A break, you say?

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Hey guys,This is our final day of vacation, and looking back at the last month it was filled with ups and downs.

In my case I’ve seen a slight change in the behaviour of my friends and myself as well, maybe because we were given free time , a break from the normal schedule to explore ourselves and think of our choices .  

I just got back from a trip yesterday, and I honestly feel like a new person.A week ago, when I was told to start packing for our trip, I was passive ( being the lazy person I am ) but it turns out a break can be quite the game changer.

More often than not life treats us monotonously, same old schedule, studies, and anxiety. But to think of it, even our daily routines yearn for change. And change doesn’t always mean travelling, it just means doing something different. Meeting friends, trying a new hobby, exploring a different genre, anything. 

In my case, following the same schedule for many days was getting exhausting and literally leading nowhere, and at that moment what was needed was not more tension but time to rejuvenate.

The two of us are students, and yes we do have boards this year, and olympiads and exams, I mean the list of things that hangs over our heads could go on, but that’s what I tell my dear co-blogger/friend Kunjal that we all need a break. No one can be expected to become a robot and follow the same pattern every day.All of us need a break, an adventure, a change from our routines, that doesn’t mean getting deviated from our goals, that just means even more clarity of your ambitions.

 To just sit and relax and think can allow you to travel places you’ve never been to, and witness things you’ve never seen. Perhaps this was the point of vacations.

I found these lines I had penned down earlier quite apt

”  The day is coming to an end

 Still nothing have I done 

 But as nothingness crepts in 

Into the mysteries of life I run ”

Well people, that’s that. Our last maybe second-last post before school reopens. I wasn’t really looking up to summer vacations this year, but seeing the effect “nothingness ” can have has made me question my own opinion. 

Until next time ……..! 

Khushi (DuoDisseminators)

 P.s – This is not a self-help post, just simple views of a teenager