‘why do some people stay, even if you have moved ahead to the corner?’


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Sometimes I frown, all days I smile.
And meet everyone’s gleaming eyes.
But these stay, I avert one mile 
Those Alarming two glinting eyes.
They stare for long, untamed, unmoved.
Oh! Just turn away, wear and unhook!
Like lice I feel them plucking insides,
Those Alarming two glinting eyes.
I stop this mow, try a new field.
Unhook from prance, look in those eyes.
They don’t stop, excitement rebounds.
Those Alarming two glinting eyes.
This stare today of all days
Unlike careless gazes of people, minding their own.
Those searching eyes,
Certainly a new look for me, they grind my insides.

~Kunjal Gupta

Hey this is Kunjal!

This is a Kyrielle( the first three paras) which is a French form of poem. Each line of the poem consists of eight syllables. There is repetition or refrain of one line throughout the quatrains ( stanza with four lines). A rhyme scheme like aabB will work in a Kyrielle.

Would you like to participate?

We have organised the December Poetry Contest. A poetry piece delineating the end of year, or what december means to you, everything is in your hands of creativity! To know more about the Contest click here.

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