Why to deal with them~ Problems

Illustration by Khushi and Kunjal

Our school recently informed us that from now on they would start taking oral tests , better known as VIVA. For checking whether we truly comprehend things in classes or not. It was our first time giving it and I for one was scared and nervous. How difficult it would be to face a teacher one on one but obviously I had to give the vivas if I was to score good. Secondly I had understood things, and I didn’t want to spoil my vivas with my nervousness.

On the day of my Chemistry viva, 1 hour before the scheduled time I started feeling jittery because it was my class teacher who would question me. I started walking here and there because there were butterflies in my stomach . 

At that time, my younger cousin entered the room, he had crayons in his hand and a paper in another. I had told him to draw a night sky so that he would not disturb me but here he was and out of anger and nervousness perhaps I shouted at him to leave the room . 

He looked at me with his innocent eyes and asked softly

“ Di ! there is only 1 moon but how many stars should I make ?”

There are billions and trillions of stars aren’t there? But what would I tell him?

“ You can draw as many as you like. Just leave the room “ I said

“ As many as i like??” he asked with wide eyes “ there are so  many stars in the sky but all surrounding just one moon?? “

“ Yes all surrounding just one big moon “ I replied

“Or they are scattered all over. Not surrounding anything! ”

“ Yeah” I replied gruffly.

“ di why are you so angry ?” he said 

“ I am not angry, I am just nervous, I have a test and then some pending assignments and then…. Nevermind just go and draw something the sky if you wish”

“Oh so you are like the moon. Centre of it all! ” He said and left the room.

He came back to my utter utter  displeasure teasing “ Not centre of attraction, centre of all problems” I had to give in. My life appeared..


Name tag I should truly wear!

Truly dark. 

I sat there to just revise once again but my brother’s words resonated in my head. 

Maybe I was making too big a mountain out of a mole? Maybe I was scared when instead I should be happy that I got to interact one on one. And what better opportunity than now to actually show who you are. But you know what? I didn’t apply this to my chemistry viva that time. Of course. I felt nervous but the viva went just fine!.( If you care to know!)

But more than that I think the proposition in my mind which is something different was just wrong. Which means he is right. My cousin. We all do live in our own universes. Where we are the moon surrounded by different stars of different shapes and sizes and the sun. But the moon is illuminated by its surroundings, right? The sun and the stars. For us our biggest flaw or the biggest challenge is like the sun – massive and hot. Every challenge seems big. But in the end it is the light of the sun which when reflected makes the moon and us, who we are , illuminate.. ( Not exactly beautiful, yes, but it may soon be in your hands!)

And the remaining stars are the everyday problems some big, some small but all of them a beautiful attribute to define our universe.

IF the moon starts hating the stars ( Which cannot happen, maybe some scientific deed could explain) what will it be other than a mere dark spot, just like our lives without obstacles- dull and boring. 

We all need ups and downs in our life, maybe that is why a sudden change in our exam pattern was required , to surprise us, yes but also to enhance our personalities. We all like to hear the success stories filled with chunks and chunks of problems, not luck. 

I know it is not that big of an incident to learn this from, it was just a viva ( to say that so simply though is still a big deal because it felt big that time) , there are bigger problems , Yes I fully agree. 

But learning can come from anywhere I believe. Maybe what we now think as stars are just waiting for us to learn our lesson 🙂 It is if we just don’t get too scared away. Try once. Going in? We will too!

Written by KHUSHI.M


Heyy there everyone. We all deal with problems we do and you do too! it was just to give you an understanding that why we can’t and shouldn’t wish for a problem free life! Hope you all liked this post. A deep topic indeed( Not restricted to the current time only) it is and we would love to hear anything and everything from you!!.

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