‘Lonesome Or Remembrance?’

To all those who lost… expectations… hope…. people….

Sometime when truth,

Stretched out too far.

Where it was not needed,

It should have stayed afar.


Sometime when plan,

Had been laid.

Worked was about to for real,

But in there crashed, the forlorn affairs.


Sometime when what was expected,

Encumbered to be tucked, and get lost.

And thus distanced away,

But came as it had to.


Then Sometime, when  ah! ‘envision’

Just lost its true deal,

Until hope could be seeded.

Already inside something changed – the feel.


And reality crashed,

Like Thunders surprising one night.

Was everything a drunken slumber?

 And I felt cruelty as the world prickled me- ridiculed





Maybe take a break, dear.

From all these  harsh remembrances,

Lonesome it is, although-

Remember when you stare away.

Into the scenic beauty before you.

Maybe everything cannot be a part of this tale…

Can it?

“Only one way to find out....



There will be harsh remembrances. They will render us, all of us…. alone from the ‘normal’. Try try a bit, and start again. Let us not have this ‘ we didn’t try’. Wishes and desires can advent again. Plans or people or setting will change, but who is to say this tale ends here? Only one way to find out. Resume living.

~From DuoDisseminators.