‘ A New Look!’

Hello everyone, Duo Disseminators is proud to unravel the new look to our website. We changed the old theme because it lacked clarity to present what we wanted to convey, moreover some elements that Hever theme provided looked redundant.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Perhaps we were also unsatisfied due to the lack of views in the website. Honestly, who would want a to visit a depressing website despite whatever posts it contains! So, we hope you liked this new look! Tell us what you feel in the comments!!!


‘Eyeing through the lens’

Yes we'll walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
And we'll go where the chalk-white arrows go,
For the children, they mark, and the children, they know
The place where the sidewalk ends.
~Where the Sidewalk ends


Past few months seem like a kaleidoscope 

             There have been great times, many events and fun

             But felt distant from self, as multitasking we coped

             Many hobbies ignored, some friendships slowed.

 Claiming victories, biting sorrows,

            Pinching out a grin to that amazing joke,

            Rising sea, receding sea,

            Receding slowly- back to the same shore.

  The waves of change do bring a shock

              When we choose to take a stand        

             Or succumb to be part of the flock? 

             Ah ! But slowly time must answer back.

 Half a day goes in the abode

Geegaws and mischief makers prance across,

Mulling about the changes alone,

Or are we the odd sheep in the flock?

   But isn’t it ‘’now’ that we create memories 

          Failures, and mistakes sure a part

             But something later to be cherished

             Will be the good old days close to heart 

  Her peeking in, till you have to sigh,

 Giving in to her bated eyes,

 Laughing till the skull cries,

  Farce culminated with a sweet lie.

   Carefree as we roam around

              Innocence deep inside

              Acting like an open book

              Having too much weight to hide.

  P’rhaps they are more troubled

             When they choose to walk alone,

           Or Perhaps we youth  are,

            Just a complex mystery -always unknown

` ~Bolded Paras- Khushi.M

Lighter Paras- Kunjal.G


P.S Hope you are doing well. This is a post after 9 days.( A long break from a rigorous posting schedule!) Hope you like it!😃

‘An elephant can’t walk alone..’

An elephant can’t walk alone. It has to walk with its herd’


I look out as the melody of the day starts.  Plethora of people will come and truly many will touch me but end up pricking me. They will try to harm my soul, the only part of me retired from the rest of the world.  Yet I know I will have to face them without giving an inch of my feelings to them. As I look at those people while standing in this mess and sliminess, I realise that I cannot even sit, and heave a breath of relief or fear. Petals of flowers adorn my face, the only aspect beautiful and yet. I want those people, some people, one person- to look at my legs, at my fleshy skin protruding out, the red ring of circles and the deep blows. And understand that these fat legs are about to give up. Perhaps someday they will. I deeply care for those tender moments I still remember. They encompass a staggered wearing love, warmth of which is gradually fading out.  The lone tree visible from this shed has lost many of  its green leaves.Mahouts pass it day in and day out without giving the water it quivers for. I hope that Ella is still waiting for me under the tree. The one with rosy green leaves and red juicy apples. Yet I am losing on these fragments. Just like the tree in front of me is gradually withering. I care for my soul. What do I have to live for, if I lose it as well?

*This has been penned keeping in mind the state of Joymala an elephant being subjected to abuse in Southern India. His skin is twisted with pliers to make him obey.. Its sad and painful.. I always think what Joymala has in mind..

Penned for W3 Prompt -19



‘How is life going?’

Generally, we tend to go over those posts that talk about life.. how life is.. how life has been. One may feel like the person is penning an obituary for his/her blog. (Obviously not us )

We are going through what will be some major exams, based on a pattern in which our brothers passed their grade 10th( Which means extra long answers and less MCQs). This not a reflection of our constant complaining, perhaps it is what is coming out these days.

Tension, monotony, realization, mistakes they all seem to be a part of the cycle of life don’t they? Well right now, we are staring at those emotions in their rawest form.

So we just both want to ask What about you? If schools are hard then workplaces are harder. College may give someone constant anxiety considering you have to come across so many people( and seniors). How is life treating you?