Test of beliefs.

Imagine someone, some people breaking into your homes. The knocking and greetings dismissed ( wait what?) and  stepping into your home with loaded guns, entering and  opening cupboards and racks for anything gold documents or just anything. They know they will find it. All the documents.  

And if you hadn’t been careful to know or do something , admonishing you with sticks and canes.


Not what we expected right now.

But not that it is not happening today..

Afghanistan – a country in south Asia, our neighbouring country has been overrun by the Taliban. On the day of our 75th Independence Day celebration when our country’s Prime Minister underlined the serious threat of terrorism, later came the news of Taliban, a terrorist organisation, that it had captured Presidential Palace of Afghanistan. It had captured the capital Kabul without resistance.  It has been an utter shock for everyone and the two of us can’t help but mull over it again and again in our thoughts and prayers. 

Kabul has been taken over, and Afghanistan’s name has changed to the Islamic Emirates, with the Taliban even ceremoniously declaring their rule over the state, promising an inclusive open Islamic government. With the Taliban overflowing the country,  emitting threats for security for neighbouring countries as well as world wide nations, foreign ministries of nations will be wrestling and deliberating again over the question – ‘Should the Taliban government be accepted?’  Some fast countries including Russia and China  have already strided one step ahead. International relations are built on ensuring peace, harmony, cooperation and maintaining security as well as addressing concerns in an effective manner. However another aspect, if not less important is providing aid to countries and addressing issues that are important in response to the donor country.  Foreign aid by one government to another can effectively underline its objectives such as combating poverty, health, education as well as terrorism. 

Though it is a partnership between governments and depends upon the nature of undertakings by the two governments it ultimately benefits who?

The people of the place.

Afghanistan was as much our ally than any other. In 1950, a Friendship Treaty was signed between Afghanistan and our country which has continued to expand development projects in Afghanistan including public libraries for people. The hasty troops pullout of The United States has led to the ultimate Taliban takeover,  contradicting the relations it had evolved with  Afghanistan over the past few decades. The previous 20 years  had meant 20 years of fighting for women’s rights. Under The U.S it had been achievable.

I can’t believe the whole world abandoned Afghanistan… Our relatives are gonna get killed”

Today it is the responsibility of all the nations who had affirmed in the past, friendly ties with Afghanistan and its people to really come up to their good means they had meant.  There are horrible pictures from Afghanistan being forwarded on every social platform. People are running frantically, are subdued, or are shut in their homes. Thousands of people can be seen thronging the Kabul Airport and climbing the evacuation aircrafts parked on the taxiway.  The frenzied spirit of the people to evade the Taliban regime just to escape the cruelty in their lives is clearly evident as they dangle off evacuation flights meant for diplomats and Embassy people.

 However it is an even tougher battle for the women.  Not a battle, an end of the matter consequence to be correct. The UNSC affirms that the Taliban says it will ensure the rights of women in the country. We know what that really means.  The rights  would be assured/deleted under the Sharia Islamic law. Under their interpretation women have to drop out of universities and give up their lives they had earlier worked for. Pictures of women without hijab have been vandalised, and they  will have to cover their body and not be allowed to step out of the house. Most likely women will not have any doable representation in the government.  Women won’t have any life, because they won’t have any choice..

“It’s a tragedy and it was completely avoidable…”, Immigration activists.

The fight is and has always been against religious radicalisation and Islamic terrorism, not Muslims. Leaving them to rejoice the future of Afghanistan will be  the worst open mistake we will make in the face of terror. We must ensure an escape for Afghans as well, and open up borders and accept Afghan refugees looking for shelter. Evacuation flights must be sent for the people who wish to escape in capacity. Humanitarian aid must be revamped.  It can still be different from the 1996 time. That is if the world chooses to support the afghans. Actively.

“Biden must protect Afghans amid Humanitarian crisis- Malala….

When I die wrap me in my country ‘s flag.”, an Afghan woman.

“As Afghans take responsibility for their future, the world must stand with them in solidarity and support-  Prime Minister Modi, in 2015”  

Humanity is at its true test.


If you really care about the situation in Afghanistan don’t hesitate to contribute to the protest in your own way, be it through writeups, (like us), joining protests, speaking in social media, art illustration, singing, or basically anything. ✌. We are not the policy makers but support like such brings solidarity. Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Test of beliefs.

  1. There’s so much of power in your writing of this article Duo. Truely said, protest can be in any of the forms and all the possible ways at least to show some humanity and whst we feel, though every one can not help them directly but yes the unity is towRds the common purpose is possible.

    I love this : Dio, I am with you ✌

    Humanity is at its true test.

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  2. payojachauhan

    Another beautiful article. The things happening in Afghanistan is terrifying.. most of us can’t even imagine. Let’s pray that everything gets better soon.

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  4. Nice blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your theme. With thanks


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