A Stormy Night by Kunjal Gupta

Story published by masticadoresindia.

Chewers & Masticadores // Editora: Nolcha Fox

The dark, night scene of a storm and a road intersection

The night was cold and torrid winds blew kissing the roofs of all the houses in the colony. Ramu kaka’s little paan shop faced the road which veiled itself into darkness as it entered the ‘AMAR COLONY’. He shook his head and stretched his face up in a grimace. The LED bulbs were flickering, more often than not leaving the shop in complete darkness. Lightning trudged up in the sky. Ramu Kaka’s grimace in its light appeared like a sad smile. He took breaks by instinct, to observe the prevailing darkness and silence, and cleaned his sweat and went on back to work. The perfect silence was blurred by the occasional howls of dogs and cats and screeches and whispers. But as he stood upon the frail stool, balancing himself and his screwdriver, and his brows shot up, it appeared that none of the disturbances mattered more to Ramu Kaka…

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