For the Love of His County

Politically poetic war in Ukraine. Petition.

Politically Poetic

Dear readers, please sign a petition for NATO to close the airspace over Ukraine. Your signature can make a difference. Don’t be a Bystander. THANK YOU!


Cold misty night under heavy bombardment 
On guard as shells get close
Feet strong on the ground but a trembling heart
Cold sweat under the soldier’s clothes.
      Fireballs of exploding missiles 
      Glowing in the dark like a beacon of fear
      Roaring like awoken and fire-belching devil 
      Claiming lives, claiming souls – it’s a war. 
Holding Kalashnikov close to his heart
Stumbled in a dust cloud and a missile crater
Soldier fights for the love of his country and freedom
With a boy fighting for Vlad out of fear.

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Published by Duo Disseminators

Two teenagers who could enthrall you with their deep thoughts,stories,opinions about greater problems that teens are meant to stay away from:) Do take a peek in. and stay if you are ready for a ride..🎢

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