TO the Olympians!

Dear Olympians,

You get my salute I must say,

Playing away in the courts hot dry.

You don’t realise, you have proven something today.

Earlier I would have cheered aloud,

Pressure, anxiety, emotions hope of one billion people and You?

Not known to us- a medal sure mattered!

The crowd, the shouts you can feel are there

Now wisped -Into recorded plays, 

And chairs? un -stooped as you pace.

And I finally see, the sweat splattered on your face.

It reminds of the past, passed, days.

When everything went shut,

And It was expected from you all.

To just shut up,

wait up, give up..

Some lost the will, -many of you indeed.

Yet you rose up and- stairs, benches, floors.

Even your comfy homes,

Became some training hubs.

So, when I see you play.

I cheer for none but all.

 Because whilst playing away, in the courts, hot dry.

You don’t realise, but all of you have proven much beyond today.

Just wish for a good play🤞

~ DuoDisseminators