‘Take on Time~

Hello this is Kunjal. Right now we are giving exams. It is a 30 marks paper and we are given 1 hour. However the questions sometimes, demand too lengthy answers. One has to plan and think and also not think too much and write.

In History/ Civics and Geography we have to remember what points the teacher told us to write and how did she tell us to write. At the same time the neatness must be maintained.

Time is scarce and we need to tread well. Words must flow fast! Stopping at a standstill is dangerous.

A Limerick written for Britta ‘s challenge on theme Time

Exam and Time

Time running out of hands,

Motions to firm the grasp of hand.

Pen trying oft to write purpose.

Grinds a hill and inks too much.

Time stranding me- us on an island.

With Wheels of Time

Second entry by Khushi:

The loved one’s whispers,

The old friend’s secrets

Parent’s scoldings 

And sibling’s fights 

All but memories now.

Memories of a lost time


(Khushi.M and Kunjal.G)