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A rumbling in the bush, I think I saw a shadow

Creeping closer was it an ambush? But no it was a meadow.

A land full of greenery, Flowers and birds flirting away,

An idyllic scene it was- the rules of pessimism  broken away.

It takes all my worries, my sorrow, my despair away.

And suddenly goes aloof! as I wake up to a stare at a wholesome grey 

Grey, dark grey , ringing in my head- It always happens. ALWAYS.

Ending with a sigh of a ‘next time’ No, I  can’t let it continue this way

Everyone tells me what is right, and it is distasteful if I become me!

But not today, not today at least ! and I will change  for everyone to  see!

The meadow won’t just be a pitiful illusion , I can make it my own life

This hope and want will narrate my screams, and finally will I  thrive

Why let someone define my dreams, why declare cynics ‘ Oh lead the way’

Because now I know that in the end, It’s how you lived  life that’ll stay

Ah! This meadow opened something inside

The fire, the turmoil!- and now I won’t be confined 

After giving this test of steel and fire, I am learning to refine 

The door was always wide open, It was I who didn’t see.

‘That life is not just what it is, it’s how it was meant to stay.’

We have to see the way….

WRITTEN BY: Khushi Mahajan


No other but a mother this time..

The petite brown face.

Lying horrifyingly mute , pale white sheets.

The thin strands of brown sticking out

Shouting pleading,

For they became devoid of,

Of The moist feminine feel

The face sometimes  beautiful and gleamed.

But all its beauty

And purity, for the sake! Blurred-

Under the dirtied touches and hand forth marks

 Of the ruthless,


The first instinct was shame.

All of this was better to hide than to speak of.

Better to speak otherwise, than accept it open.

The pride of family

The most important of all.

The next came up slowly-

Anger, loads of it.

What was she thinking of?

Strolling about long in the dark?

And last was guilt- immense guilt.

To have let her away, away from the guard,

Because she was after all,

A marionette with arms.

strengthless and spreading out.

Only and only on command.

And lastly.

The wee irrevocable drops of water,

Came out,  a mother this time.

Rape cases during the pandemic time have increased tremendously. In fact they never stopped. It is high time, that we, actually voice against the social bounds. Step up and accept feminism- a fight and a solution to relieve many women who have already succumbed to the wrong without a cry. You know what it is. Restrictions taboos and the everlasting crimes. Feminism must be supported by the male members of the society. Approaches can be different yet implying one is thoughtful . Not weak..thoughtful. it doesn’t make us bigger than you either, as cited by some feminists. It just.. makes us equal. It can..

“A mother with tears of melancholy…”

Please express your thoughts below. What do you feel about it?

~ Kunjal Gupta


The U-Turn

The government had previously asked the individual states to buy vaccines from domestic manufacturers or import the shots themselves to inoculate their adults aged below 45 from May 1 onward. Many states floated global tenders to import vaccines but to no avail. Policy was actually seen as a way by the center to subjugate the claim that they had granted states their demand. As undulatingly absurd it was to bring such a forced thought in the formulation of an important vaccine policy that can either make or break when India is going through a second wave, with millions of people dying, and with shortages of vaccines on hue, it was absurd to bring in more than 60 million people into the vaccine discourse as well. The vaccines sponsored by the Centre were meant for the bracket of 45 age group, the healthcare and frontline workers. The states or citizens themselves would pay for the vaccination for another 600 million people. Now, the Centre could well off easily put forth orders to the few companies producing vaccines. This thus would prove harmful for states, who made efforts to procure vaccines, to the SII and Bharat Biotech, which had already started operating around the Central Government ‘s orders. Though, a constructive and consistent unfaltering criticism has saved India from drowning completely into shambles. The government announced a change in the old vaccine policy….

This is a similar start for many of the articles. Especially those formulated by critics of the government. When writing this, all was put what has been solely found faulty in the government functioning. Keen on dissemination of problems? Well, we have a couple of those running around laboriously. So, no.

The surge of the second wave was somewhat a result of caveats of all the pillars of importance- judiciary, media, government, opposition. Therefore, during the pandemic, all these institutions must build a transparent contact, and vitalize coordinated ideas, to control the pandemic situation. Constructive criticism must not be mandated as blames, neither blaming be mandated as full criticism. Especially now as the new vaccine policy comes up, as a welcome move, both opposition and central government, the politicians who have an overarching following must not spread unscientific incentives as a cure.

Viral videos offering cow urine, or cow dung smearing on the body are the causes of spreading of the unscience. Religious or some other reason but because of so many people and netas endorsing this idea in their tweets, addresses, this has become an indeed considerable approach for people. These are unscientific ideas that have not been proven anywhere.

