For the Love of His County

Politically poetic war in Ukraine. Petition.

Grounds For Hope

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Cold misty night under heavy bombardment 
On guard as shells get close
Feet strong on the ground but a trembling heart
Cold sweat under the soldier’s clothes.
      Fireballs of exploding missiles 
      Glowing in the dark like a beacon of fear
      Roaring like awoken and fire-belching devil 
      Claiming lives, claiming souls – it’s a war. 
Holding Kalashnikov close to his heart
Stumbled in a dust cloud and a missile crater
Soldier fights for the love of his country and freedom
With a boy fighting for Vlad out of fear.

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‘Running- a short story’

   hey this is kunjal.

Another attempt to write.

Not sure if it’s good. But would love to chat with you in the comments.🙂   .



. ‘Running’

There once lived a princess in a beautiful palace. The palace towered over the entire town and its red domes teared through the sky reflecting light everywhere but on its own. The palace belonged to the ruling family of Mysore that is the Wodiyars. The eleven year old  princess was never happy unlike everyone who visited or stayed in the palace. She was consumed in an undefinable sadness and gloom, but it was not a mystery to be unraveled for many. No one knew she was unhappy. Her father, her mother told, never wished to have a daughter… And she often felt some lingering disappointment whenever she caught him glancing at her.


She remembered the celebrations of Dasara. The whole town had lit up in joy and happiness. Her father ‘s court was highly entertained. There was an act of magic performed by a father and a son. It was very good and entertaining, and she had even clapped for their performance. The son had winked at her and she had giggled. The son’s father had patted his head and with arms around his shoulder proceeded out of the court with gold coins. She remembered her long stare of envy.


Shades of dismay did come with delight. But they were momentary and when they passed, she was left alone with her self-inflicting thoughts.. Wealth didn’t satisfy her, even if it made her feel pleasant for sometime. She wanted to go out and do things. And the idea of not doing them again brought wings of sadness into her.


There was an intruder though who always took space in her thoughts…. For instance, while she was eating her breakfast, deep in thought and took up her cloth to tap her mouth, there it was. A message sprawled on the cloth.

                           ‘Don’t be sad’

She turned her chair to the curtains which were blowing as the wind was open. Her father raised his brow at her. She started eating, filled with thought.

Again, it happened. While she was in her room, marveling at the thought of the busy markets, while her mother braided her hair, she saw a message on her comb.

               ‘ Don’t think too much’

It happened many times. And at odd places. She always saw the messages and her sad thoughts disappeared the moment she read them. One time she saw a funny message  which said


‘Don’t wish too much’

 She began to suspect that there was an intruder who observed her and became excited at the thought. It somehow felt that those messages kept up fire of hope lit inside herself despite the dreariness of the caged palace.


 But once she was too sad. Grief had overpowered her as it never usually did and threatened tears out of her eyes. She had heard her father and mother shouting at each other. And the subject was she, initiated by her father.


The itching was long. The pain was immense. She felt she could never impress upon her parents. Her mother spoke of business, her dress, her jewelry and princes of which she performed with utmost obedience… Now they wanted her married off to a prince, the subject of their discussion being the richer groom! They never had emotions which attached them to her.

And maybe neither did she..

 Her feet trudged and slipped to the top of the tower and at last she reached the opening of the endless spiral.

The fresh air greeted her and wrapped around her. She felt its strong hold, and she was too weak to gather power..

And she finally did what no room in the chambers of the palace could provide for. She cried… tears rang in the air. She wished for the intruder to show up again… With another message.. Before she even finished her thought, she saw a message in little hand, on the bottom of her handkerchief. It said

                                ‘Don’t jump’

‘But what if I do it?’, she asked herself. Afterall, the messages knew exactly what happened in her mind.


‘But what if I do it?’, she again repeated as she walked forward. Her silken blue gown trudged behind, like water receding from the shore. The little eyes, now dried, peered again at the handkerchief. But she found it completely blank this time. There wasn’t any intruder. There was no wish inside her to see the message again. To correct the wrong thoughts, the wrongdoings,to feel unhappy. Wasn’t it bad to feel weak? Wasn’t what her father always said in his little rhyme to her;

Mental and physical;

Emotional and unbent,

It is strength which keeps you going,

When you feel you can grown no more,

God promised you for growth

For light of the day,

And the dark of the day

The strength is you.


– The little girl ‘s imagination had played with her mind. There was no intruder.. No one who cared to intrude..

And it was completely settled then. She jumped. The silken fabric left the floor.


    The sky grew dark,

              The stars pound to mark’

     The feeble light I remember,

Eyes closed forever..





. Let ‘s chat in the comments. Did you like the short story?

~ Kunjal Gupta


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‘Who are you?~~’

Who are you? 

Is your name which truly defines you?

Your looks are sufficient to determine character.

Is it your profession that speaks for yourself? 

Dresses and curves are the true factors. 


Is it a lifestyle representing  all pigments of your nature?

Your marks in tests  say who you truly are.

Are Different religions a symbol of your belief?

Your language is a demonstrator of scars.


While we all try to make sense of others

And judge and see what others do

Is it  important to start our journey into ourselves?

In this world only, who are you?

Written By: Khushi M

Hello guys how are your lives treating each one of you. so this poem is full of these ‘?’ marks. But the questions may be rhetorical too😉. Tell us what you think of this poem.

Andd an added question among our teenage readers ( just one last question!)

are anyone of you having exams? Boards, exams, periodics, assessments, whatever you call it, anyone?

See you all in our next post


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‘Glory or gory?’

