‘Journey or Destination?

Sometimes all we need is reminders. Here is one more~


It isn’t about the destination,

But the journey instead

Cause the destination is still unknown

Even if we think we know it.


 Where are we going? 

Step over the stones,

Travelers we are on 

Paths none goes 


A big labyrinth

Different choices,

Flowery tracks,

Disguising prickles.


With highs and lows,

Carrying friends and foes

Let’s relish this ignorance

Yet life dictated  by its own goals


When  we reach  the end

And the  bridge stops dancing,

And the threatening waves are left behind.

Here it is all.

Our stories of glory.

Shaped in objects.


Life is more about the journey, 

Tis ‘a chance to savor each moment.

Cause the destination is a dead end,

Let’s wish to start a journey instead…

~Written By: Khushi. M