No other but a mother this time..

The petite brown face.

Lying horrifyingly mute , pale white sheets.

The thin strands of brown sticking out

Shouting pleading,

For they became devoid of,

Of The moist feminine feel

The face sometimes  beautiful and gleamed.

But all its beauty

And purity, for the sake! Blurred-

Under the dirtied touches and hand forth marks

 Of the ruthless,


The first instinct was shame.

All of this was better to hide than to speak of.

Better to speak otherwise, than accept it open.

The pride of family

The most important of all.

The next came up slowly-

Anger, loads of it.

What was she thinking of?

Strolling about long in the dark?

And last was guilt- immense guilt.

To have let her away, away from the guard,

Because she was after all,

A marionette with arms.

strengthless and spreading out.

Only and only on command.

And lastly.

The wee irrevocable drops of water,

Came out,  a mother this time.

Rape cases during the pandemic time have increased tremendously. In fact they never stopped. It is high time, that we, actually voice against the social bounds. Step up and accept feminism- a fight and a solution to relieve many women who have already succumbed to the wrong without a cry. You know what it is. Restrictions taboos and the everlasting crimes. Feminism must be supported by the male members of the society. Approaches can be different yet implying one is thoughtful . Not weak..thoughtful. it doesn’t make us bigger than you either, as cited by some feminists. It just.. makes us equal. It can..

“A mother with tears of melancholy…”

Please express your thoughts below. What do you feel about it?

~ Kunjal Gupta