing the currently reading book tag that has really good questions! We were “kinda” tagged for this by Nehal @nehal says. Its our very first tag😄 on this blog.!! hope you all like it!!!!!!!!😃 So let us get started with the questions! theContinue reading “THE CURRENTLY READING BOOK TAG”


So yesterday, after having our dinner, we decided to go out for a drive around 9:30-10ish . We were on the highway when we saw this man on a bike. The man had a balloon twisted animal hung at his back. And that balloon animal was the only colourful thing there was in the darkContinue reading “‘GRATEFULLNESS…. Anyone??’”

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