‘The Game( Ft Duo and Veera)

Hi all!! we two our back this time with our first collab. This is a collab with veera who writes really cool poems!Please check out his post we have linked it to! Cyrnomia is a wonderful delicate sonnet!

Now the game which we will bring about is the game which we all play. Everyday. More often we reflect than not! Some say we are the players in the game. But often we feel like we are being pushed and smacked by imaginary walls like a ball in the arena which is not a good feeling… This will be a dark thrilling poem and may unravel some feelings, which are worked upon by us to be buried.


Each day.




‘ The Game’

It’s a game that shall long be played,

Some fun jabs, and a few laughs.

But our Costumes shall be ruined alas!

Our efforts must not go in vain.


Bull fights, Fisticuffs, slews of curse,

Everything is prone to damage tad.

There is no ambit, only another fad.

Ending up at the correct side works.


There exists but one rule,

Once you enter the bout,

You can ne’er back out,

So beware, feckless fools!


But then again, there exist none

Fool enough to participate,

‘Tis not will, but inevitable fate

which none shall outrun”


So, stop the questions -the mow,

Befuddled moments, always in play,

Find your answers- in quests to gain

Or carry the burden- in brunt of throes.


We’ll need to be, in this maze

Fearless brave and bold,

For await mysteries untold,

Prepare to be amazed!


Mysteries befuddle and choices cost,

Victories and losses arrive in succession,

With momentum arrive abrasions

Carving your face utmost.


So beware, you unfortunate

Forced into a world

Whose secrets, when unfurl

Shall invoke terrible spate.

2)Walking by a seamless river,

Flowing without work

Stones Rolling as we hurl,

Lots of chapters to cover..


The mist of the eerie doom,

The dark clouds of uncertainty,

The perplexity inadvertently

The sadness, the woe the gloom..


A storm brewing upwards,

Cold trembles- a dementor ‘s kiss

Red eyes from the mist,

Eyes amuse at their pieces straggled.


The silent blue on side now loud thudding

Overlapping of opinions

Conflicted contradictions

The calm of thoughts, now flooding.


Floods… the silent blue trets

Jerks around chanting the name,

Name being sanctioned, holy rain!

I need an umbrella from being wet.


I lurk around in a hope to find

Someone something

A reason a calling

To make me stay behind.


But ‘Shhhhhh’, to never accuse,

To remember the rules ‘‘you feckless fools’’,

If my doubts become too difficult to mute..

“carry the burden”- the never ending muse.


3) Trapped in a hellish, tenebrous realm,

Searching tirelessly for an exit,

Ripped apart from within, bit by bit,

By endless suffering overwhelmed.


Wishing, every moment, a painless death,

While knowing ’tis a distant dream

Yet even amidst dark,a weak gleam

Of hope,fuels every miserable breath.


No joy to cherish,

No family or friends to meet,

No love to pursue nor seek,

As I slowly perish.


Unimaginable torture

Plaguing not body-but mind,

Eternal damnation, you find

Is of unbearable nature.


But this one game, this one life

A desire to truly live, Hidden yet there

In this arena, what others do is stare

As you and yourself strife


Challenges many,

Yet desire one,

Satisfaction of wants undone

To find comfort, if any.


This hellish field,

This infernal game,

But silently, untamed,

Munitions you wield..


Armed not of bullets, nor guns,

These attacks of thoughts, and judgement.

Turned into own achievement,

As alone I fight against millions..

‘The end.’



22 thoughts on “‘The Game( Ft Duo and Veera)

  1. Omgggg I LOVED THESE! Yes, Veera from Forgers Of Fantasy does write stunning poems and so do the too of you so the collab was PERFECT! Purfecct! Loved both the poems!

    “Shall invoke terrible spate.”
    I like that line. It sounds NICE.

    “Searching tirelessly for an exit,
    Ripped apart from within, bit by bit,”

    And these lines are just ✨✨


    Liked by 2 people

      1. You are welcome.
        Haha yep. I feel like saying that when people comment on my blog saying something like “Amazing post, loved it.”
        I legit feel like saying…”Amazing comment as well, loved reading it”
        Lol. Cause the comments are always so sweeet!

        Liked by 2 people

    1. ‘There is no ambit, only another fad.’
      A game meant to be brutal to bring out two categories:winners and losers.. when we all are essentially just players who are bound to make mistakes!
      True thought riya! Thanks for reading 😃

      Liked by 1 person

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