KUNJAL : I was travelling and I remember,

More than I intended to,

And what will remain,

Perchance longer  than I could intend to.

A day of bliss,

Finally meeting you after a long ado.

Circumstances  led to delays,

Yet that day our endeavour truly came to relay,

I remembered what I had lost,

Or I did rather say we lost.

And I cringed my face when I lost~as we played.

It got a bit okayish, not bad.

When, Parting to meet somewhere again.

Getting into the vehicle waiting,

And greeting my scorched dad.

After our long day.

A melodious voice started in the air,

I lost my rational rhythm as it played.

 Staring through the transparent door,

I looked at the glittering cars as they went away.

And the children, people, with no cars.

All returning after a long day.

There we turned a circle and reached the market,

And I listened to the harsh cries of shopkeepers,

Or bar gainers as they shifted and wriggled.

And I felt no longing.

For a better place to stay.

I felt comfort in all this supposed discomfort.

And I know I will miss even these people wringing disordered.

It was a lovely day, if I wanted to see it in some way.

All this happened,

After the very long dayโ€ฆ



It was a long day, yes I agree.

Why even 8 hours seemed  much weighing, is a mystery

As excited I was to meet you after months

I laughed at our silly fights, few but million.

You left as the night neared

After a day of merrymaking and hilarity

After our conversations of books, dancing on the mashup

 And  fantasies

I was soon dragged back to sore reality

I went for an unaccustomed walk downstairs 

To see people walking with their phones

No one had time to pay.

Most adults busy, hurrying on toes

And i wondered, maybe i do that too much

That  when we grow up

Who would we call our friends, our foes? 

Later that night I wondered  from now on

What do all these fun filled moments turn into ? 

But i had no clue

Just before i was about to dose of 

That pillow caught my eye.

As it always does,

To feel my smiles, to feel my cries

Maybe that’s what would happen to all of us

All the laughs, love and hate we sail across together

And years from now as we grow up

Like torn pillows our friendship would weather.

But maybe, maybe we can prevent it

That will be a good thought to end my rambling!

It was a fine day, if I wanted to see it in some way.

All this happened,

After the very long dayโ€ฆ



    You are concerned about us future chaps, that is my concern now.

           Because friendship buddy is all about now.

           And even if we part, which I prefer in dismission.

          Let us say we parted on good enough conditions!


KHUSHI:  It seems the long day,

         Did Carry us too far away!๐Ÿ˜€         

Too far away indeed.

     What do you think about this super long poem?( Since you know we really got carried away!)

     Do tell us in the comment section now!

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11 thoughts on “POEM/PROMPT WRITING 2

  1. Glad to know about your happy moments Duo, beautiful poem of your heartfelt conversations. Wish you both many more happy meetings and forever best friendship. Take care n enjoy your times. Distance is nothing when hearts are together travelling on a similar purposes๐Ÿ˜‡โค

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YEaAH WE understand riya!!! it is so painful. Try to hitch a plan with one friend or two. Have you started school? Maybe you can meet up with them! Riya we really really get your feeling.!! Don’t lose faith though! Thank you for visiting!๐Ÿ–๐Ÿค

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Uhm..I have actually passed class 10th right now..so no school๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ I am preparing for JEE and my friends are busy as well.. I really hope I meet them soon!
        Where are you guys from? Have your schools started?


      2. Yeahh We are from father Agnel School, Noida And we are both in class 9th. In our school like senior school the classes have begun( We are not going though). So presumed that your school had opened up too!
        And all the best for your preparation of the exam! You will meet your friends soon!

        Liked by 1 person

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