The Training..

Illustrated By Khushi. M and Kunjal.G

I will feel afraid, yes, stepping into the new, knowing that they won’t be there to caress my head all the time if I stumble and grapple to stand uptight, as I take the step. But deep down I realise that I need to detach to learn and live. It will be a testimony. That is the hardest part, and well that is the absolute training...


Oh! That time had arrived, 

When my frame was not so little like a child

To fit snugly into the closure of the warmth,

And be the one safe and unharmed.

Fear though precepted in the blue eyes.

Which widened like an innocent child

Thus, closed my eyes beavered,

With your final glimpse, I took my momentum

And pushed myself into the unknown blue.

Unconscious of what I will end up

I was drowning, and I remembered

The last time you hugged me

 Some  moments ago.

I shrieked the words badly,

To be in your warmth again,

I grieved harshly to be,in this cold.

I couldn’t though continue the feat,

For dangerous water had filled up my mouth

 So, I closed it to control and breathe,

Just as you had told me,

And from that moment it became clear

That the training had begun.

And I couldn’t retrace my path

To the first time I took the plunge..

~Written by Kunjal Gupta.


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