So yesterday, after having our dinner, we decided to go out for a drive around 9:30-10ish . We were on the highway when we saw this man on a bike. The man had a balloon twisted animal hung at his back. And that balloon animal was the only colourful thing there was in the dark of night, above the brown jacket, and black bike of that man. 

Well, obviously he was on a bike so he rode very fast and soon he was nowhere to be seen, but he did leave something behind for me – a memory of the balloon animal. 

I asked my mom later, why would such a grown up man , late at night be driving with a balloon animal on his back. And because of her longer years of experience of life than me she answered smiling “ He must have been a thoughtful father, because even though he is so late to reach home but he still thought of his child and brought something for him.”

At that moment I started imagining the happiness the child would experience when his father comes home and  gives him that gift . But thinking about that I realised that there were many instances when my father gave me something but I hastily threw it away because I did not like it. 

But after seeing that man , I noticed that there were too many sentiments attached to even the smallest of actions which mostly go unnoticed or unappreciated. 

Think about the food we eat………….takes hours to prepare and mere minutes to finish off and then point out the imperfection of the taste. 

We end our day with a full stomach though. Would you sneak up at night to eat something else?You and I won’t even be awake to do that.

Let us together think about what everyone , you and me here will finish up in a matter of days.

But which took a lot of crushing to prepare.

How about the books? Some bring too much comfort and feelings. And we drowse off with our last thought or a tear or a giggle. Some do not happen to be as expected.

There can be thousands of arguments why they just weren’t good for us. They were maybe too rich in vocabulary, too mature, too historical but…


But they still make us drowse in an eventual sleep. At night.

In fact, if anything before us would have been rather too incomplete or just half of what it was fully possible of achieving will our day ever end? A good ‘THE END’?

 We would squirm and squish, twist and turn. Be it an empty stomach or our own undone checklist.

So whatever makes you sleep makes you dream, and wake up with a yawn… We must appreciate it a little bit. Criticism is important, but it is not a liability anywhere and everywhere.

I am not saying go start in a pleasing round of flattery when that is apparently not the case.

You may right now find a thousand reasons to contradict this post.

But if you do this once, what would the end outcome be? Too bad? Or worse still, just better than our previous version. Right?

Maybe there just won’t be an argument with someone over how bad or little we spoke.  My mother won’t get frustrated if I appreciate her as well as change the way of pointing out where she went wrong.

There might be a mutual understanding.

Isn’t that we all want? understanding? but fail by creating a misunderstanding?


Written By Khushi. M

Edited by YouKnowWho.( anyways it is Kunjal)






P.S this post is scheduled. We will both be at school then for exams. Anyone having future deciding things as well?

And Question of the day:

How would you want someone to be grateful to you?