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Hey everyone. Today I wanted to share a very important note for all of you. These are my thoughts and I dont force upon you.  I want to make a point to all of you today. Read it till the end you may find some similar thought or opposing one. Does it matter?🙂

.  After I had studied for my exam, I took some time to browse through my Youtube page and here is what I found. Please watch this video till the end. It is not crappy, it is not complaining, nor is it stupidly funny. And I just felt watching it gave me strength to continue writing without considering second thoughts and rethinking.


I hope you have watched the video. It may not be full. Just partial. It may just be a few seconds as well. Just remember what the guy was doing. He was hugging people alright. He had his eyes- covered. So many people just hugged him whatever the reason may have been. Some hugged tighter, some little kids grinned at the camera. People young, teen, busy, old, wretched, black, white, green, blue. all were there and hugged him. Some stayed longer, still hugging him not wanting to let go of the comforting reassuring rub at the back.

Judging is not a bad word nor a word at a diffidence to compassion and humanity.  Sometimes judging is important. We must have certain parameters in life. Life can’t be the hazy right and wrong. For instance, when someone attends an interview for a job, the people standing behind the bar must be judging him/her on specific parameters. Like communication, skill, personality, candour, and utmost important knowledge of the expertise. When a landlord is to give a flat to someone at rent, a bachelor in most cases, it is rightful and in fact, wise enough, to question his habits, demeanour, and sometimes even background. When we want to befriend someone, we must understand whether the person is right for us or not. All of this is natural, and significant.

These certain parameters are what makes one conscious of the person other than his name. 

Opinion wise, these parameters are which we develop ourselves. A mother rears her child to thrive among these bounds. We thus, create ‘identity’ in this world.

 However, when we all judge someone on the basis of natural alienable facts they can’t change or have control over, whatsoever?  Maybe that is where the discussion needs to start. Many people face judgement based on not the essential parameters elaborated above rather such like race, gender, disability, religion, caste etc. during their interviews workplaces and public arenas.  more often. 

The video you had watched a few moments ago was by Aaron Le Conte. He blindfolded himself and prevented his eyes from looking at the different spheres of judgements, for those few moments.  We can’t shed this blindfold before our eyes really. We can’t stop wondering about the nationality or the blackness, paleness or odd clothing of the person. it comes out as a lingering thought in mind. 

But we need to make an exception. However, not without rationalism. And not just to show that we are making an exception for them, as a favour.

Everything needs a historical example.

In the past after India ‘s independence most princely States ( around 547) integrated into India with some acceded to Pakistan ( sharing border with Pakistan)  However question remained for one very important Princely state – Jammu And Kashmir which also shares border with both India and Pakistan.

The ruler of Kashmir had agreed to integrate with India. But leaders like Nehru rejected the offer and wanted Sheikh Abdullah to be first made the caretaker of Kashmir when it could have been done without. 

Some other leaders opposed this, because under the ruler of Kashmir it would be convenient to seek integration with India and the ruler enjoyed a degree of trust within all communities. So would it be a convenient integration? Yes.

However due to some leaders who wanted to show support for some Muslim leader the  offered opportunity  was missed.  Such people made an easy integration of Kashmir into India conditional and not without heavy cost of lives.

 Sheikh Abdullah forgot all about his ideological commitment to India and used his power to start riots against the minorities. It became a breeding ground.

Gandhi himself, in 1947, pointedly refused the hospitality of the Hindu ruler of Kashmir and remained the guest of Sheikh Abdullah. For absolutely no reason. It was after many riots, the problem of Kashmir integration was solved.

Doesn’t it mean they were looking at the situation from a communal angle? With sentimentality to support one people of one type, so that they could be viewed at as secular later on? We want bringing people together from all grounds, but we also view every situation, every misdeed as discrimination against someone, even if it is non- essential?

“If a person is bad, he is bad. If a person is good he is good.”

 In my belief, whenever there is a situation we need to consider facts and reason. We don’t need to show how secular or caring we are through actions when that oppose the true character of a person. 

Whether it is someone of one gender, or one caste or one religion or anything, we must punish those who sin and support those who don’t! We have to make an exception but not for image as so many leaders do. We just have to do it and judge  situations on different grounds. 

Prejudices have most of the times evolved true, otherwise they won’t be called so. But try to think that the person standing in front of you could be an exception. Take into consideration what matters. 

We can try and not think about the lingering questions which prevail in the back of mind, rather start with a simple finding of people’s attitude and interests. I have read bios of some people on WordPress who have openly disclosed who they are their beliefs etc. I had judged them and I had lingering thoughts in my mind.  But when I read their thoughts, their articles, I was mesmerized. I decided to make an exception. 

And in WordPress, it is a very good point to note that we connect through writing. Not any other futile basis.

  It is a strange feeling when the beliefs about people don’t go the way they should. But take firmness that these prejudices, when, may hold for some in a similar way may not hold true for the remaining ‘some’. Each of us will discover much beyond human relations.  I am still discovering. What about you?






I hope you liked this super super lengthy ( **Thanks for coping up with me) one! These are my total teenage thoughts. And my musings. My intention was never against someone.😀

Would be happy to know what you feel down below! ( Of course!)



(Btw anyone about to have exams? We are to have them soon!!!🥺)

24 thoughts on “AN EXCEPTION-THAT’S ALL?

      1. Lokesh Sastya

        You know, I hate exams.
        But I feel very happy (a sense of relief) after exams. So I make strong efforts to write nice answer sheets.


      2. Lokesh Sastya

        Give some time to study your subjects. Together they work great. (Now don’t mess up your exams.)

        P.S.: Take study as your priority than blogging.

        Feel free to clear your doubts.
        Good luck.👍

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  1. The video- Speechless.
    The post- Just beautiful!! I am so glad you wrote about this! Honestly, I completely entirely fully a 1000% agree with you😂😅 I think a lot about such topics!
    It is a bold post but you have expressed your thoughts very well! Impressive🙌Keep going duo and also best luck for your exams!

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