The noble man

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A noble man

Is the odd one out in this wily clan 

Every wrong smartly countered,

Every sin evaded he has .


The people didn’t accept him ,

Offered him money they had, 

His subtle goodness often ,

Caused the people to get mad


With wit, he corrected the wrongs,

Arrested the criminals prolong,

Defying the bribe of his occupation,

He did not live up to the reputation formed.


Sometimes you would look at him,

At the side of “absolute” wrong.

The plan unfurls at the end.

False seeded reputation does not matter to him.


People filled his mind with the usual ‘sin’

To open the shell  where he would finally peek in,

He does  succumb in fearful circumstance.

But never to evade circumstances,

He forges a routine with the clan.


Facing fears inside and  the gloom lidden crown alone,

In a wish, he would be known.

He works against the devious  bandwagon 

A noble man.




Yet yet to reveal his name.



Inspired by the life of officers in public domain.

~ Khushi Mahajan

( DuoDisseminators )

12 thoughts on “The noble man

  1. ‘Yet to reveal his name’ that’s the most powerful line of the poem. But isn’t the noble man inside all of us? Does he not try to speak, but we silence him every time!?
    I guess we won’t ever truly find the noble man of your poem, for he is dying every day. Every place, every hour.

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  2. Wow, this is a fantastic poem! The last line “Yet yet to reveal his name” is super intense. How I do wish there are more people opting for the path of honesty and have hearts filled with genuine goodness! Lovely work here.

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