Hey guys Khushi here. A short poem penned by me, on what does being on battlefield truly mean for a soldier.


I could hear the firing guns,
I could hear the tanks approaching,
As my comrades screamed in pain
I could see the army encroaching,

I may be wrong
But I think I saw a hint of uneasiness in his eyes
As he shot a soldier 
And I think I  heard a sigh

How vague this was, I  thought 
As I  stood posted on a border  of my nation
Killing ruthlessly our counterparts 
With the excuse of  protecting our people- harming our own civilization 

Amidst the gunshots I  began to think
Of the cruelty that replaced humanity, 
Of the hatred filling our loveless hearts,
Of the desires overpowering harmony

Alas! A bullet struck  me 
I fell down on the ground 
Fell defeated not because I was unarmed,
Why, I let these simple questions to flicker on. 
                                                            ~ Khushi.M                                                                                                            


~ DuoDisseminators