‘A Lullaby~

Sleep oh baby sleep now awhile,
Remove the fears, 'morrow is far.
Count the sheep, think least for awhile,
Rest for sun sets if it arrives.

The sun doesn’t gleam and it doesn't shine-
All  time and finds a bed to lie,
It sends the moon for awhile which,
Marvels innocently in sun 's light

Sleep oh baby sleep now awhile,
Be the innocent moon tonight
Think naught, for there is given time
To rise and shine in blazing white light.

A poem by Kunjal Gupta


Published by Duo Disseminators

Two teenagers who could enthrall you with their deep thoughts,stories,opinions about greater problems that teens are meant to stay away from:) Do take a peek in. and stay if you are ready for a ride..🎢

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