The Disillusionment..

By Khushi.M

The Disillusionment.

Deaths and buildings

Buildings picketed with crowds of people

Where had the colours of our life gone?

Just faded into an uninspiring grey?

People were dying, cries of a mother a brother a son

All round up to once in a decade reality

And then they come up the podium

My looked up to idols,

With an affirmation to the wrongs and mistakes,

And encroaching confidence to do alright.

With a plead to rely on their teams and leader,

And all the mistakes have had happened

But this time a firmness to pave a rationale forward.

The other elected lot  seated opposite,

Had finally got it not to sought petty  blaming,

Suddenly it all seemed very powerful,

Because the choice we had made had,

Had finally given its testimony.

I envisaged this in a possible  crisis,

 And sorry because now it has actually arrived

And now it all seems ridiculously illusionary,

And perhaps during confabulations,

A light joke to muse upon.  

Just a  light joke to muse upon..

By Kunjal.G

~ illustrated by Duo Disseminators

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