‘ Family and we’

7 Unexpected Benefits of Eating Together as a Family, According to Science  | Parents

But young and old again met again,
On Meals per night- embroiling us safer.

Hello guys this is Kunjal. I had written this piece before overtaken by certain whims and emotions.! do tell me your opinion about this one



Every room, I allude now , in my passing thoughts.
Some scent and cries never go worn
For first our little heads were raised, and worked on,
And our backs were held high on low grounds.
Each frail shoulder we held from being torn.
But sometimes, the knot did go wrong.

To learn, We love, We learnt to detach.
Preparation for every summer.
Every summer, when we bade to each other.
Summers – when we pursued our life matters.
But young and old again met again,
On Meals per night- making us safer.

Surpassed the summers- the winter.
Cold dry heavy thick winds
Dark unamusing, confrontational splinters.
‘Claims’ and hands clamping loudly , a wince.
Sometimes the knot did go wrong.
Though the listeners remained the same- no choice ever.

we fought, we toiled again
We reworked.
Many times against challenges.
Sometimes within us.
We were a part of a family.
Simply, we were chained for better or worse.

A galaxy holds both light and dark matter,
This is true, but in
Every struggle we had felt our loss more than an awaiting ‘better’
Because it always came as a surprise.
A quite sudden twist – an unwelcome knot.
A wrenching pain in the back,
A thrust, a pull , waging wars.. Shrill cries..
And (Nd) more adjectives are coming.
Is this repeating again, now?



Written By: Kunjal Gupta

Duo Disseminators

We are put to test again and again. Let ‘s see if we pass this one’

IMAGE CREDITS: https://www.parents.com/recipes/tips/unexpected-benefits-of-eating-together-as-a-family-according-to-science/

Oh and by the way guys the Duo Disseminators wishes our Indian readers a very Happy Republic Day! To know more about one of the many struggles to independence read one of our posts here.

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