Masking up, social distancing, good hygiene is the only scientifically backed incentives. We should not fall for this foe, in the hour of a pandemic which has shown us all what is true and what is untrue. What bleak initiatives could not do, a ghosting pandemic did. But figures show that ultimately the politicians are the major reliable source of information for a large number of people till date, not scientific units!


In the urban areas, we have seen an enthusiastic response towards vaccines. Vaccine slots would be booked quite early, so there is a spirit of amicable competition among the people to get themselves vaccinated. Not so in villages. A resident said that there is no dearth of vaccines here, but people are scared that they will fall sick and lose their daily earnings. Some villagers deem themselves healthy and fit against the virus. Is this a calloused attempt to show their contempt against vaccines? With a span of years, in the rural areas, many unscientific beliefs such as the fact that cow dung can help them fight against COVID have developed, often due to factors including religious sensitivities etc. In the past and recent present netas (leaders) dissuade the voting masses in line with their wrong beliefs, without taking efforts to change them, for their electoral purposes. Such has provided strength, to ignorance, that we can see a perception amongst the many villagers who believe that their immune system is very strong, and the virus cannot cause any harm to them. Also, as the vaccination campaigns took up pace and the government introduced ambitious steps towards inoculation, there was not a natural enthusiasm amongst the villagers, as citizens, to reap bountiful benefits of government schemes. Instead, as we can see now, there is a common question wondered by all villagers

– Illustrated by Khushi.M and Kunjal.G

                                           ‘Will COVID vaccines kill or make me impotent?’

How do we answer such a simple yet perplexing question for us? We need to understand that these people in villages are not challenging the medical science, or the quality, sufficient evidence regarding vaccines. There is an underlying fear, one which took years to conceptualise. There are a lot to think they might die after taking the jab or a lot thinking that inferior quality vaccines are being sent in villages while good quality vaccines are being given among urban masses. There is a long period that led to the conceptualisation for this kind of mistrust towards the government. 

Therefore, public institutions need to be transparent with these people. We cannot force them to get a jab and poof! but can localise examples from their own villages to look up to. Local authorities in Bihar have been offering villagers home appliances such as fridges and fans and even gold coins as incentives to boost the vaccination turnout. And what better if communities can step up. In Meghalaya religious figures have started spreading awareness on the same and people will follow them

Addressing vaccine hesitancy in rural areas, would also require the government and health officials to be patient with them and understand their fears. Also, an analysation of the responses can tell that awareness programmes must be engaging not ceremonial! The villages and their people must feel important, and that their views matter, away from the perception that these communities are easily exploitable. We must at last, ensure honesty with them, because as we can see no one fancies lies and manipulations. We must truly treat them as citizens of India whose views matter in policy building. 

And last question to all our dear politicians. Why not do robust nationalism on vaccination as well? Is it too much to hope now again?

W – Will (No one forces you to get vaccinated you must step out according to your own will. But think of the pandemic. Keeping mind that at a time when no one is sure of when the pandemic will end every person who gets vaccinated helps us move closer to the normal life)

I – Instant (On their own the vaccines will not shorten the pandemic; they will affect only once communities receive them. Immediate inoculation = Faster recovery) 

N – no delays (Some people are still waiting for more people to get vaccinated but they forget that waiting too long to be vaccinated allows the sneaky virus to continue hello-ing in the community. The Delta guy remember!!?)

Coring the WIN agenda to not just elections or to one ideology but sparing some time for vaccination may actually save your dear time managing statistics and the no. of deaths. It will actually help to get a quicker shorter smoother victory. A normalisation of hopes, elections. And most importantly it will save




~ DuoDisseminators

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The Training..

Illustrated By Khushi. M and Kunjal.G

I will feel afraid, yes, stepping into the new, knowing that they won’t be there to caress my head all the time if I stumble and grapple to stand uptight, as I take the step. But deep down I realise that I need to detach to learn and live. It will be a testimony. That is the hardest part, and well that is the absolute training...


Oh! That time had arrived, 

When my frame was not so little like a child

To fit snugly into the closure of the warmth,

And be the one safe and unharmed.

Fear though precepted in the blue eyes.

Which widened like an innocent child

Thus, closed my eyes beavered,

With your final glimpse, I took my momentum

And pushed myself into the unknown blue.

Unconscious of what I will end up

I was drowning, and I remembered

The last time you hugged me

 Some  moments ago.

I shrieked the words badly,

To be in your warmth again,

I grieved harshly to be,in this cold.

I couldn’t though continue the feat,

For dangerous water had filled up my mouth

 So, I closed it to control and breathe,

Just as you had told me,

And from that moment it became clear

That the training had begun.

And I couldn’t retrace my path

To the first time I took the plunge..

~Written by Kunjal Gupta.


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