He is successful and desired.
Ignored times -skewed  in  italics,
The gleaming face had once perspired,
Smile behind a mask of wrinkles

And she is successful and pretty.
And she has tons of makeup,
Just hanging over- a thinly veil,
Over Ringed eyes, ugly red circles.

They look awfully suited in this moment
Noting and recording their bare performance,
But there were tons of rehearsals and torment.
And - a Long tunnel-before the opening.

Shadows unhook in the dim of night,
The ballerina leaps and crowds sway,
Postures tried, cut out answers.
Glasses clinch, roars of gay.
Fear, beads of sweat, knee quivers,
They stand and raise the glass of the day,
Teeth shearing cloth while writing,
She is dressed in a gown of pearls.

Habits tried, crumple, restart,
He unconsciously checks the time,
 Nights  black and  dreary,
  They give a calm smile.

A child before the mirror,
Reciting the same verse,
A man before the crowd,
Dictating the same verse.

Moments being sewed together,
 Celebrations and cries of joy,
Cut out hands being put together
To this day of glory and shine.

As you can clearly see, the alterations are between the past and the present. It is a chiaroscuro of past and present! We would leave the meaning upto you!

‘ So what do you guys think about this post!’

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Personality types

Hello guys Khushi this side. So it’s been almost a year since we’ve been blogging and thanks to you guys we could witness a diverse audience…

This led me to discover a completely different topic of the personality types… and its not just knowing their names but more about the perception of people on the categories .

So, the two of us have created a small form which is sort of survey to get to know your views. I personally took the idea forward with Kunjal that we should create a form with questions, which will accumulate your opinion about personality types!

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‘ Family and we’

7 Unexpected Benefits of Eating Together as a Family, According to Science  | Parents

But young and old again met again,
On Meals per night- embroiling us safer.

Hello guys this is Kunjal. I had written this piece before overtaken by certain whims and emotions.! do tell me your opinion about this one



Every room, I allude now , in my passing thoughts.
Some scent and cries never go worn
For first our little heads were raised, and worked on,
And our backs were held high on low grounds.
Each frail shoulder we held from being torn.
But sometimes, the knot did go wrong.

To learn, We love, We learnt to detach.
Preparation for every summer.
Every summer, when we bade to each other.
Summers – when we pursued our life matters.
But young and old again met again,
On Meals per night- making us safer.

Surpassed the summers- the winter.
Cold dry heavy thick winds
Dark unamusing, confrontational splinters.
‘Claims’ and hands clamping loudly , a wince.
Sometimes the knot did go wrong.
Though the listeners remained the same- no choice ever.

we fought, we toiled again
We reworked.
Many times against challenges.
Sometimes within us.
We were a part of a family.
Simply, we were chained for better or worse.

A galaxy holds both light and dark matter,
This is true, but in
Every struggle we had felt our loss more than an awaiting ‘better’
Because it always came as a surprise.
A quite sudden twist – an unwelcome knot.
A wrenching pain in the back,
A thrust, a pull , waging wars.. Shrill cries..
And (Nd) more adjectives are coming.
Is this repeating again, now?



Written By: Kunjal Gupta

Duo Disseminators

We are put to test again and again. Let ‘s see if we pass this one’


Oh and by the way guys the Duo Disseminators wishes our Indian readers a very Happy Republic Day! To know more about one of the many struggles to independence read one of our posts here.


‘ Climate Change and We….,’

When we dream, it is full of nonsense skies, we flying in them. Vast oceans. Green meadows. They are without a meaning. But not anymore…



‘ Rain Rain go away,

Come again another day,

Rain Rain go away,

Little children want to play’

Does this rhyme ring a bell? It is a very popular rhyme that is taught in kindergarten. Suddenly this rhyme comes in mind? In our locality it has been raining very hard for the past few days. Scientists link it to climate change. Rainfall usually occurs when warm air rises up and carries moisture with it. As we go higher up, the temperature starts to decrease due to low density of air. Water vapour form clouds and when clouds become too heavy with droplets, they cry.


Rainfall occurs. However increase in the amount of warm air means it will have more capacity to absorb water vapor. This capacity will only increase with alterations in the sea land surface temperatures. When we say this, it means we are disturbing a very stable pattern established over thousands of years.

According to the 2021 draft release of the IPCC sixth assessment report — 10-year events (that is, rainfall events that have a one in 10 chance of being matched or exceeded in a given year) are now 1.3 times more likely to occur. And when they do occur, they’re nearly 7 percent wetter.

This means what has not happened in decades is happening now. A major bomb cyclone recently hit the USA. Bomb cyclones are categorized with sudden drop in the atmospheric pressure. They are rare. Scientists believe it is due increase in amount of global emissions. Delhi, where we live, is witnessing rain spells like never before.

What is more is that more and more such reports, such incidents are diluting the very imaginative belief that the consequences are afar. Suddenly dreams will get a meaning. We will dream because we do not have something.

Rich countries believe that that will ultimately find a technology that will filter CO2. Developing countries are fighting for their stake to produce more green emissions, as we saw our country, India, in COP26 platform.

But none of the countries are realizing that climate change is one such problem, which may not find the old power blocks leading the platform. Anyone can lead this platform. Rich countries are focusing more on expanding their growth. After the Paris Climate Agreement, 2015 carbon emissions were increasing not decreasing.


Developing countries must realize that climate change provides them a platform to lead the way in fight against it. India, should not only focus on cajoling other countries for more funding, more money but also look at its existing capabilities like the fact that it seeks to protect forest cover under its AgroForestry policy! All of us have the tools today, but there is no steering.

‘Let the small island evoke it voice. It faces the brunt of climate change’

‘ Let we all hear the voices of those affected the most in solving the climate crisis!’

Rain Rain go away. A sun come, if it may.....







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